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    Passions CAST - Herbert "Spike" Lester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Herbert "Spike" Lester Played by Christopher Maleki on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Maleki

    Birthday: 0000-02-28
    Birthplace: California, USA
    Real Name: Christopher Maleki


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    The Verdict is in

    Friday, April 13 2007

    At home, Jessica tells her baby that she loves it, 'but your daddy can never find out.' Lo and behold, Spike has been listening in. She tells him that she isn't pregnant, but he's not convinced. Excitedly, he tells her how much money they can make if they sell the baby. She refuses to let him do that but he says that he can whatever he wants with his kid. What if it belongs to one of her johns? she asks. He doesn't care: She belongs to him and needs to shut up. She knees him in the groin and runs away as he trails afterward.

    Julian calls Tabitha to ask her if the ladies from the Paul Revere school have come by yet. Tabitha repeats her refusal to send their daughter to a snooty school. Julian threatens her again to take away custody and she hangs up. The ladies ring the bell and Tabitha answers the door. 'I'm afraid this will be a bit of a shock compared to your normal interviews,' she says as flames shoot up behind her and the ladies scream. As Tabitha calms the flames, she begins teasing the frightened ladies before inviting them in to meet Endora. They file into the living room reluctantly before she introduces them to Endora. They wonder how good her motor skills are considering she still uses a sippy-cup. Endora asks her mother if she should show them that she can levitate and then Tabitha conjures up some punch which she dumps on the ladies' heads. Jessica and Spike run into the living room. The ladies are shocked to see a known prostitute there and Spike begins accusing Tabitha of being a witch and demanding that she be burned at the stake. Endora starts laughing as Spike goes on to explain that Hell is in the basement and Tabitha has been torturing him. Tabitha sends Jessica upstairs before she freezes Spike in place. When the ladies try to leave, Tabitha conjures up a batch of screaming, flying and biting strawberries to attack her 'guests.' They beg for mercy until Tabitha throws them out and shuts the door laughing. Endora can't help but wonder about what it would be like to go to school with children though.

    Hall of Mirrors

    Thursday, April 05 2007

    Jessica wanders around the carnival thinking of what her father said to her in her vision. Spike grabs her, his hair still exceptionally poofy. Spotting Tabitha, he hides behind his wife petrified. They run off and he stuffs his face with cotton candy before telling Jessica that Tabitha is a witch. Jessica thinks that he's crazy. 'She has Hell in her basement!' he cries. He flashes back to his torture and begins burbling to himself. She suggests that he must have taken some bad drugs, but he insists that what he saw was real. After mocking him, she tells him that she actually had a good time at Tabitha's and has decided to leave him and go home. He grabs her arm angrily and she yells at him before walking away, leaving him to mumble his revenge plots to himself.

    Open Fire

    Friday, March 30 2007

    Spike is trapped in Tabitha's basement screaming. The boys in the basement rise up to teach him a lesson, carrying him downstairs to a pit of flames. Tabitha stands at the door giggling as Spike screams out under torture. Endora zaps herself in and her mother is dismayed to see her grown up. She zaps herself back to toddler size and they laugh together as Spike's screams. A charred, and strangely afro sporting, Spike manages to escape out the basement window and crawls into the kitchen. As he screams, Tabitha tells him that this is only a taste of what he'll get if he doesn't mend his ways. When he claws at the door to escape, Tabitha calls up his fates to torture him some more. Endora smiles while Spike begins twirling in the air. He finally drops to the floor and stumbles out of the house.

    Ethan's Breakthough or Bust

    Thursday, March 29 2007

    Tabitha looks into her bowl while Endora watches Jessica in her toy screen. She thinks that all Jessica needs is a good dose of courage, like the cowardly lion. Spike tracks Jessica down sitting in Tabitha's yard. He accuses her of hiding from him and tries to feed her drugs when she refuses to go out hooking. Inside, Tabitha and Endora aren't impressed with Spike's evil. 'Maybe it's time he met the real deal,' they laugh. Tabitha is going to teach Spike a lesson he will never forget. Going into the backyard, she asks Jessica and Spike to come in and give her a hand. After Jessica convinces him to go along, Endora takes Jessica up to the attic and Tabitha sends Spike into the basement with a twist of the arm. Opening the basement door, she shoves him down as flames shoot out. As she holds the door shut, a terrified Spike slowly goes down the stairs before being attacked.

    You Can Have Him

    Wednesday, March 21 2007

    Spike and Jessica wander by. He reiterates that Noah and Paloma don't care about her and then drags her along to find a trick. She's cold and wants to go home. He tells her that work will warm her up. It doesn't feel like he's protecting her, she says, but he argues that he's only trying to provide for them. It tears him up to make her do this, but she's so good at it. After threatening to abandon her, he kisses her roughly and she pushes him off. A john comes by and Spike has to barter with him to sell her. Afterward, she walks by her old house and looks in at Noah and Paloma. She'll never have a love like that. 'I wish I'd never been born.'

    Evil Love

    Monday, March 19 2007

    In her room, Spike begs Jessica to come home with him. Offering her his hand, she is still unsure. Noah and Paloma come upstairs to check on Jessica. When they go into her room, they find that she is gone. Rushing to the window, they can see her leaving with Spike. They go out searching through the rat holes on the edge of town for them. Spike has brought Jessica home. It's worse than she remembered and there is a dead rat in the corner. He makes her some tea and tells her that he's the only one who has been there for her all along. Noah and Paloma begin knocking on the door. Spike tells Jessica to get them to leave. She lets them in and Spike tells them to go back to 'Leave it to Beaver land.' Noah puts his arms around Jessica and asks her to trust him, but she can only think of him making out with Paloma. 'I'm not leaving. My place is here with Spike,' she proclaims before asking them to go.

    Everybody's Jealous

    Friday, March 16 2007

    Jessica runs downstairs from Spike only to find Noah and Paloma making out on the couch. Spike tells her that they only act like they care about her because they have the hots for each other. Jessica and Spike go back up to her room. He tells her that she can't trust anyone and she believes him. 'Now you'll realize that I'm the only one who cares about you...forget about those losers downstairs,' he says as he kisses her neck. Jessica doesn't think that he loves her though; if he did, he wouldn't make her turn tricks and hit her. He says that those are only love taps and they should go some place where nobody will bother them.

    Nothing Without You

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    Upstairs, Spike sits beside a sleeping Jessica. He thinks that he'll have her turning tricks by tomorrow night. He wakes her up with a kiss. Startled, he grabs a hold of her to stifle a scream. After a few threats, he takes his hand from her mouth . She tries to run, but he stops her and tells her that she can't walk away from him. 'You don't love me. All you do is hurt me,' she says. He tries to tell her that she's wrong and would be far worse off without him. Jessica refuses to turn tricks anymore; he has made her lose all self-confidence and hate herself. 'They've planted all kinds of crazy garbage in that empty head of yours,' he says before telling her that the intervention was just an excuse for Noah and Paloma to get together. He begins kissing her and she breaks away disgusted. She accuses him of always using her, but he argues that he is the only man that she can trust...and she murdered a string of johns. After threatening to expose her, she pushes him onto the bed and runs out of the room. When she gets downstairs, she sees Noah and Paloma making out on the couch. Things couldn't be turning out better for Spike if he planned them.

    Wedding or Funeral?

    Wednesday, March 14 2007

    In her hospital bed, Jessica dreams of the 'thing' that she saw. Meanwhile, her friends Noah, Simone and Paloma try to figure out what her hallucinations of a man/woman amount to. Sam announces that this has to stop: They have to get rid of Spike. Paloma suggests another intervention, but Simone has Rae's funeral in the morning. They decide that they need to start right away. 'My ears are burning,' Spike declares as he breaks into the conversation. Sam lunges at his son-in-law, but Noah holds him back. Spike says that he has more right to be there than they do, but they stop him from going in to see Jessica and Sam threatens to arrest him for disturbing the peace. Spike tells him that he can't keep him away from his wife forever. 'She will never go back to you!' Paloma shouts as Spike snickers. He begins mocking Simone's funeral plans and wanders off. A nurse comes out to tell them that the tests prove that Jessica wasn't on any drugs. They wonder what she could have been seeing then. Jessica wakes up and everyone goes in to see her. Sam tells her that her brain is playing tricks on her, but she insists that what she saw was real. Sam and Noah help her out of bed to take her home, but Spike continues to lurk nearby. She knows too much about him now for him to let her go.

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