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    Passions CAST - Herbert "Spike" Lester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Herbert "Spike" Lester Played by Christopher Maleki on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Maleki

    Birthday: 0000-02-28
    Birthplace: California, USA
    Real Name: Christopher Maleki


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    The Biggest One I Know

    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    In the woods, Spike finishes burying Jessica. He'd hate to be her right now...or at all, but now he has to go. He kisses the dirt and tells her to have a nice afterlife before he walks away. He comes back and starts covering the grave with branches while Jessica wakes up. She turns on the flashlight in her, surprisingly roomy, coffin and begins shouting for help. When she pounds on the lid, dirt starts to come through and she realizes that she's been buried alive. Meanwhile, Miguel gets down to the wharf to meet the others when Spike comes whistling by. They begin chasing him around the waterfront, but he's a slippery one. Spike ducks down, but Sam soon grabs him by the throat and lifts him up.

    This Maniac is Smart

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    Deep in the woods, Spike tells Jessica that she'll finally have a real home, a nice cosy place where she can rest. What's better than a grave? If it wasn't for nosy Paloma and Simone, he wouldn't have to do this. He can't kill her with his bare hands (she's his wife after all) so she'll just have to suffocate in the coffin. Getting sentimental, he puts a flashlight in the coffin for when she wakes up and then says goodbye before hammering the lid shut. After putting her in the ground, he buries her, despite the fact that he always 'dug her'. But this is what happens when you don't listen to the Spike man. Afterwards, he gets drunk on her grave and apologizes. By the time she wakes up though, he'll be gone and no one will be able to hear her yell.

    That's Why I Wear Gloves

    Monday, June 18 2007

    Spike is driving around in a van with Jessica unconscious in the back. 'It's a shame that things have to end this way. One door shuts and another door gets kicked open,' he says. After awhile, he pulls over and opens up the back. He strokes Jessica's hair and kisses her before wandering off. When he returns, he carries her out to the woods and lowers her into a coffin and then starts digging. 'It's a shame that it had to end this way when you're so hot...well, used to be... before you turned into a preggo porker,' he says, sitting down beside he, trying to be nice. He tells her the fantasy he used to have of married life with her: She could turn a few easy tricks, come home and make dinner while he taught the kids to pick pockets. Then he could get wasted and watch, the dream is dead. That's all the fault of her snooty, snoopy friends. Looking down at the woman he blackmailed into marriage, he almost feels sorry that it's time for her 'dirt nap'.

    I Told Him Not To

    Wednesday, June 13 2007

    At the Bennett residence, Jessica remembers when one of the dead johns landed on her and Spike after a tidal wave brought it back to shore. A knock on the door brings her out of her memories. It's Simone. Jessica breaks the news that the johns have all been found and they are in deep trouble. Now her father is searching for a serial killer and it could be her. Simone tells her that she can't go on the run, that would look bad. She points out that finding all of the johns buried in one place proves that someone else must be involved. Simone makes her some tea and asks her if Spike could have been behind all of this. Jessica says that may be, but Simone seems far more certain and there may be more than Spike involved. Those bodies being found could be a good thing; if this is all Spike, then she may be able to finally get away from him now. Simone leaves to get them some food and Jessica hopes that things will work out. Spike arrives and she tells him that she is going to tell her father that she thinks he's behind all th murders. He grabs her and knocks her out.

    I'm Not a Fool

    Friday, June 01 2007

    Spike keeps digging up corpses as a storm can be heard in the distance. The blackmailer asks him if he's done. Spike doesn't know. He's had to kill a lot of people over the years and has lost track.'All these skeletons are bound to rattle a lot of nerves in this town,' the blackmailer laughs. They drag the skeletons out into the open and the blackmailer promises Spike that they'll be found there. They ask for the photos Spike took of Jessica, Simone and Paloma with the dead john. Spike feels sorry for Jessica but the blackmailer tells him to get lost. Once Spike is gone, they call the police and report a murder, 'actually, lots of them.'

    The Truth Can Make Things Worse

    Thursday, May 31 2007

    Spike is digging up the johns and starts making jokes about the skulls as he plucks them from the dirt. He still can't understand why he was supposed to kill all so many of them. The blackmailer isn't interested in explaining things to him. As the digging goes on, the blackmailer is surprised that he really did kill so many men. Spike can't even remember how many there were. He continues asking the blackmailer what their connection to everyone is, but they won't say. Spike says that they can't be from around here because he knows all of the weird people. 'They all laughed at me!' the blackmailer says before lunging at Spike when he brings up their family. 'It's all their fault,' they insist. After the blackmailer pouts and plays with a skull, Spike asks them again to give Jessica a break; all of this seems too pointless. 'Not pointless at all. It's just the beginning. Do you think that Grace Bennett's death was just another terrorist attack?' the blackmailer asks him. Spike is horrified as the blackmailer tells him that this is all part of a master plan. They turn up and begin laughing at the moon.

    It's Complicated

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    Spike walks down to the wharf when the blackmailer sneaks up on him. After Spike makes a casual insult to the 'freak', they punch him in the gut and tell him that they want his wife. 'I need Jessica to pay for your sins,' the blackmailer says. They know that he killed all of those johns and framed Jessica for it. He claims that Alistair made him do it as part of his revenge on the Bennetts. Spike asks them how they could know this if they aren't Alistair. 'Alistair is gone. I'm calling the shots now,' they say. They want him to dig up all of the johns. Spike is reluctant, deep down he cares about Jessica and doesn't really want to see her convicted. As long as he refuses to help, they won't be able to punish her. When he tries to walk away, the blackmailer pulls out their knife and starts to flirt with Spike. He becomes disgusted, but they know that he'll do anything if the price is right. Producing a wad of cash, they wave it before his face and Spike gives in: He'll take them to where the bodies are. They go out to the site with a shovel and Spike asks why they are doing this to people who seem to be complete strangers. 'No one is a stranger to me. They don't know it yet, but they are all connected to me,' the blackmailer says. Spike starts digging up skulls while they admire their nails.

    Sleepover Beach Party

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    At the prison, Kay tells Julian that if she goes long with his deal, Miguel has to be completely exonerated. He promises to free him as long as she keeps her side of the bargain. She vows again to stay away from Miguel and remain with Fox. They shake on it and Miguel is wheeled in, unable to understand what is going on. Judge Reilly, Pilar and Fox all arrive on cue. The judge has received new evidence, he announces, and Miguel imagines that Julian is trying to send him to death row now. Kay tells him that Julian is only there to help; he's going to get him out of prison, she promises. Julian explains that there was an eye-witness that can shed a new light on everything. Opening the door, Spike walks in. Kay can't believe that Spike is the witness, but she tells Miguel that, at least, he has a chance to go free now. Reilly forgot his gavel so he bangs on the table with his shoe before calling Spike up to testify. Spike wants a Bible to swear on, but the judge tells him to just get on with it. Spike tells them that Fox saw Miguel driving the car. This isn't new evidence. The judge doesn't understand why they are there if that's all he has to say. After Julian sends Spike a dirty look, Spike corrects himself and explains that Fox thought he saw Miguel, but he saw somebody else. Reilly still doesn't believe it; Spike doesn't have any credibility anyway. Nonetheless, he decides to clear Miguel of all charges. Miguel can't believe that this is really happening. In the hall, Julian tells Spike to go. Fox thanks his father; hopefully Kay will be his forever now. He looks inside and sees her pacing. Miguel tells her that she needs to divorce Fox right away so that they can be together. 'There's something I have to tell you,' she begins...

    Tonight My Life is Over

    Friday, May 18 2007

    A restless and annoyed Sheridan waits in her car outside the prison. Spike arrives and she asks him where he's been. 'You're not the only Crane that needs my services,' he smiles. Barely resisting the temptation to smack the smirk off his face, she orders him to get her into the prison again. He protests that he's already called in all of the favors that were owed to him, but she won't take no for an answer. 'Like father, like daughter. Only I don't have his self-control,' she threatens gripping him by the throat before throwing him out of the car. Sitting alone, she talks to herself about getting 'the little tramp' away from Luis. As she becomes more impatient, she fantasizes about breaking in, dressed in full burglar gear and finding Luis in the bed. He is excited to see her, but quickly Fancy pops up with a machine gun in her hands. 'I will clean the floor with you,' Fancy threatens. 'You've never cleaned a floor in your life!' Sheridan shouts defiantly, before they start pounding on each other. Sheridan eventually wins out and ties Fancy up, shoving a wad of gauze in her mouth. Her niece kicks off an alarm and Sheridan decides that they'll have to 'blaze' their way out. Grabbing the gun, she starts to shoot the place up. Snapping out of it, she figures out a more realistic plan in a snap.

    Go Ape

    Tuesday, May 15 2007

    In the prison infirmary, Spike holds the pillow on Miguel's face and begins suffocating him again. 'Have a nice dirt nap Miguel,' Spike says as he begins to struggle. Close by, Luis wakes up and sees them. He tries to call out for help but he is too weak. Spike keeps pressing the pillow on Miguel's face as Luis calls out. Fancy finally runs in from the next room and tears the curtain open to find that Miguel is alone and asleep. Luis says that he saw someone there. Fancy pulls up a chair and tells him again that there was no one there; it must just be the medication he's on. Luis becomes paranoid, but Fancy promises to be there to protect him and his brother. Meanwhile, Spike has already walked off, frustrated and worrying about how angry the Cranes are going to be with his botched operation.

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