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    Passions CAST - James Boothe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on James Boothe Played by Seth Stern on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Seth Stern

    Birthday: 1996-10-08
    Birthplace: Culver City, California
    Real Name: Seth Stern


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    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    In the cottage, Chris bluntly tells Sheridan that he and James are leaving her permanently: The marriage is over. He can't be in a marriage when his wife is in love with another man. She tries to say that she only loves Luis as a friend but Chris isn't going to accept the excuse this time. He doesn't think that she'll ever get over Luis; he feels like he has only been her husband in name. They shouldn't lie to themselves anymore and he won't be her second choice. She begs him not to go and tells him that he and James are her present and her future. 'If you love me, you will give me the chance to be the wife that you deserve,' she pleas. Leaving is not what he wants, he admits. She kisses him, but then the phone rings and she puts the TV on to see what's happening at the trial. As the announcer talks about 'the shocking use of judicial power', Sheridan keeps repeating Luis' name. Chris gets James and brings him in to say goodbye. She tells James that she will always love him. Chris sends him out to the car and she begs again for them not to leave. 'You left me the moment you knew that Luis wasn't dead after all,' he says, hoping that she'll he happy with them gone. Taking his bags, he walks out. 'Goodbye my love,' he says quietly to himself before climbing into the car. Sheridan has lost everything: Luis, Marty, James, her baby with Chris and Chris himself.


    Monday, April 16 2007

    At home, Chris has realized that it's over between he and Sheridan after she confessed to loving Luis on the stand. He tells James that they need to go away. Mommy is busy and they have to get out of her way. He assures James that his mother loves him with her whole heart and soul. 'Sometimes I envy you that,' he says melancholically before sending his son up to pack. They can have an adventure, just like the pirates in the books he likes to read. When James goes upstairs, Chris is left to think about how much he has actually grown to love James as a son. He prays that he can be a good father to the child and that Sheridan will forgive him for taking him away. Later, Sheridan returns and asks if there is a problem with James. 'Not with James,' Chris says before she starts talking about Luis. Looking around, she notices that all of his bags are packed. James comes out and Chris tells her that he and James are going away together. Numbed and stupefied, she can barely say anything.

    At the Motel

    Tuesday, April 03 2007

    In the cottage, Sheridan, James and Chris finish watching a movie. She kisses James goodnight and he bounds off. She tells Chris that he is her life. He wishes that he could believe that. 'You're my husband. I love you,' she says as she hugs him. But, when her head is on his shoulder, she can't stop from admitting to herself that she loves Luis more. Chris goes off and Sheridan cleans up. A news report comes on to say that Luis has been shot and taken to the hospital after a standoff with police. Chris returns and turns off the TV. He reminds her that Luis has Fancy now and she isn't going anywhere. Sheridan rushes out the door anyway and Chris starts to shake his head.

    Divorce Papers

    Friday, February 23 2007

    Fancy and Luis walk into Sheridan’s cottage. Chris is there alone. He thought Sheridan was sleeping, but she’s vanished. They ask him to look around for her. Chris hopes they have a good explanation for this. After checking, he finds that she’s gone, just as Fancy suspected.
    Meanwhile, Sheridan drives through the night thinking about making love with Luis. She has scratches and bruises all over her arm. She pulls up to the cottage and walks in to find them all waiting for her. Chris asks her where she’s been in the middle of the night. She says that she went to the pharmacy to get cough medicine. James walks out coughing and Sheridan takes him away to medicate him. ‘So she was telling the truth,’ Luis says glumly. ‘Or not,’ Fancy adds glibly. After Sheridan puts James to bed, she comes back out and asks why they are there in the middle of the night. They explain that Fancy was jumped in the parking lot by a woman. Sheridan acts concerned, but Fancy says that she’s ‘ducky.’ Fancy adds that her attacker had spiked heels and she scratched her up. Sheridan realizes that they are there because they suspect her. Luis won’t say anything, but Fancy starts to demand to examine Sheridan’s arm to see if there are scratches. Sheridan thinks that her niece is having a mental breakdown and won’t go along with her sick fantasies. She goes on to explain all of their other theories to Chris and he starts to wonder if they are crazy. Fancy starts shouting and demanding to examine Sheridan, but Luis won’t force it. Fancy can’t take it and goes out for air. Luis begins apologizing and Sheridan says that Fancy seems to be regressing to when she was younger. There was a time when bad things happened and everyone blamed Pretty, but she always wondered if it was really Fancy.

    Miguel Tells Kay Everything

    Friday, January 05 2007

    Chris and James get tired of waiting for Sheridan to come down and decide to go home. Spike arrives and Jessica tells him he missed the ceremony, or what there was of it. He drags her in to have a drink although he says that he just had one.

    Chad Beats the Machine

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    Sheridan, Chris and James arrive. She wonders if Fancy will make it to the wedding but Chris thinks that’s doubtful. Luis says hello before going to sit with his family. She doesn’t look well and Chris asks if she’s alright.

    Chad and Whitney’s Wedding

    Friday, December 22 2006

    James has fixed Christmas Eve breakfast for Sheridan. Chris is excited that it will be their first Christmas together as a family. She looks at a Christmas ornament and thinks about Luis and how Fancy could never love him as much as she does.

    Gwen Panics, Spike Smirks and Endora Gets a Present

    Tuesday, December 19 2006

    Sheridan, Chris and James are at the church to help Father Lonigan and Eve with gifts for the orphanage. Eve takes Sheridan aside to talk. She insists that she isn't crazy with jealousy anymore, something Eve finds hard to swallow, but she says that she should be happy about giving Luis and Fancy 'peace for Christmas.' Sheridan says she just realized how silly she was being: It's finally over. Eve wonders where everyone else is. Unable to help herself, Sheridan says that Fancy and Luis won't show up unless People magazine is there. It won't work out between them: Fancy is too silly. Eve starts to worry again

    The Truth Hurts

    Monday, November 20 2006

    Chris and James arrive at the hospital to visit Fancy. First Chris stops to prepare James just in case Luis decides to question him. He tells James to lie about the man he saw with him. It will be a game of pretend. Chris knows that if James can't pretend, he will lose everything.

    Luis and Sheridan stand outside Fancy's room. Luis asks Sheridan whether she is happy with Chris. Sheridan thinks the real question he is asking is whether she is happy being with Chris instead of Luis. Luis admits that is what he wants to know.

    Before Sheridan can give her answer, James runs up to her. Chris walks up behind him. Their timing is perfect. Eve has finished her examination and they can visit Fancy. Chris, James and Luis enter the room while Eve pulls Sheridan aside.

    Luis thinks it's aa good a time as any to ask about what led up to Fancy's fall in the mineshaft. Chris takes that as his cue to leave with James. Luis wants him to stay so he can ask him questions too. They send James off to the side so the adults can get down to business.

    First he asks Fancy if she remembers who she was chasing and how she ended up in the mineshaft. Fancy never saw his face. The man hit her on the head. When she came to she was blindfolded. She tells Luis that the man tried to rape her but he never did. Luis is relieved to hear that. She tells him she fell down the mineshaft when she tried to escape. Luis pushes her to remember more. Chris thinks back to when he yelled down to her in the hole. Fancy recalls that another person came into the cave. She remembers hearing a voice. She looks at Chris now. Luis turns to look at Chris too.

    I heard a voice but I thought that I might have been dreaming after I fell." Fancy remembers hearing Luis's voice telling her that he loved her. She is reluctant to tell Luis. Luis tries to jog her memory. She goes back to the night Phyllis was murdered, playing with James at the estate to chasing the killer. Unfortunately, she never saw his face. Chris thinks he is in the clear until Luis turns his attention toward him.

    "Who was it, Chris? Who were you talking to?" Chris answers that it could have been anybody—a gardener, a security guard. Luis decides he needs to ask James. He's the only one left who can identify the killer. Luis informs Chris that if he doesn't permit him to question James, he will assume Chris has something to hide.

    Chris relents to a couple of questions from Luis. He tries to speak with James first but Luis steps in. Luis begins to ask James about the day he was with Fancy at the mansion.

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