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    Passions CAST - Little Ethan Crane Winthrop - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Little Ethan Crane Winthrop Played by Colton Shires on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Colton Shires

    Birthday: October 16 1996
    Birthplace: USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Colton Shires


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    The Truth Comes Out

    Thursday, October 26 2006

    Ethan is playing ball with Little Ethan. The boy runs after the ball, leaving his mom alone with Ethan. Theresa mentions how odd it is that Ethan would be helping Julian sue for partial custody of Little Ethan. It's about the father's rights to Ethan. "Simple as that."

    It's not so simple to Theresa given their complicated situation. Ethan understands Theresa so he knows how much her children mean to her. That's why it is so puzzling to him that she blew off the custody hearing. He asks her why. Theresa thinks back to what her mother told her and her advice to tell Ethan the truth. She says nothing. Ethan tells her that's okay. The truth has a way of coming out.

    Little Ethan comes back with the ball. He wants to play some more with Uncle Ethan. They leave for another section of the park to work on his hitting and to let Theresa gossip with Whitney who just showed up. As soon as they are gone, Whitney tells Theresa to be careful. Gwen is on the hunt and she almost tricked her into giving up the secret.

    Pilar joins the women. Her story is the same as Whitney except it was Rebecca trying to worm the secret out of her. They want to know what the game plan is now. Theresa says they need to make sure they don't slip up and make sure Gwen doesn't find J.T. Both Pilar and Whitney vow not to reveal the truth. Theresa feels her secret is safe since J.T. promised to keep quiet and leave town as soon as she pays him.

    Sam knows what Ivy did!

    Wednesday, October 25 2006

    Ethan and Theresa walk together through the park on their way back to work. Theresa plans on meeting Little Ethan there. Ethan questions Theresa again about her strange behavior. He wants to know what is bothering her. He's sure he saw a man running away from her in the alley. She ditched the custody hearing to meet with someone else in an alley? She explains again the meeting was extremely important.

    Ethan urges Theresa to tell him what she is hiding from him. What is causing her to act so strangely. Theresa thinks about her mother's advice to tell Ethan all. She starts to tell him what is going on until she is interrupted by her son.

    Little Ethan if full of details about his day. He asks his uncle Ethan to take him for something to eat. Theresa tries to dissuade him saying Ethan is too busy but Ethan jumps at the chance to be with the boy. Alone, watching the two of them, Theresa wishes it could always be like that.

    Theresa watches father and son play football. She thanks God for allowing her to keep her secret. Even though she can't have Ethan, at least her son can have his father in his life. And as long as no one knows the truth, her son's future will be secure.

    Baby Daddy Drama

    Monday, October 02 2006

    Theresa and Pilar talk about the will and the letter that accompanies it. Whitney joins the two in Theresa's office. Theresa tells her about the letter and the truth it holds about Ethan's paternity. Whitney thinks she might as well go all the way and tell Ethan everything right away. Theresa can't do that. She wants the secret locked away until she's dead and buried.

    Theresa believes if the secret comes out too soon, little Ethan will lose out financially. Her mom protests that he will be well taken care of. However, Theresa wants little Ethan to inherit Crane industries. That won't happen, she thinks, if Julian finds out that Ethan is the real father. Besides that, she doesn't want to lose custody of him like she did Jane. At the moment, Valerie arrives with Little Ethan. Theresa promises him they will live together forever.

    Gwen comes into Ethan's office as he is about to open the envelope containing Theresa's will. Ethan expresses disbelief. Gwen wants to read it too. After reading it, Gwen rants about the document. It makes her so upset that she wants to confront Theresa about it. They both go to Theresa with the big manila envelope. Gwen announces that her "little secret is out."

    Theresa looks like a deer caught in the headlights when she realizes they are talking about the will. Gwen accuses her of letting Ethan see it on purpose. Valerie apologizes and takes the blame for the mishap. Gwen doesn't believe her. She believes it is a scheme.

    Theresa is worried. She asks whether they read everything. They didn't but they're angry enough at what they read. Ethan says all she had to do was ask him to look after Ethan upon her death and not assume. So Theresa asks Ethan that very question. He agrees and advises her to be more careful with her important papers.

    Theresa realizes that the letter must still be on Ethan's desk. She is panicking. She has to stop them from reading it.

    Someone is doing just that. We don't see who the person is.

    Theresa says this would be a good time for Gwen and Ethan to visit with little Ethan. She calls in Whitney and little Ethan. While Ethan and Gwen visit with the boy, Theresa sends her mother to retrieve the letter. Whoever read the letter, hides behind the desk. Pilar doesn't suspect a thing. She returns the letter to Theresa who breathes a sigh of relief. If that secret came out, she would lose everything.

    Plans Are Put Into Motion

    Thursday, August 31 2006

    Julian tells Tabitha that he's suing Theresa for custody of little Ethan, says if Tabitha won't let him see Endora, he'll sue her, too. Tabitha is on a mission to keep Julian away from Endora, not wanting him to find out about them being witches. Just as she tries turning him into a rat, Endora counteracts Tabitha's trick! Julian leaves and Fox tells Tabitha he's going upstairs to see Kay!

    Passion And Magic Fill The Air

    Monday, August 28 2006

    Ethan overhears Theresa say she's falling for Jared, wants to spend the rest of her life with him. After Theresa hangs up the phone, he comes into her office, paying a visit on Julian's behalf. Theresa is furious that Ethan is siding with Julian for getting partial custody. As Ethan goes on about Julian's rights, Theresa's inner voice screams to tell Ethan that's he's little Ethan's father. Theresa tells him she'd do anything for little Ethan to have a real father, but Ethan doesn't follow what she's saying. Theresa wants nothing to do with Julian. Ethan's jealousy comes out when he brings up Theresa bringing Jared into little Ethan's life. He even goes so far as to say that she needs to get rid of Jared, that he'll break her heart! Theresa defends Jared, says that Ethan can't stand that Jared is so right for her. Ethan says he doesn't want her alone and Theresa wants to know who he thinks the right guy is for her. She tells Ethan that he left her for Gwen, now he needs to let her go. Suddenly, Ethan takes her in his arms and engages Theresa with a passionate kiss!

    Things Don't Add Up

    Friday, August 25 2006

    Ethan visits Pilar where she tells him that he belongs with Theresa, to leave Gwen. She tells Ethan that little Ethan is his son!!! But then corrects herself, saying he's 'like' a son to him. Ethan says he loves Gwen, but Pilar keeps repeating that he belongs with Theresa, makes Ethan promise that he'll think about it. And he does.

    So Much Interference

    Thursday, August 24 2006

    Jared takes Theresa back to the Crane mansion where he is overwhelmed at the enormity of it all. He's very touched at how modest Theresa is, what a good mom she is, feels like an idiot for giving Theresa a hard time about being a Crane. Julian walks in as Ethan kisses Theresa, telling them to get a room. Julian says he's taking little Ethan to a baseball game tomorrow, but Theresa says he's not. An angry Julian says, ...We'll see about that.... He tells Theresa that if she tries to deny him time with little Ethan, she'll lose him forever!

    Ethan and Gwen arrive at the mansion. Julian tries to persuade Ethan to take his side. Ethan tells Theresa she's being unreasonable, and Jared comes to Theresa's rescue against Ethan and Julian. When Ethan says that Julian, being the boy's biological father, has rights, Theresa blurts out that Julian has no rights when it comes to little Ethan! Ethan asks how she could even say such a thing?! Julian threatens a custody suit against Theresa, but she doesn't back down. Jared and Theresa leave the room and go outside. Jared tells her that he'll be there for Theresa, to help her fight Ethan and Julian. Theresa says she'll crush them both if they try to get in her way when it comes little Ethan.

    Pilar Gets Shot!

    Friday, August 18 2006

    Spike gloats about the upcoming robbery, tells Chris to keep Sheridan away from the mansion. Chris tells Spike to stay away from Sheridan, to just get the job done! Spike threatens to tell Sheridan about Chris's involvement in the robbery. Sheridan walks in the room! Chris tells her that no one was at the door, then goes back out to give Spike the code to the mansion. Chris makes it clear that Spike is to stay away from the kids!

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