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    Passions CAST - Charity Standish - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Charity Standish Played by Kristina Sisco on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristina Sisco

    Birthday: 1982--04-18
    Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland
    Real Name: Kristina Sisco
    Height: 5'6"


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    We Are Doomed

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    Whitney and Theresa sit outside and Theresa explains Chad's side of the story. Although she insists that she is not defending him, she knows why he did what he did: They are both guilty of betrayal. Whitney is sure that Ethan will forgive her. Theresa thinks that she should forgive Chad then. No, she can't, Whitney insists. She can't even stand to think of him. She walks away. This convinces Theresa that keeping the secret is the best thing she can do. Down the street, Chad runs into Whitney and begins apologizing and begging for another chance again. She won't listen; he's already thrown out everything he cared about just for the sake of sex. All of this has taught her that she can never trust him. She walks away.

    Chad Realizes Something

    Wednesday, February 07 2007

    In the hospital, Charity hugs Miguel, hoping that they can still be friends. Kay walks in and sees them. She steps back, unable to believe her eyes. Julian follows behind her and rubs it in. ‘Now do you believe me?’ They interrupt the warm moment, but Charity claims that she is only saying goodbye before she leaves town. As she walks away, Miguel claims that it’s not what it looks like, but Kay slaps him anyway. Eve makes her promise not to act out anymore and then runs off. Miguel continues to swear that he hasn’t been cheating on her with Charity. But Kay knows that he’s been lying, he just told her Charity wasn’t in the hospital and he wasn’t kissing her even though Julian saw him. Miguel begins arguing with Julian and blaming him for everything, but Julian continues to insist that all the proof is against Miguel. Kay is sick of debating this, but Julian tells them that he has proof. He’s taking them to security to look at the surveillance footage. The technician fetches the footage and they sit down to watch. They quickly get a very good look of Miguel kissing Charity. Kay is now convinced that she made the right decision marrying Fox. Miguel repeats all of his accusations and then asks Julian to leave so that he can talk to Kay alone. He begins apologizing. ‘It never ends. You always have some kind of excuse,’ Kay says tired of trying to believe a liar like him.

    Charity Loves Miguel

    Tuesday, February 06 2007

    Miguel paces around the hospital when Charity arrives. She tells him again that she loves him and wants to be with him. ‘I’m in love with Kay now,’ he claims. She reminds him of their kiss, but he insists that he only loves Kay. Charity regrets leaving and wishes she could go back and change things. All he wants now is to be with Kay and Maria, but Charity won’t take no as an answer: She wants to make him the happiest man alive. She suddenly changes her mind and tells him to forget that they kissed or he might lose Kay. They embrace just as Kay walks in, shocked by what she sees.

    A Warning

    Friday, January 26 2007

    Kay worries about the operation. If Fox doesn’t survive, someone will be charged for murder. Kay tells Charity that her father hates her because she’s destroyed his life. Charity says that it’s all really Ivy’s fault. Kay feels guilty though, especially about abandoning her husband on his wedding night. She goes and sits with her father who still doesn’t want to speak to her.

    Eve returns to say that they’ve finished the first part of the surgery and Fox is doing well. Miguel runs up to her and asks her to check for evidence that he was actually ill. Ivy and Julian watch and worry. ‘You’ll see that I’m telling the truth,’ Miguel mutters to himself before Charity creeps up on him. She confesses that she didn’t come to Harmony because of her aunt’s death; she came because she wanted him back. Putting her arms around him, she pulls him into a kiss as an appalled Julian watches from a few feet away.

    The Marriage is Over

    Wednesday, January 24 2007

    Kay, Simone, Charity and Miguel follow Sam out to Miguel’s car to see if there is any proof of an accident. Miguel insists that there will be no proof, but Sam quickly discovers that he’s wrong. A shocked Kay rushes over to see that Miguel’s headlight is smashed in. He claims not to know anything about this and claims that everything he said about leaving Fox to die was just a figure of speech. Kay leaves for the hospital and Miguel tries to follow but Sam stops him and tells him to get a good lawyer.

    Simone and Charity don’t think Miguel should be going to the hospital with Kay, but they all get in her car and start to drive. Kay still can’t believe that Miguel is lying to her, but she still doesn’t believe that she married a ‘Crane monster.’

    Ethan Hasn’t Been the Best Husband Lately

    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    Miguel is welcoming Charity home with a hug. Simone interrupts their warm get-together to ask again if they had sex in the shed at Thanksgiving. Charity repeats that Miguel called her to say that he only loves Kay, that’s why she can’t understand how she married Fox. Miguel dismisses this; the marriage is over, he ‘took care of Fox for good.’ He explains his theories about Fox to Charity. Sam walks in, happy to see Charity and tells Kay that the mansion called about Fox. She doesn’t know where he is. Miguel says that he knows, he was fighting with him and left him ‘to crawl away and die...I hope I killed him.’ Sam asks where his car is and then tells him that Fox was run over and it sounds like Miguel just confessed. Miguel tries to defend himself, but Sam wants to take a look at the car. They all go out to the street and look at it. The headlight and fender are smashed.

    Through the Looking Glass

    Monday, January 22 2007

    At Tabitha’s, Simone tells Charity that she’s got some nerve showing up. Charity tries to apologize when Kay cuts to the chase and demands to know if she slept with Miguel on Thanksgiving. She insists that she never did and wasn’t even there on Thanksgiving. The only contact she had with Miguel was him calling her to say that he didn’t love her anymore. She sees the remnants of the wedding and is confused to see that Kay is now married to Fox. Kay thinks this must be the real Charity, after all, nothing happened to the dark side and everything she says matches up to what Miguel claimed. She and Simone aren’t sure Fox could really be evil enough to pull off a stunt like Miguel alleges though. Suddenly, Miguel walks in and says that he just took care of Fox and he’ll never bother her agin. He turns around and sees Charity.

    Dreams and Nightmares

    Friday, January 19 2007

    Kay searches for Tabitha, but finds that she’s asleep. Before she can run upstairs, Simone knocks and comes in. She was so sorry to hear about Grace. Kay almost seems to have forgotten and instantly starts blaming herself again. If she doesn’t tell someone everything that’s happened, she’ll explode. She tells Simone that she just slept with Miguel on the same night she married Fox. Simone asks her when she decided she picked the wrong man. Kay didn’t make a choice; she just couldn’t help herself. She loves both of them. Simone thinks that she’s crazy; she can’t even keep to her vows to her terminally ill husband for a couple of hours. Kay says that Fox is faking it because Eve would have had to have some indication that Fox was sick. Simone isn’t convinced; Kay’s hormones are stopping her brain from functioning. ‘The one thing we know is that Miguel is a two-timing jerk,’ she reminds her friend, but Kay says Miguel swears he’s never been with Charity. Now, she wants to have her marriage annulled. None of this makes sense to Simone. How can Kay believe Miguel when what he says is impossible? They start to wonder if Jessica wasn’t drunk and she really saw impersonators. She doesn’t know who to believe. The only way to know the truth now is if Charity showed up. The doorbell rings. It’s Charity.

    Someone is Having a Christmas Wedding

    Monday, December 18 2006

    Miguel talks to Charity on the phone and asks her to call Kay and tell her the truth: That they haven’t seen or spoken to each other since she left. She says that she can’t come back. All of her memories of Harmony are painful. She’s started a new life and is finally happy. He wants happiness too, but that won’t happen if she doesn’t help him. She won’t come back, but she will talk to Kay on the phone. Miguel eagerly accepts this offer and says that he’ll rush off to find Kay.

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