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    Passions CAST - Charity Standish

    Full detailed profile on Charity Standish Played by Kristina Sisco on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristina Sisco
    Charity Standish

    Actor: Kristina Sisco

    Who played Charity Standish over the years

    Kristina Sisco (November 14, 2006 - 7 February 2007 - recurring)
    Molly Stanton (July 14, 1999 - July 22, 2004 - contract)

    Useful information on Charity Standish

    * Only daughter of Faith Standish.
    * Fought her cousin Kay for years over Miguel.
    * Was frozen in ice while �Zombie Charity� took over her life.


    Current: College Student


    Charity grew up an only child of the single Faith Standish. She fell instantly in love with Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald and that led to her meeting Grace Bennett who turned out to be her aunt. Her house was set on fire by Tabitha (Harmony�s resident witch) and her mother is believed to have perished in the fire. Charity went to Harmony, but had lost her memory and was clueless about who she was. She slowly got her memory back and started to come into her special powers that ran in the women of her family. She continued to grow closer and closer to Miguel, but unfortunately her new found cousin Kay had her sights on Miguel.

    Kay pulled stunt after stunt to try and put an end to Charity and Miguel�s relationship. Kay sold her soul to Hecuba and sent Charity to do actual time in the fires of Hell. She finally got rescued and announced her engagement to Miguel. Kay managed to reap havoc yet again when she used the book of spells to trap Charity and create her alter ego�.Zombie Charity. While Charity was frozen (literally), Zombie Charity carried out Kay�s plans to sabotage her relationship with Miguel and also to torture Tabitha and Timmy. That all changed though when Zombie Charity started to think for herself. She planned to seduce Miguel and kill him and also to kill Timmy before he could use the Demon�s Horn to free the real Charity. Luckily the Demon�s Horn was used to free Charity, but she was seriously injured in the process and ended up in the hospital. She was in desperate need of a heart transplant, and Tabitha�s grand-nephew (her beloved living doll) Timmy was the donor. Thanks to his heart, Charity was able to live.

    Later Kay announced to the world that she was pregnant and that Miguel was the father. Charity being the good person that she was certainly did not want to deprive the child of a father, but she still loved Miguel with all of her heart. She made the decision to give him up, but later they found their way back to each other. Kay was furious and turned to Tabitha and Endora to fix the situation. Thanks to them, Charity was placed in Reese�s bed and Miguel found her there. The couple broke up and Charity became closer to Reese. Charity left town after many attempts to reconcile with Miguel. She returned to Castleton where her home burned down. Miguel chased after her and was there when she was attacked and almost killed by a dog. He speared the dog (saving Charity�s life) and when he went over to it, he found Kay lying there with a spear in her. Miguel begged Charity to stay in Harmony, but she took Tabitha�s suggestion and left town.




    Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
    John Hastings
    Reese Durkee


    Faith Standish (mother - deceased)
    Grace Standish (maternal aunt)
    Noah Bennett (maternal cousin)
    Kay Bennett (maternal cousin)
    Jessica Bennett (maternal cousin)
    Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald (maternal first cousin)




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    Tuesday, July 10 2007: We Are Doomed

    Whitney and Theresa sit outside and Theresa explains Chad's side of the story. Although she insists that she is not defending him, she knows why he did what he did: They are both guilty of betrayal. Whitney is sure that Ethan will forgive her. Theresa thinks that she should forgive Chad then. No, she can't, Whitney insists. She can't even stand to think of him. She walks away. This convinces Theresa that keeping the secret is the best thing she can do. Down the street, Chad runs into Whitney and begins apologizing and begging for another chance again. She won't listen; he's already thrown out everything he cared about just for the sake of sex. All of this has taught her that she can never trust him. She walks away.

    Wednesday, February 07 2007: Chad Realizes Something

    In the hospital, Charity hugs Miguel, hoping that they can still be friends. Kay walks in and sees them. She steps back, unable to believe her eyes. Julian follows behind her and rubs it in. Now do you believe me? They interrupt the warm moment, but Charity claims that she is only saying goodbye before she leaves town. As she walks away, Miguel claims that its not what it looks like, but Kay slaps him anyway. Eve makes her promise not to act out anymore and then runs off. Miguel continues to swear that he hasnt been cheating on her with Charity. But Kay knows that hes been lying, he just told her Charity wasnt in the hospital and he wasnt kissing her even though Julian saw him. Miguel begins arguing with Julian and blaming him for everything, but Julian continues to insist that all the proof is against Miguel. Kay is sick of debating this, but Julian tells them that he has proof. Hes taking them to security to look at the surveillance footage. The technician fetches the footage and they sit down to watch. They quickly get a very good look of Miguel kissing Charity. Kay is now convinced that she made the right decision marrying Fox. Miguel repeats all of his accusations and then asks Julian to leave so that he can talk to Kay alone. He begins apologizing. It never ends. You always have some kind of excuse, Kay says tired of trying to believe a liar like him.

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