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    Passions CAST - James Boothe

    Full detailed profile on James Boothe Played by Seth Stern on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Seth Stern
    James Boothe

    Actor: Seth Stern

    Who played James Boothe over the years

    Jackson and Ryan Keane (October 2005 - October 2006 - recurring)
    Unnamed Actors (2005 - recurring)
    Seth Stern (October 26, 2006 - present - recurring)

    Useful information on James Boothe

    * Mother Maureen died during the tsunami.
    * Sheridan vowed to take care of him.
    * Father is Christopher Boothe.




    James Boothe was originally going by the name of Mark while living with his mother, Maureen. Sheridan met him and then Maureen made Sheridan promise to look after her son. Soon after that, Maureen died in the tsunami. Chris showed up in town soon after that and claimed that Mark was his son and his real name was James. Maureen left Chris because he had gotten mixed up with a bad crowd. Chris was awarded full custody of James and later married Sheridan. Sheridan legally adopted Chris in October 2006.






    Christopher Boothe (legal father)
    Sheridan Crane (mother by adoption)
    Maureen Preston (biological mother - deceased)
    Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (maternal half-brother by adoption - deceased)
    Alistair Crane (maternal grandfather by adoption - deceased)
    Katherine Barrett (maternal grandmother by adoption)
    Julian Crane (maternal uncle by adoption)
    Beth Wallace (maternal half-aunt by adoption - deceased)
    Chad Harris-Crane (maternal half-uncle by adoption)
    Ethan Crane (maternal half-uncle by adoption)
    Fancy Crane (adoptive maternal cousin)
    Pretty Crane (maternal cousin by adoption)
    Fox Crane (maternal cousin by adoption)
    Endora Lenox (maternal cousin by adoption)
    Miles Harris (maternal half-nephew by adoption)
    Rachel Barrett (maternal great- aunt by adoption)




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    Wednesday, April 18 2007: Heartbroken

    In the cottage, Chris bluntly tells Sheridan that he and James are leaving her permanently: The marriage is over. He can't be in a marriage when his wife is in love with another man. She tries to say that she only loves Luis as a friend but Chris isn't going to accept the excuse this time. He doesn't think that she'll ever get over Luis; he feels like he has only been her husband in name. They shouldn't lie to themselves anymore and he won't be her second choice. She begs him not to go and tells him that he and James are her present and her future. 'If you love me, you will give me the chance to be the wife that you deserve,' she pleas. Leaving is not what he wants, he admits. She kisses him, but then the phone rings and she puts the TV on to see what's happening at the trial. As the announcer talks about 'the shocking use of judicial power', Sheridan keeps repeating Luis' name. Chris gets James and brings him in to say goodbye. She tells James that she will always love him. Chris sends him out to the car and she begs again for them not to leave. 'You left me the moment you knew that Luis wasn't dead after all,' he says, hoping that she'll he happy with them gone. Taking his bags, he walks out. 'Goodbye my love,' he says quietly to himself before climbing into the car. Sheridan has lost everything: Luis, Marty, James, her baby with Chris and Chris himself.

    Monday, April 16 2007: Decisions

    At home, Chris has realized that it's over between he and Sheridan after she confessed to loving Luis on the stand. He tells James that they need to go away. Mommy is busy and they have to get out of her way. He assures James that his mother loves him with her whole heart and soul. 'Sometimes I envy you that,' he says melancholically before sending his son up to pack. They can have an adventure, just like the pirates in the books he likes to read. When James goes upstairs, Chris is left to think about how much he has actually grown to love James as a son. He prays that he can be a good father to the child and that Sheridan will forgive him for taking him away. Later, Sheridan returns and asks if there is a problem with James. 'Not with James,' Chris says before she starts talking about Luis. Looking around, she notices that all of his bags are packed. James comes out and Chris tells her that he and James are going away together. Numbed and stupefied, she can barely say anything.

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