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    Passions CAST - Little Ethan Crane Winthrop - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Little Ethan Crane Winthrop Played by Colton Shires on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Colton Shires

    Birthday: October 16 1996
    Birthplace: USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Colton Shires


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    The New Sheridan Crane!

    Monday, May 19 2008

    Pilar pulls Gwen aside and accuses her of sending Little E away in an attempt to get Theresa out of Ethan’s heart. Gwen admits she’s just trying to smoke Theresa out because she knows she saw her upstairs with Ethan. Pilar insists she’s dead, but Gwen thinks she’s alive and would never let her little boy go off to boarding school. Gertrude runs in the room saying there’s something she needs to tell Ethan about Theresa and her. She says she was going through Theresa’s things because after hearing everything about her, she started to identify with her. She says she found a letter she wrote about Jane and Little E and that Ethan should read it before sending the boy away. Ethan looks at the note that is dated before she went to Mexico, which says if something should happen she wants Little E and Jane to stay in Harmony close to their family. Gwen thinks the letter is a little too convenient, but Ethan says they should respect Theresa’s wishes. Gwen says the handwriting isn’t Theresa’s and accuses Gertrude of writing it. Pilar pulls out a letter that Theresa wrote her when Antonio died that she always keeps with her. She asks them to compare the handwriting and Gwen begrudgingly says they match. Ethan says he will never go against Theresa’s wishes and that Little E doesn’t have to go to boarding school. Pilar pulls Gwen aside again and asks if she’s convinced Theresa is dead. Gwen says yes and Ethan takes Little Ethan to get a midnight snack. Little E looks back at Theresa and gives her the thumbs up sign. Gwen can’t believe that even in death Theresa always wins.

    The Mad Scientist Strikes Again!

    Tuesday, April 22 2008

    After Ethan tells Little Ethan he doesn't have to go to boarding school, Pilar tells Gwen that she failed and that Theresa will always be in Ethan's heart. Gwen tries to talk Ethan into sending Little Ethan away, but Ethan says he didn't realize how unhappy it would make Little Ethan. Fancy enters and asks if anyone has seen Luis. Ethan says he looked upset and was heading to the hospital. Before Fancy leaves, Little Ethan thanks her for the chemistry set she gave him. Ethan tells him he needs to be careful with it because it could be dangerous and Little Ethan goes off to play with it.

    Little Ethan returns with his chemistry set and Gertrude tells Ethan she thinks the best place for a child to be during a crisis is at home. Gwen says it's not Gertrude's decision, but Gertrude continues to guilt Ethan into keeping Little Ethan around. Gwen tries to make nice with Little E and talks up the boarding school, but Little E isn't interested. Gwen then tells Gertrude to keep her opinions to herself and reconsider whose side she is on because she can have her fired. Gwen leaves to take a bath and Pilar tells Ethan that he can't send Little Ethan away.

    In Gertrude's room, Little E plays with the chemistry set and Theresa tells him that she won't let Gwen send him to boarding school. Little Ethan wonders why Gwen hates him, and Theresa says he just makes her nervous because she wants Ethan all to herself. Theresa goes to talk to Ethan and tells Little Ethan to put the chemistry set away because it's dangerous to play with by himself. After Theresa leaves, Little E thinks maybe he can come up with a surprise for Gwen.

    While Gwen soaks in the tub with cucumbers on her eyes, Little Ethan sneaks in with a test tube filled with liquid and pours it in the bath. Gwen asks if someone is there and Little Ethan crawls away. Gwen sees him as he leaves, but she doesn't think anything of it and goes under the water.

    Gertrude heads downstairs and joins Pilar and Ethan in the living room. They have the same argument and Ethan eventually gives in and says he won't send Little Ethan away. Little Ethan eavesdrops and says to himself, "Thanks dad." Suddenly they hear Gwen yell out, "Oh my God!" as she runs down the stairs with blue skin. Little Ethan says, "The mad scientist strikes again," and runs off so no one finds him. Gwen blames Little Ethan for her predicament, while everyone tries to muffle their laughter.

    Little Julian Is So Little!

    Monday, April 21 2008

    In Gertrude's room, Theresa gets dressed as the nanny, when Pilar and Paloma enter saying Theresa's name. Theresa's back is turned to them and the women say they heard Theresa's voice and ask her to turn around. Theresa is in a robe with a towel on her head and she puts her teeth in. She avoids being seen and makes her exit to the bathroom.

    Theresa comes out of the bathroom as Gertrude and Pilar and Paloma say they were wrong - she doesn't resemble Theresa at all. Gertrude tells the women she is thrilled to take care of the children and Pilar says they got all their good qualities form Theresa. Pilar tells Gertrude she needs to make sure she has the kids' best interests at heart. Gertrude tells her not to worry because she loves her children. Paloma and Pilar wonder why she called them her children. Theresa covers saying she thinks of the kids she cares for as her own.

    Pilar pulls Gertrude aside so Little Ethan doesn't hear and says she doesn't think Gwen has Jane and Little E's best interests at heart. Gwen and Ethan enter and Gwen asks, "Are you talking about me?" Pilar says she was complimenting Gertrude on her child rearing skills as Gwen probably did when she hired her. Gwen says she didn't hire her, her mother did and Ethan says they need to talk to Little Ethan. Paloma leaves to go to work and Gertrude asks what's going on. Gwen tells Gertrude she's just the nanny and just started so she doesn't really need to be there and Ethan agrees. Pilar asks what Ethan wants to say to her grandson. They let Gertrude stay and Ethan sits Little Ethan down. He tries to make it sound like a great opportunity and says they think it's best if Little Ethan goes to boarding school. Pilar exclaims, "What?!" while Theresa/Gertrude, says, "Never!" Gwen tells Gertrude to stay out of it, but Pilar says Theresa would never allow this and she won't either. Little Ethan says he wants to stay and Pilar can't believe Ethan would go along with this. Little Ethan says he wants to stay in Harmony with his grandmother and Ethan. Affected by the boy's plea, Ethan says he doesn't have to go to boarding school and hugs him. Gwen thinks, "This isn't over Pilar. Not by a long shot." Theresa thinks to herself, "Ethan, I knew you'd do the right thing for our son."

    Follow Your Heart.

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    Theresa dreams about Ethan dancing with Gwen and wakes up saying she never should have come back to Harmony. She thinks watching Ethan and Gwen together is too much for her and she should have stayed dead and gone. Little Ethan stands by her bed and says, "Please don't say that." He tells her he's glad she's back and urges her to stay as the nanny, but Theresa isn't sure she can continue to watch Ethan with Gwen. Little E says he and Jane need her. Theresa eventually gives in and tells her son that she will never leave him and his sister and will somehow deal with watching Ethan build a life with Gwen. Since she's sticking around, Theresa prepares to get in her nanny outfit just as Paloma and Pilar enter the room. Paloma exclaims, "Dios Mio!"

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