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    Passions CAST - Little Ethan Crane Winthrop - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Little Ethan Crane Winthrop Played by Colton Shires on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Colton Shires

    Birthday: October 16 1996
    Birthplace: USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Colton Shires


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    I Know She's Here!

    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    Little E tells Ethan that Theresa was singing to him and Ethan thinks Theresa could still be there. Theresa's in the closet thinking if Ethan finds her, her whole family could die. Ethan approaches the closet and Gwen enters the room asking what's going on. Ethan tells her that Theresa is there and Gwen thinks to herself, "I think I'm going to be sick." Gwen thinks it's impossible, but Little Ethan tells her what happened. Ethan insists to Gwen that Theresa was there and calls out for her. Gwen thinks Ethan is unfairly fueling Little E's hope that his mother is alive, but both Ethan's insist Theresa is there. Ethan asks Little E where Theresa went after she stopped singing and he says she went into the closet. Theresa panics and Ethan calls out, "Theresa are you in there?" Theresa finds a secret panel that Alistair had installed and sneaks out. Ethan opens the door and finds the closet empty. Little E is upset because he saw her go in the closet, but Gwen gently tells him his mother is dead. Little E wonders that if Theresa wasn't singing to him, then how could Ethan have heard her too? Gwen thinks they heard one of the servants singing to their child over the phone or something and suggests that Theresa would want them to move forward and to not dwell on her death. Ethan says Gwen is probably right and they need to accept that Theresa is gone, but says she will live on through them. Gwen thinks to herself, "Ethan, Theresa is dead. How long will she live on in your heart?"

    It Takes Three to Tango.

    Tuesday, March 25 2008

    In his bedroom, Little E tells his mother that he's glad she's back and asks her not to leave him again. Theresa says, "I will never leave any of you again." Theresa tells little E that this is just a dream, but he thinks it seems so real. Theresa tucks him back into bed and Little E tells her that Uncle Ethan is going to adopt him. He asks if he can tell Ethan that he is his son. Theresa tells him not yet, that he has to keep the secret, but someday things will be different. Theresa reminds him this was just a dream and sings him a lullaby to help him fall back to sleep.

    As Ethan and Gwen continue to kiss in bed, Ethan hears something. Gwen doesn't hear it, but Ethan thinks it's Theresa singing. Theresa fantasizes that she and Little E tell Ethan the truth about him being Little E's father, while Ethan tries to convince Gwen he heard Theresa's voice. Gwen worries for Ethan's sanity and says there is no way he heard Theresa singing, but he thinks to himself, "It was real. I know it was real." Ethan and Gwen go back to making out, but Ethan has a difficult time concentrating. He tells Gwen he needs to check on Little E because he's been having bad dreams and leaves Gwen to do so.

    Ethan walks into Little E's room and looks surprised. He says Theresa's name, but Theresa is hiding in the closet. He sits by Little E and Little E wakes up calling him daddy. Little Ethan says he had great dreams tonight and asks Ethan if he saw mommy. Little E tells Ethan that Theresa was in his room singing to him.

    How Do You Murder a Ghost?

    Monday, March 24 2008

    Theresa goes to confession and tells Father Lonigan her story. She says she knows it's a shock that she's alive, but she needed to talk to someone and urges him to keep her secret.
    Theresa later returns to the docks and looks at the device and sees Ethan tuck Little Ethan into bed. Little Ethan tells Ethan he had another dream about Theresa being lost and calling out his name. Ethan offers to stay with him until he falls asleep, but Little E thinks he will be okay. Little E says he said a prayer for his mother and hopes that she is happy in heaven. Ethan bets she is and thinks she is watching them right now. Little E says he loves and misses her and Ethan hugs him. Theresa watches all this and runs off saying she needs to see her son.

    Theresa goes into Little E's room while he's asleep and hugs him. Little E wakes up and says, "Mommy? It's you. You're alive!"

    A New Start

    Monday, March 10 2008

    Little Ethan runs into the room yelling for Ethan. Little Ethan had a dream that his mother was lost somewhere in a creepy building and tried to get back to them, but a bad man wouldn't let her out. Ethan consoles him and Little E asks if the hurt of losing his mom will ever go away. Ethan says he doesn't know if it will ever stop hurting, but they have to give it some time. He says she will always be alive in their hearts and hugs Little E while Gwen rolls her eyes and takes a drink of champagne. Ethan takes Little E back to bed and tells Gwen they can finish their conversation when he gets back. Gwen panics, wondering what he wants to talk to her about.

    You're All Crazy!

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Everyone gathers around as Ethan sits Little Ethan down and delicately informs him that Theresa died in Mexico. Little E doesn't believe it saying his mom wouldn't leave him. Ethan tells him that she didn't want to and promises that he will be there for him for the rest of his life. Ethan tells Little E that's it's okay to cry, but Little E gets up yelling that everyone is crazy because his mother can't be dead and runs out of the room.

    Little Ethan runs back to the living room exclaiming that his mother is alive. Ethan assures Little E that his mother died in Mexico, but the boy says he just saw her upstairs. Little E wants a disbelieving Ethan to see for himself as everyone wonders if it's possible.

    Easy Prey

    Tuesday, January 08 2008

    Theresa makes breakfast at the cabin and Pilar comes out with Little Ethan. He says he feels better and needed to get out of his bed. While enjoying breakfast, the phone rings and Pilar answers. She tells Theresa it's the airline calling about a ticket she purchased. Pilar angrily asks if Theresa is going to Mexico after all. Theresa gets on the phone and tells them she will call back. She tells her mother that she's planning a trip to Fort Meyers in March and Little E overhears. He's excited because he thinks Theresa is taking him to see the Red Sox at spring training. Pilar apologizes for misjudging her, but says Theresa has a track record of never listening to her.

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