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    Passions CAST - Grace Bennett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Grace Bennett Played by Dana Sparks on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dana Sparks

    Birthday: 1961-08-01
    Birthplace: Orinda, California
    Marital Status: married to Steve Sparks
    Real Name: Dana Sparks


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    Nice Shot!

    Tuesday, June 03 2008

    Gwen leaves to talk to Rebecca and Ethan asks Gertrude for her advice on what he should get Gwen for their recommitment ceremony. She tells him that a day at the spa for two would be lovely, which reminds him of when he did that for Theresa. He says that day was a little too special and one of the best days of his life and he can’t recreate that with Gwen. Theresa thinks, “Just what I wanted to hear.” She asks if he still thinks about Theresa a lot and he nods his head saying it hasn’t been that long. Gertrude asks what he would do if she ever came back. Ethan says she’s not so there’s no point in thinking about it because he can’t let himself dream the impossible dream. He adds that his heart doesn’t feel that she’s dead, but thinks it’s just his grief talking because if she were here she would be with him and they would be planning their ceremony together, not him and Gwen. Ethan can’t believe he’s thinking this way, but says he would leave Gwen to be with Theresa in a heartbeat if she were really alive. Ethan adds that when he recommits to Gwen that’s it and he wouldn’t be able to go back to Theresa even if he wanted to. Gertrude tries to make him reconsider, but Ethan says if Theresa turned up alive it would be great but awful at the same time because then they’d have to live apart.

    If I Didn't Know Better...

    Tuesday, May 27 2008

    Gwen is in her room upset about Ethan and wishes she could find her mother to talk to, as Rebecca suddenly appears in a Wonder Woman outfit. Rebecca explains that she was having a private party in the boathouse with Pablo who was dressed as the Incredible Hulk when they got interrupted by the earthquake. Gwen doesn’t want to hear about it and complains to her mother that she thinks Ethan is choosing Gertrude over her. Rebecca says the only woman who could take Ethan away from her is Theresa and she’s dead! Gwen tells her that she’s been having dreams or hallucinations about Theresa and Ethan, and even Gertrude and Ethan having sex. Rebecca thinks she’s just being insecure, but Gwen thinks Ethan acts like he’s in love with Gertrude. Rebecca thinks maybe the bookcase hit Gwen on the head instead of Gertrude, because Ethan would never want anything to do with the nanny. Gwen gets a phone call and excitedly tells Rebecca she needs to find Ethan right away.

    Follow Your Heart.

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    Gwen and Ethan wake up in their bed and Gwen tells him there's nothing more wonderful than waking up with him. They discuss how fantastic last night was and start to kiss when Rebecca barges in. Rebecca demands to know if Gwen asked him yet. Ethan asks Gwen what Rebecca's talking about and Gwen says she thinks they should send Little Ethan to boarding school. Ethan adamantly tells her no and Gwen says she knew he would react this way, but wants him to hear her out. Ethan tells her not to waste her breath because he is not sending Little E away - end of story! Ethan gets dressed and Gwen and Rebecca say they've found research that proves it's best if Little E does go to boarding school. Ethan says research can be skewed to fit anyone's agenda and Rebecca brings in a doctor who specializes in child rearing to support their argument. The doctor says if Ethan loves Little Ethan, he has no choice but to send him away because studies show that boys who have gone through what Little Ethan has, gain independence at boarding school, but if he stays at home, Little Ethan will be emotionally stunted by all the coddling he will receive. The doctor tells him to do what is best for the boy and not what is easiest for him. Rebecca shows the doctor out and Ethan tells Gwen that some of what the doctor said made sense. Gwen asks if he changed his mind and Ethan says, "Let's send Little Ethan away."

    It Takes Three to Tango.

    Tuesday, March 25 2008

    Gwen and Ethan kiss in bed and Gwen thinks her seduction is working. As Ethan gets more into it, he calls out Theresa's name. Gwen tells him what he said and Ethan apologizes. Gwen can't believe he's thinking about Theresa during such an intimate moment between them. She says she can't be with him if he can't let anyone else into his heart and is not committed to her and the kids. Ethan assures her he will be, but she doesn't want him if he's only doing it out of a sense of duty. She says she loves him and needs to know if he can still love her. Ethan says he wants to be with her and is willing to make a fresh start. Gwen doesn't want to have to twist his arm and Ethan says he wants to move forward, but is having trouble getting past his grief for Theresa. Gwen wants to help him and tells him if he lets go they can start over and have a better marriage than they had before. Gwen is willing to go trough Hell with him, as long as in the end they will be happy. Ethan promises her they will be and Gwen says that's all she needs to hear. Ethan kisses her again.

    When Will I Wake Up From This Nightmare?

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    Gwen walks the wharf looking for Ethan and sees Luis and Miguel working on Pilar from a distance. She starts to panic and then sees Ethan in the water. Gwen freaks out as she watches Ethan try to fight off the sharks.

    Listen To What I'm Saying

    Tuesday, December 18 2007

    At the hospital, Theresa worries which patient is in trouble - Jonathan or Little E. Paloma comes to see her sister after getting a call from Pilar and asks Theresa what's going on. Paloma realizes that Ethan is Little E's father and Theresa tells her sister that Ethan can never find out. Ethan walks up with Gwen and asks, "What can't I find out?" Theresa explains that one of the transplant patients is in trouble, but since they don't know which one it is, she didn't want to worry him. Ethan angrily tells her not to keep things from him especially when it comes to his son.

    Evil Is On It's Way

    Monday, November 12 2007

    Rebecca walks up to Gwen, Theresa and Ethan discussing what Gwen and Theresa were fighting about. Gwen calls Theresa selfish for wanting Ethan to leave the hospital to go to sports day. Ethan asks Theresa if she really expected him to leave his son to go to Little E’s school. Theresa thinks to herself, “But Little Ethan is your son too.” She says that she never wanted Ethan to leave if Jonathan was still in danger, but she didn’t want Little E to be disappointed. Ethan doesn’t understand why they are still talking about it since he thought both Little E and Theresa understood why he couldn’t go. Rebecca chastises Theresa for asking Ethan to leave his sick son for another person’s child. Ethan says it doesn’t matter since he got Manny Ramirez to attend sports day and that Little E will be fine and they should drop the subject.

    Deja Vu

    Wednesday, August 08 2007

    In the execution room, Theresa clutches onto Ethan and her high heels while she cries. Gwen finds it hard to believe that Sheridan would actually try and kill her. This doesn't make sense to any of them, but it's what happened. They go into the next execution chamber and are shocked to see that Luis has suddenly come back to life. Theresa runs up to the glass and Ethan asks his father what happened. He's perplexed after just watching Luis be executed moments ago. As Ethan becomes frantic for an explanation, Sam tells him that Luis is alive, he hasn't even been executed yet. He suggests that his son is having deja vu in reverse. Ethan shakes his head and wonders if he's losing his mind. Theresa stands at the glass and tells her brother that she's sorry. Each member of his family follow her up to the glass with their goodbyes.

    Chad Beats the Machine

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    Kay uses Sams phone to send Grace a picture of her in her wedding gown before Father Lonigan arrives to tell her the wedding is about to start. Kay starts dancing around giddily and Simone says that shes marrying the right guy, the honest guy. Grace talks to Sam. She tells him she has some disturbing news, but wont go into details because she doesnt know who is listening. The priest tells her that theyre being sent to another airport and will take off from there. She takes her bus ticket and the priest quips that she has her ticket to paradise. She hangs up and Sam worries about how worried Grace sounds. He turns and takes Kays hands to tell her how proud he is before escorting her out.

    As Grace is about to get on the bus to the airport, she gets a call threatening her, but she refuses to stop; no matter who it hurts, she will tell the truth. Shes sure that Sam will know what to do. The priest is waiting only feet away and confident that he will be the one to stop her. As the bus is prepared to move along, Grace tells herself that everything will be out in the open soon. The priest puts his bag on and arms the bomb before walking off and returning to the station to watch it drive off. After saying a quick prayer, he detonates the bomb and the bus explodes. At the wedding, Sam has an uncomfortable feeling.

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