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    Passions CAST - Herbert "Spike" Lester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Herbert "Spike" Lester Played by Christopher Maleki on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Maleki

    Birthday: 0000-02-28
    Birthplace: California, USA
    Real Name: Christopher Maleki


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    We'll Name Our Daughter After You

    Friday, August 03 2007

    Endora zaps Tabitha and the rest of the crew back to the house. She's sad that the wedding was ruined. Tabitha starts to gossip with the other ladies but is glad that they got out before Luis died. He may not be the only one who dies in the prison tonight, however, she hints. Suddenly, they hear Fluffy attacking someone (Spike) upstairs. He tries to hide under the bed but Fluffy drags him out screaming. 'Seems as if Fluffy's pulled a rat,' Tabitha says. It seems Spike didn't learn his lesson the last time he was there. Tabitha starts to cheer as Fluffy chews on Spike. The ladies drink and think about doing a musical special until Spike runs down the stairs screaming. Tabitha freezes him in place and tells him that he'll be getting what he deserves for breaking in. She zaps him into the hall and Fluffy attacks him again while they stand around and watch. He begs Norma to help him, but when he accidentally calling her 'sir', she throws an axe at him. Fluffy drags him away while he screams that there is a bomb upstairs.

    Small Price to Pay

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    By the water, Fox thinks over Spike's failed attempts to kill Miguel. When Spike saunters over, Fox grabs him and begins to shake him, demanding that he finally finish the job. Spike wants to do it, but he doesn't have any ideas. Fox jokes that he should just put a bomb under Miguel's bed. Spike starts to freak out at the thought of going anywhere near Tabitha's house. It's too evil and he's afraid of Endora. Fox assures him that no one is home right now so he'll be safe. Spike rushes off to do the deed. When Fox hears footsteps, he expects Spike to have returned bum, when he turns around, he finds Esme there. She is looking for his sister. He tells her that Fancy is busy getting married before the groom is executed. 'What is the point in getting married if she is going to bury the bridegroom before she beds him?' Esme wonders. Fox says that people in love do crazy things. She knows; she's heard about him faking his terminal illness. They go to a bar and he orders her a drink. He admires the way that she always lives life on her own terms. She giggles, saying that she couldn't have done it without her daddy wrapped around her finger. Unfortunately, he just got married to a real witch and they want her to get a job. He teases her and offers to get her a job on a fishing boat. Working doesn't seem to be 'in the realm of possibilities' for her. She's not amused that he seems to find this so funny, but he understands what it's like to be cut out of the family fortune. She thinks that she'll talk to Fancy about getting a job in fashion after the wedding/funeral. She and Fox toast to being friends. She asks him when he'll give up on 'that nasty little Kay.' He reminds her that she is still his wife. 'Not a very good one,' Esme says. He loves her though and that makes people do very strange things. She suggests that they forget their troubles and just get wasted.

    Spike breaks into Tabitha's and begins searching around with his flashlight. Nervously, he creeps around the house with his dynamite. As he makes his way into Miguel's room, Fluffy comes looking for him. Inside, Spike sets up the dynamite with a timer and attaches it to the bottom of the bed. He hears a strange pawing at the door. Imagining it is just a little cat, he opens the door. Fluffy clobbers him.

    You're My Son!

    Friday, July 20 2007

    Outside, as Spike tries to sneak up on Miguel and knock the jack out from the car to crush him, Miguel crawls out and he has to hide. After Miguel goes back under, annoyed that his car hasn't been the same since it ran over Fox, Spike creeps out again to do the deed. As he raises his hand, Endora peers down from her window and spots what is happening. She instantly sets Spike spinning in the air before he drops to the ground. After he gets up, he starts up again, but Endora raises him in the air, binding and gagging him to a pole. Doing good makes Endora hungry so she starts eating cookies. Meanwhile, Tabitha, Norma and Edna are all going into a panic watching in the bowl as Endora saves Miguel. The house begins to shake and Kay falls into the living room. After being surprised to see Norma and Edna, she asks Tabitha what's going on. When Miguel walks through the front door, the house stops shaking. He tells her that he saw the house was shaking again. This doesn't seem to bother him and they start to make out while Fox looks for Spike back outside. Spike falls down off the pole and begins to mumble manically before running away. Fox is furious. 'No Miguel...I will not let you have her!' he declares.

    Killing Isn't a Good Time

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    In a run down bar, Fox is drinking alone when a disguised Spike appears. Fox agrees to buy him a drink as long as he keeps his voice down. After taking a drink, Spike tells him that he broke out of jail. Fox smiles when he sees Sam walk through the doorway. As Spike runs off, Sam wanders over to his son-in-law. While Fox isn't Sam's favorite person, he's not half as bad as his other daughter's husband, who he just happens to be looking for. After Fox claims that he hasn't seen Spike, Sam wonders how he could have disappeared into thin air. Before he can leave, he pauses to glance over at Spike, who is hiding in the corner behind a newspaper. But Sam is really only noticing the fake health notice approving the place. After telling off the bartender, he walks out and Spike breathes a sigh of relief. As he sits back down, Fox offers him a new job: Murder. Spike is reluctant; killing people is not his favorite way to spend an afternoon, but Fox won't take no for an answer. He wants Miguel dead tonight.

    It's You!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    As everyone stares down at Jessica's dead body, Kay wanders away to see Tabitha and the Demon Elf. This is just the beginning, the elf promises as his demons fly off into the night. Kay feels awful, but, as Tabitha points out, this is all because she never listens. Returning to Miguel's arms, she watches as Sam tries to revive his daughter. Eve arrives and starts looking Jessica over while Spike hopes that she is really dead. Suddenly, Jessica begins coughing after Eve gives her oxygen. 'Dammit!' curses the elf. Now his demons will be coming back after losing the power of possession. He stomps off angrily to find someone else to boost the power of his demon brigade. Kay is smug to see him go, but Tabitha wouldn't count him out yet. Meanwhile, Spike tries to act concerned and swears that he will make whoever did this to his precious wife pay. Jessica swats him and then kicks him in the groin before revealing everything that he did to her. Sam places him under arrest and they drag him away. Watching this, the Demon Elf thinks that he's just spotted someone to give him his power back.

    Tabitha follows them all to the station and watches through the window as Spike is dragged to the cells. Upstairs, Jessica thanks everyone for their help. Miguel asks her why Spike would do this to her, but she can't say. When Kay leaves, Miguel offers to go with her but she tells him to stay behind. Downstairs, when Spike gets put behind bars, Sam promises him that he'll never be a free man again and tells the guard to shoot him if he causes trouble. When Spike sits down, the Demon Elf transports himself into the cell. He's found a mortal so foul that his demons can feed on his evil and still have energy to spare. The flock of demons fly in and begin to circle him before plunging in, feasting on his evil. Spike goes into convulsions as they possess him. His eyes turn black and he growls. Back upstairs, Sam hugs his daughter before sending her home with all her friends. He thanks Eve for all her help and wonders what to do with Spike. When he goes downstairs to the cells, he finds that the door of Spike's cell has been torn off. Spike is gone and the guard is tied to the upturned cot.

    Evil Isn't Fair

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    At the station, Sam continues to kick and question Spike who still claims that he has no idea where Jessica is. Within moments, Noah, Paloma, Simone and Miguel troop in with a shovel covered in red clay which happens to match the clay on Spike's shoes. Sam's had enough. He grabs Spike by the throat and asks him if he killed and buried his daughter. When Spike denies it, Sam threatens to decapitate him with the shovel, kicks him over and almost crushes his head. Suddenly Paloma gets a call that there has been a disturbance in the woods: A fire and strange sounds. As they prepare to go searching, Sam promises Spike that if they don't finds Jessica live, he will die.

    Meanwhile, in the woods, Jessica has died and appears above ground as a spirit, cradling her baby in her arms. As she watches Kay, Tabitha and the Elf, she realizes that Tabitha really is a witch. Oh well, she's on her way to a better place now, she tells her baby. Tabitha isn't happy that Kay gave the Demon Elf a drop of blood. He doesn't understand the problem: What's wrong with unleashing Hell? he wonders as demons twirl around the fire. Kay starts to think that she's made a mistake when the Elf admits that he never promised to find Jessica alive. As she demands to know where her sister is, the demon refuses without 'a wee bit more' of what he wants. They continue demanding an end to the delays, but the longer the delays, the more potent the evil becomes. Kay doesn't think this is fair. 'Well honey, evil never is,' chirps the Demon Elf. When Tabs spots Sam and his search party in the distance, Tabitha, the Elf and the demons have to make themselves invisible. When Sam arrives, the ghostly Jessica is happy to see her father, but she takes the opportunity to walk over and slap Spike. As he yelps in pain, they ask him what's wrong. He claims that he was stung. 'I hope you get a disease and die,' Paloma spits at him. When they explain that they believe Spike buried Jessica, Kay jumps for him but they hold her back. Sam begins to dig and threatens to bury Spike alive if he doesn't tell him the truth now. Jessica wishes that her father would bury him. Now that he is sure that Jessica is dead, the Elf doddles over to Kay to tell her where her sister is buried. They all run over to the spot when Kay points to it and begin digging. The Elf walks by Spike and stomps on his foot before returning to Kay. Tabitha tells her that she should try to get everyone to say a prayer, maybe that will help. At the burial site, everyone prays while the Elf and Tabitha try not to be sick at the words. Jessica's spirit returns to her body and they reach the coffin moments later. The demon shakes his head while Tabitha explains how powerful prayer is. 'Jeeze witch, and I'm starting to think that's a typo, whose side are you one?' She still insists that she is evil, but worries about how Kay will deal with what she's unleashed. Once Jessica is pulled out of the ground, they find that she has no pulse. Tabitha suspects a wave of evil, unknown since the days of zombie Charity, is about to cover Harmony. The Demon Elf sends his demon minions out across the town to do terrible things.

    Those Two Jerks Deserve Each Other

    Thursday, June 21 2007

    Sam drags Spike down to police headquarters. Noah can see that Spike's hands are dirty and they decide to send a search party put to the woods. Leaning in, Sam tells Spike that if he doesn't find his daughter safe and sound, he will kill him. They leave Spike cuffed to the bench. He listens to the police radio, hoping they don't find anything. Sam and his troops soon arrive in the woods and he stands right on top of where his daughter is buried. As they call out for her, she hears them in her coffin and calls up. When Sam seems to hear her calls, he tells everyone to be quiet. They hear dogs barking and run after them, soon realizing that they've only gone after a rabbit. Returning to headquarters, Noah grabs Spike and threatens him, but he only gets a kissy-face in response. Meanwhile, Jessica continues to claw at the lid of the coffin and scream.

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