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    Passions CAST - J.T. Cornell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on J.T. Cornell Played by Michael Sabatino on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Sabatino

    Birthday: 1955-06-25
    Birthplace: Venice, California
    Marital Status: married to Crystal Chappell January, 1997
    Real Name: Michael Sabatino
    Height: 6'1"


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    Surprise Guests

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    JT places his memory stick in an envelope and slips it under the door for the editors of Daily Private Lives. He laughs to himself about how much money he’s gotten blackmailing people to keep their secrets and, now, they’ll come out anyway. Rebecca has been around the corner and overheard his plan. She drops on the floor and tries to reach under the door for the envelope. She can’t believe that he would betray her like this. JT professes that he has no conscience and Rebecca slaps him hard in the face before they begin wrestling around the hallway.

    JT goes to the bus station to avoid the ‘nuclear’ fallout that the exposure of all the town’s secrets will bring. He imagines the destruction of Ethan and Gwen, Ethan and Theresa, Theresa and Jared, Chad and Whitney and so many more that will be revealed. He hears the horn for his bus and goes towards it before ‘Santa’ accosts him. When JT pushes past the rather unmerry Santa and heads down the alley to the bus, Santa pulls out a gun and follows him.

    Chad and Whitney’s Wedding

    Friday, December 22 2006

    JT and Rebecca wake up in bed wearing matching bras. He tells her that getting in touch with his feminine side is amazing and Rebecca starts to think that Simone must be on to something. She wants JT to always wear a bra when they’re together, but she needs to take him shopping. She continues trying to guess who he’s blackmailing, but he’s not giving anything away. He tells her not to worry though; he has a lot of cash cows to milk before he gets to her and Gwen. Rebecca says it’s no wonder so many people want to kill him...’even me,’ she says to herself. When he goes into the shower, she begins to search through his things for the flashdrive. Realizing that she would kill him herself, he starts to make other plans. Once he gets dressed he heads for the door. Rebecca says that he shouldn’t go out alone because he might be the victim of a hate crime, or at least he should leave the flashdrive with her for safe keeping. He promises her that it is somewhere that nobody will find it.

    Once he gets out of the room, he decides to leave town right away. ‘Dead is not a good look for me.’ He puts the flashdrive in an envelope to send to Daily Private Lives. All of this dirt will dramatically increase sales and, being a major stock holder, that means a lot of money for him. While he pushes the envelope under a door, a figure appears in the background.

    What Jessica Saw

    Thursday, December 21 2006

    JT and Rebecca are hiding in the hallway in case the shooter followed them. He says that he has a very good idea who it was. He begins adjusting his hair while Rebecca compliments him on how 'strangely sexy' he looks. They start making out while Edna and Norma walk by. Edna says that the kissing couple remind them of the lesbian bar scene in Europe. Edna recognizes Rebecca and starts to imagine that the place must have some class; it can't be any worse than Norma's. They trudge off to their room while Ethan and Gwen start down the hall. They spot the two women making out and Ethan wants to get a closer look but Gwen dissuades him and they move along. Rebecca peaks out to see Chad going into one of the rooms. She and JT sneak into his room just as Ethan comes back down the hall knocking on doors.

    It's a Drag to be JT

    Wednesday, December 20 2006

    JT is trying to pack up the rest of his money before the shooter comes back to finish him off. Rebecca starts knocking at the door and he hides under his desk while trying to think of a way out. She stays outside of his room until a strange looking woman walks out. Rebecca walks in through the open door and demands to know who he's sleeping with but, seeing the room empty, chases after the woman. She follows her to a motel and slaps at her before she turns around to reveal that 'she' is actually JT. 'You're a drag queen and you never told me!' Rebecca exclaims. He tells her that someone took a shot at him and he has to hide out. She begins to consider the possibilities.

    Gwen Panics, Spike Smirks and Endora Gets a Present

    Tuesday, December 19 2006

    JT is counting his money, pleased that his problems with the IRS have been solved. He goes out to meet Ethan and give him the report on Jared with his last blackmail note to mail on the way. As he approaches the door of the Seascape, Rebecca calls and he informs her that, now that he's in the clear, he doesn't have to go anywhere. Gwen begins shouting and Rebecca says that her daughter is just afraid that he'll double cross her. JT tells them that Ethan helped him with the IRS because he wanted information on Jared. Gwen says this can't happen because it will break up Jared and Theresa leaving her free for Ethan. They decide that they have to rush out and stop them.

    JT goes back toward the door and turns around just as a shot rings out. He runs away to his apartment with surprising speed and tries to barricade the door shut. He looks down at his briefcase and can see where the bullet ricocheted. He starts to wonder if his money making venture is kaput.

    Someone is Having a Christmas Wedding

    Monday, December 18 2006

    JT tells an agitated Ethan that he dug and dug and got some good dirt on Jared. Ethan opens the envelope JT hands him, but is dismayed to find it empty. Angered, he grabs JT by the throat and demands ‘the dirt.’ JT says that he has it, but Ethan won’t get it until he gets a clean bill of health from the IRS. He insists that what he has is good and, if Ethan really cares about Theresa, he won’t want Jared anywhere near her.

    JT is looking at a photo of Jared and shaking his head, remarking that he is even worse news than he is. Ethan calls him to say that his bill is clean. JT says that now that he is clear, he can be seen in public and will meet him for lobster at the Seascape. Glancing again through Jared’s file he smirks about what a naughty boy he’s been; Ethan won’t just get his money’s worth-- he’ll be shocked.

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