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    Passions CAST - Little Ethan Crane Winthrop - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Little Ethan Crane Winthrop Played by Colton Shires on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Colton Shires

    Birthday: October 16 1996
    Birthplace: USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Colton Shires


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    New Disguises, Same Schemes.

    Tuesday, April 15 2008

    Ethan and Gwen get dressed up to head to the Blue Note while Theresa is in Little Ethan's room without her Gertrude costume on. Little E asks if it's a good idea to be out of her costume and Theresa tells him she has a plan. She changes into a new disguise so she can go to The Blue Note and spy on Gwen and Ethan. She puts on a blond wig and little black dress and asks Little Ethan if anyone would recognize her. He assures her that he almost didn't recognize her!

    And to All a Good Night!

    Monday, April 14 2008

    In their bedroom, Ethan and Gwen try to relieve the itching and Ethan trips over the table of food sending everything flying. Little Ethan tells them Jane is crying and Theresa laughs in the hallway over how well her plan is working. Little Ethan asks if Gwen and Ethan are going to help Jane and Gwen snaps that she'll get to her when she can. Ethan tells Gwen to ease off Little E, but Gwen continues to be a diva about the situation. Jane stops crying and Gertrude comes in the room saying she got Jane back to sleep. She asks why they are itching and why food is all over the floor and Ethan says it's a long story. Gertrude tells Gwen she'll clean up the mess so she can shower and Gwen is grateful. While Gwen showers, Ethan continues to itch and Gertrude offers to help by scratching his back. Ethan is relieved and asks, "What would I do without you?" Theresa thinks to herself he will never have to find out because she's back and here to stay.

    Theresa puts Little Ethan to bed and he asks how she's going to make it so Ethan isn't with Gwen anymore. Theresa doesn't know, but reminds him that for now everyone needs to think she's just the nanny. She promises that one day they will all be a family together and kisses him goodnight.

    Plans Are Put In Motion.

    Wednesday, April 09 2008

    In Gwen and Ethan's room, Little Ethan asks Theresa why she came back dressed as a nanny. She tells him she'll fill him in later, but right now no one can know she's alive. Gwen and Ethan talk in the hallway and remark how great Gertrude is, while Little Ethan promises Theresa to keep the secret. Little Ethan hugs his mother, as Ethan and Gwen walk in the room. Ethan sees them and tells Gwen there's something familiar about Gertrude that makes him feel like he's known her forever. Gwen doesn't get it and Gertrude says Little Ethan has something to show them. He pulls out some cards and does a magic trick. Theresa thinks to herself, "Enjoy it now Gwen, because you won't have Ethan for long. I'll make sure of it." Little Ethan does another trick and Gertrude says it's time for bed. Little Ethan asks if Ethan would like to tuck him in and he says, "You bet" and leaves with him and Gertrude.

    Theresa leaves the room and runs into Ethan. Still dressed as Gertrude, she asks if she can leave the house to go get the rest of her things. He says of course and enters his room. Gwen comes out in a negligee and Ethan is delighted by her surprise. They start to kiss as Theresa listens at the door eagerly awaiting her sabotage to take effect. Ethan and Gwen sit at the table and feed each other. Suddenly Ethan yells out that his mouth is on fire and then Gwen feels it too! They down some water and decide not to eat any more food. They move to the bed and roll around in the sheets, but they start to itch uncontrollably and jump out of bed. They try to relive their itching, as Little Ethan comes in the room saying that Jane is crying. Ethan says he'll take care of it because he let Gertrude leave to gather her things. He then trips and knocks over the table full of their food as Jane continues to cry. Ethan jokes that Gwen did promise him a night he wouldn't forget, as Theresa hides in the hallway laughing.

    Someone Slashed my Poor Pookie's hot Poker in two!

    Tuesday, April 08 2008

    At the mansion, Gwen and Ethan tell the disguised Theresa all about the children. Little Ethan stares at Theresa, wondering where he's seen this bizarre looking woman before. Ethan informs her that Little Ethan's mother recently died and the boy suddenly blurts out, "Mom!" Ethan is baffled by this. Gertrude explains that the boy is just answering a question she asked him earlier; he was just telling her that he got his eyes from his mother. Rebecca hopes that's all he got from Theresa and thinks Gertrude should be checked for lice. Ethan sends her out to wait in the hall while they make a decision. He thinks she's perfect and the women go along with it. Ethan kneels down and asks his son if he's okay with this. "I think Gertrude will be the best nanny ever," he says. That's good enough for Ethan so they call Gertrude back in to tell her the news.

    As the adults leave to prepare a list of her responsibilities, Little Ethan asks Gertrude if she is really Theresa. She admits it, but tells him that they have to keep this a secret. She spends some time looking at his homework before the boy runs off to get something. Ethan sits down with her and tells him how happy he is that they are getting along. He explains that he is adopting the boy and he needs the boy to get extra attention to cope with losing his mother. The children are all that he has left of Theresa, he says sadly while Theresa puts her hand on his knee. She pulls away and apologizes. He says it's okay and she asks him to tell her what Theresa was like. "She was destructive... like a force of nature... but beautiful on so many levels... I don't think I'll ever get over her," he says, unable to understand why he is opening up to Gertrude like this. "I feel like I've known you for a long time," he says. She promises to love his children like her own flesh and blood. Little Ethan returns and takes her to his room.

    The Best Revenge.

    Monday, April 07 2008

    At the Crane Mansion, Pilar tells Ethan she has something to tell him about his relationship with Little Ethan. Before she can spit out that he is Little E's father, Gwen comes in the room interrupting them. Ethan tells her Pilar has something important to say, but Gwen says Little E needs him right now and Ethan leaves the room. Gwen demands to know what Pilar is doing and Pilar tells her Ethan deserves to know the truth about his son. Gwen insists she won't let that happen and threatens to call Juanita if she tells Ethan the truth. Ethan returns and says Little E didn't need him and asks Pilar what she wanted to tell him. Pilar thinks to herself that Gwen really will tell Juanita where her family is and then they'll all die, so Pilar tells Ethan that Little E is emotionally fragile and that he needs to be careful with him. Ethan promises to always be a good father to him because he loves him as his own. Little Ethan enters the room and Ethan suggests they go raid the refrigerator. Gwen, Ethan and Little E leave and Pilar thinks that Gwen will get hers sooner than she thinks.

    As Ivy and Rebecca go over the rules of the house with Gertrude, Ethan, Little E and Gwen come in the room. Little E goes to the kitchen and Ivy and Rebecca introduce Gertrude to Ethan and Gwen. Ethan shakes her hand and asks if they know each other. Gertrude says she doesn't know him, but Ethan gets a flash of Theresa's face. Ethan says she reminds him of old friend. Gwen pulls Rebecca and Ivy aside and asks where they found such an ugly nanny. They explain Ethan will never be distracted by her, but Gwen wonders if she will be good at her job. Pilar enters the room with Jane, and Gwen takes the little girl in her arms. Gwen tells Gertrude that Jane has a hard time with strangers, but Gertrude asks if she can hold her. Gertrude takes Jane and everyone marvels at how at ease Jane is with her. Gwen is shocked because Jane never likes strangers and Ethan says the only other person that could put Jane at ease was...and thinks "Theresa." He says Gertrude reminds him of Theresa because of her nurturing way. Pilar introduces herself to Gertrude, takes Jane back and heads upstairs with her. Little Ethan returns with a sandwich and he is introduced to Gertrude. He asks, "Haven't I seen you before?" Gertrude says maybe she was a nanny to one of his friends, but Little E doesn't think that's it. Ethan and Gwen talk to Gertrude, while Little E wonders where he's seen her before. He suddenly blurts out, "Mom!"

    Listen To Your Elders.

    Monday, March 31 2008

    Ethan talks to Little Ethan and apologizes for all the commotion. Little E asks if Gwen really saw his mom, but Ethan tells him no. Little E is sorry that Ethan didn't get to see Theresa like he and Gwen did. Ethan assures him that his mom is gone, but Little E says it was so real. Ethan says he wishes it were, while Theresa listens outside the window and says it's nice to know Ethan still loves her. Both Ethan and Little E promise to always be there for each other.

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