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    Passions CAST - Little Ethan Crane Winthrop - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Little Ethan Crane Winthrop Played by Colton Shires on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Colton Shires

    Birthday: October 16 1996
    Birthplace: USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Colton Shires


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    Jonathan Recovers

    Thursday, November 08 2007

    Theresa, Pilar and Little E go to the hospital and run in to Ethan in the waiting room. Little E asks him if he’s ready to go to sports day. Ethan has forgotten and tells him that his son is sick and he has to be there for him and his mother. Little E says he understands, but is visibly disappointed. Theresa looks upset and says she has to go and takes off.

    Ethan apologizes to Little E saying he knows he was looking forward to sports day, but the little guy says it’s no big deal. Ethan says that this son is sick and that’s why he needs to stay there. Little E tells him how much fun it will be with all the other fathers and that he wishes Ethan were really his dad. Ethan says he does too and tells him that since Manny Ramirez , of the Boston Red Sox, is with his firm, he might be able to get him to come to sports day. This thrills Little E and he says that everyone will be so jealous of him. Little Ethan takes off in excitement and Ethan texts Manny to see if he can get him there. Pilar says it’s very nice of him and Ethan says he would do anything for that kid. Pilar says he has always been a good father to him. Manny texts back and says he will be there. Ethan says that when he was in the hospital and Theresa was telling him he had a son he was hoping she meant Little E because if he were his son, his life would be perfect. Ethan says he would kill to have Little E be his son and is disappointed that Julian doesn’t spend more time with him. Pilar starts to cry and thinks to herself, “What have I done.” Ethan tells her that everything is going to be fine and once he and Theresa are married she will never have to worry about Little Ethan again. Pilar says she knows and that he would have been a marvelous father to him. Ethan says he will be once he and Theresa are married. He leaves to go get Gwen some food from the cafeteria and Pilar says to herself that seeing the lives of the people she loves destroyed is the price she has to pay for her sin.

    That's What Blackmail is All About

    Thursday, October 18 2007

    In the Crane kitchen, Ethan wants to know why he and Theresa can't be together. Ethan asks if Alistair is threatening Pilar and Theresa says no. Ethan says she's gone against her mother before so why is this time so different. He then asks if it's about his son. Theresa says yes, but Ethan doesn't understand what he has to do with it. Theresa just tells him she doesn't understand either and is confused as to why Pilar would lie to her about Gwen. Ethan tells her she's a grown woman now and even though she worships the ground Pilar walks on, she needs to make her own decisions. Theresa thinks he's right and if Pilar could lie to her, then she should be able to run own her life. Theresa says it's time she tell him about his first born son and how he relates to them and their future together. Ethan wants to know how his son could affect their future and Theresa tries to explain, but Little Ethan comes in the kitchen looking upset. When they ask him what's wrong he says it's sports day at school tomorrow and all his friends are bringing their dads, but Julian says he's too busy at work. Theresa tells him that Uncle Luis would probably take him to sports day, but Ethan volunteers for the job. He tells Little E that just because he has his own son now, doesn't mean he won't be a part of his life. Little E says, " I wish you were my real dad." And Ethan says, "I wish I were too." Ethan decides to leave Theresa and Little E alone so they can have a little time together. Theresa says she still needs to tell him something, but he says another time.

    Back in the kitchen, Theresa offers her son a snack but he says no and tells his mother that he doesn't think his dad loves him at all and wishes Julian could more like Uncle Ethan. Theresa says his father loves him very much and the way Julian is acting has nothing to do with him. She thinks to herself that Julian knows he's not the father and that soon she, Little E, Jane and Ethan will be a family whether Pilar likes it or not. Theresa tells Little E that Julian has a lot on his mind right now considering that Fox has died and maybe he's just not as thoughtful as he usually is because it's hard for him to look at Little E and not think about losing his other son. Little E says that what she said helped make him feel better and he wishes he could do the same for his dad. Theresa says for him to remember his father in his prayers and sends him off to bed. After her son leaves, Theresa says out loud that she's sorry, but she will go against her mother and be a family with Ethan.

    Going to the Dark Side

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Next time on Passions:

    Gwen warns Theresa if she tells Ethan about Little E he'll be as good as dead.

    A drunk Eve tells Julian that Vincent is in her house.

    Close, but No Cigar

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    At the hospital, Theresa tells Ethan that Little E and his baby are brothers. Confused, Ethan reiterates what she says, as Gwen looks panicked. Before Theresa can explain, Gwen interrupts saying the boys are brothers in spirit. Theresa tries to spit out the truth, but Gwen won't let her and brings up naming the baby. For some reason, Theresa keeps quiet and Gwen insists she and Ethan name their baby together. Pilar urges Theresa to tell Ethan the truth, as Gwen says she would like to name her son after Ethan, but that name has already been taken. As they start to argue about Theresa already using Ethan's name for her son, Ethan says it doesn't matter what they name the baby, all that matters is his son. This prompts Little E to ask, "Does that mean you don't love me anymore?" Ethan brings Little E up on the bed with him and tells the little guy that he loves him very much, "More than ever." He goes on to say that no one will ever take Little Ethan's place in his heart and that he doesn't care about biology, because "If you hadn't been a part of my life, I would be one heck of a lousy father, because you taught me how to be a good dad." Little E tells him he wishes he were his real dad and Ethan says he does too. Pilar tells her daughter there's never been a more perfect time to tell the truth and takes Little E out of the room so the adults can talk. Ethan assures Theresa he loves her son and they reminisce about Little E's birth. Ethan says he'll always love him as his father and Theresa says, "You are his father."

    This Ruins Everything!

    Monday, August 20 2007

    At the altar, Theresa rushes through the ceremony and wants to jump right to the end. Ethan asks the justice of the peace to go back to the beginning, however, so that he can enjoy this moment that they've waited so long for. As they recite the vows, Kay and Miguel look lovingly at each while Chad and Whitney looks sadly at each other. When Ethan slips the ring on his bride, he stops the ceremony. Theresa starts to panic but he just wants to take a moment to think of their past. There is a long montage of their many tender moments together until they begin kissing passionately. The justice of the peace has to interrupt and asks them to wait until the end of the ceremony for that. Little Ethan wishes they'd hurry up and get this over with but, before they can, Theresa has something she wants to tell Ethan... Suddenly, hearing a loud banging coming from the bathroom, she tells him to forget it and just get back to the ceremony. They're finally declared husband and wife. As they kiss, everyone laughs. 'Your dream has finally come true,' Pilar declares. She hugs her new son while everyone congratulates them. Little Ethan is so happy: Now it feels like big Ethan is his real daddy. Meanwhile, Chad has walked down the hall to check on the Hotchkiss women. As he walks by the washroom door, he sees it fall off ir's hinges as the women push out past him and run down the hall. When they get into the chapel, they're furious to find that Theresa and Ethan are already husband and wife. Theresa tries to rush away on her honeymoon, but Gwen declares that she wants to give them a wedding gift first. As she smiles, a terrified look creeps onto Theresa' face.

    Uncle or Daddy Ethan?

    Thursday, August 16 2007

    At the justice of the peace's, Gwen and Rebecca watch as Ethan and Theresa kiss and look forward to their wedding. Pilar walks in with the children and little Ethan asks if this marriage will make uncle Ethan into daddy Ethan. Theresa tells her son that's exactly what it means. The justice of the peace walks in and gives them some papers to sign. After filling them out, they jump into the ceremony right away. Gwen interrupts as they begin and explains that Theresa can't get married without a wedding dress. She ordered her one in advance. Ethan and Pilar stare as Gwen pulls Theresa away to get changed. Whitney arrives just in time. Ethan tells her the day is finally here and nothing will ever ruin it. They tell her that Gwen has been very sweet and helpful. Rebecca leaves to hurry the bride along while Whitney and Pilar worry about what the Hotchkiss women are up to.

    Imaginary Friend

    Thursday, May 10 2007

    The blackmailer walks through the passageways searching for Theresa. They wander out into the hallways of the mansion and soon surprise little Ethan. He's startled, but compliments them on their 'costume'. The blackmailer tells him that they're a friend of her mother and father. 'Julian has friends?' little Ethan asks. 'No, not that father,' says the blackmailer.

    Jared lays in bed but he can't sleep. He hears Rebecca wandering the halls and calling for her boa constrictor. 'Did you hear the news? Tess and I are going to have a bab,' Jared tells her with a grin and a twinkle in his eye. Rebecca's ears perk up and she sits down beside him. She's surprised that Theresa agreed to have a child with him. 'She's the one who suggested it,' he explains. Rebecca thinks that this might mean that Theresa is finally over Ethan. He hopes so. She pulls her phone out of her cleavage and calls Gwen to tell her that she can come back home now and put the divorce aside. Unfortunately, Gwen can't go anywhere: She's tied to a bed at the moment. The phone hangs up and Jared asks if everything is okay. Little Ethan walks in and says that he just met a clown who knows his father. A clown who knows Julian? 'No, not Julian,' little Ethan says. Jared is confused, but Rebecca prompts the boy to continue. Little Ethan describes the clown as a half man/half woman in a costume like Rebecca would wear. They told him that they would have lots of fun together and go on adventures. After little Ethan hugs Jared, he walks to the bookcase. Rebecca imagines that he must have an imaginary friend; it's not like he gets any attention from his mother or has anyone to play with. 'He's got nothing to play with but billions and billions a few years I could be his friend,' she realizes. Jared tells little Ethan to get a book while Rebecca goes out in the hall and tries to figure out how to get her daughter back. After Jared reads his new son a story, they get on his wheelchair and start to zoom around the mansion. When they get back to his room, they get a call from downstairs that little Ethan's friend has arrived. The boy tells Jared that he's happy that he's part of his life now and then runs off happily. Downstairs, Rebecca calls Gwen again and tells her that she needs to get back and snag the man she loves. Gwen reminds her that she is divorcing him, but Rebecca is sure that she doesn't mean that. Suddenly, Gwen begins screaming for someone to 'stop it!'

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