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    Passions CAST - Herbert "Spike" Lester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Herbert "Spike" Lester Played by Christopher Maleki on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Maleki

    Birthday: 0000-02-28
    Birthplace: California, USA
    Real Name: Christopher Maleki


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    For the Greater Good

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    Sheridan and Spike meet up in the yard and she gives him a briefcase. He opens it up and is put off by seeing a bunch of bonds instead of cash. She tells him if she gave him cash it would be too much to fit in the case, but he can go to any bank and cash them in with no problems. He tells her she better be telling the truth and then asks what's up with Luis. Sheridan tells him Luis is at the station right now, but that he isn't happy about it. Spike and Sheridan discuss Luis's actions and Sheridan says she doesn't know how Luis will live with himself after this. Spike says if he tries to double cross him, he will never see Marty again. Sheridan assures him that Luis will come through and thinks to herself "He has to." Luis shows up and shows Spike his file. He assures Spike that his files have been deleted and that this is the only proof of his evil deeds. Luis reluctantly gives it to Spike and Spike says there's nothing like having a cop in his back pocket. Luis attacks him and says he better tell him where his son is or he will kill him.

    Kay Tells the Truth

    Wednesday, October 10 2007

    Sheridan asks Luis how Fancy is as they stand in the backyard waiting for Spike. He says he's worried about her, but maybe a good night's sleep helped. They discuss how awful it is to be beholden to Spike as he enters the scene. Luis wants to arrest him and Spike tells him he will never see his son if he so much as says "The A word again." Sheridan tells Luis to back off Spike and Luis becomes infuriated listing all of Spike's evil deeds. Spike tells him if he arrests him he won't tell them anything about Marty. Sheridan tells Luis they have to give Spike anything he wants because he knows about their son. Sheridan asks Spike what he wants and Spike says he wants lots of untraceable money and Sheridan agrees. Spike then tells Luis he needs him to erase his arrest records and all evidence linking him to any crimes. He wants to be able to start over with a clean record and when Luis makes that possible, he will give him the low down on Marty. Sheridan says it's a deal, but Luis says "No freaking way." Sheridan and Luis argue about it and Luis tells her that he's a cop and he can't do anything illegal for Spike. Sheridan says he has to for Marty's sake, but Luis thinks if they set him free he will go out and hurt other innocent people. Sheridan doesn't care because all she wants is to get Marty back. While the two bicker, Spike says he's leaving and pulls a gun on Luis when he tries to go after him. After Spike takes off, Sheridan tells Luis to go after him, "I'm not going to lose Marty again because of you." As Luis takes off after Spike, Sheridan sits down and says out loud that if Luis screws this up she will kill him. Luis comes back and says that Spike got away. She lashes out at him for not going along with Spike's demands and Luis tells her there's a right way and a wrong way to do things. She tells him not to lecture her and that they would have their son right now if he believed her years ago when she claimed Beth's son was really Marty. She accuses him of ruining things every time they come close to getting their son back. They continue to argue about the situation and Sheridan tells him she'll wait here and let him go get Marty but that he'll bring him home only to lose him for a fourth time. She lashes out at him for doing whatever it takes to prove he didn't rape Fancy, but he won't do the same for their son. Luis finally agrees with her and says Marty is the most important thing to him and that he will meet all of Spike's demands. He thanks her for the reality check and they hug.

    Back at Kay's, she grabs some milk out of the fridge and hears a knock at the door. She opens the door to Spike holding a bouquet of flowers. Spike tells her he's been thinking about her and the vibe he feels between them. Kay thinks he's crazy because he's married to her sister and he's wanted for murder. She slams the door on him and wonders if her day could get any worse.

    Still standing outside Kay's door, Spike calls Alistair and tells him he did what he asked, but Kay turned him down. He then says into the phone "If you knew she'd say no, then why did you set me up to choke?"

    Next Time on Passions:

    Pilar tells Gwen that "My entire family will die" if the truth gets out.

    Esme accuses Pretty of wanting to hurt Fancy.

    Luis tells Spike that he will kill him if he doesn't tell him where Marty is.

    Passions is Back with a Vengeance!

    Monday, September 17 2007

    Meanwhile, Spike shows Sheridan the calendar on the wall in the video proving Marty is alive. "For once you tell the truth," Sheridan remarks. Sheridan looks at the live feed of her son, "You're really alive," she cries. "I'm gonna go find your daddy and he's gonna help me find you and the three of us are going to be a family. No more Fancy," Sheridan tells the image of her son. Spike tries to make a hasty retreat, but Sheridan pulls a gun on him. "I told you, I do not know where Alistair has your kid," Spike says. Sheridan doesn't believe him and demands he tell her the truth or else she'll kill him. Spike continues to deny he knows where Marty is. "The only person that knows is Alistair," Spike tells her. As Spike turns to leave, Sheridan fires the gun, but misses. "I am not a lousy shot. I just want you to know I mean business," she tells him. Spike thinks to himself, "I think I just wet myself." After awhile, Sheridan finally believes that Spike doesn't know anything and tells him she will go straight to Alistair for answers. Spike tells her it'll be suicide if she does, but she says she'll kill her father first. "I am going to find Marty. My father will not live to see sunrise," Sheridan tells Spike. Spike tries to talk her down, and Sheridan questions why he cares. He tells her she's really hot and maybe there's a chance for them if Luis rejects her enough. "I'd rather make love to a chain saw," she replies. They go back and forth on the issue of her going to Alistair and Sheridan finally sees Spike's logic. Sheridan thinks Luis will be able to get the info out of Alistair himself. Spike isn't so sure and reminds her that Luis is with Fancy now and might not want to leave his new love to help Sheridan. Sheridan thinks she has the power to sway him back to her. "I will get back everything Father and Fancy cost me," she exclaims. Sheridan believes that Luis will drop everything to help find their son, which will lead to them getting back together. Citing their past lives, she thinks their history and passion will win out. Spike just thinks she's crazy.

    This is Our Son

    Friday, September 07 2007

    Spike is sauntering down by the waterfront before Sheridan smacks him on the had. When he falls to the ground, she gets on top of him and thrusts her gun in his face. If he's been lying to her about her son, she is going to kill him. She lets him get up to lead the way to her son, but warns him again that she will shoot him down if he tries to run. He takes her to an underground room which contain surveillance footage. This includes a live video feed to a room where she can see Marty playing with a train set. As she starts to cry, Spike tries to sneak away. That's not going to happen though-- she needs more proof. He insists that the video is live, so she demands to know where it is being broadcast from: She needs proof that her son is still alive. Spike swears on his porn collection that her son is alive. Getting her to lower her gun, he sits back at the computer and tries to make the camera close in on the calendar. When it's not working, she pushes the gun at the back of his head. Finally, the camera pans up to a calender which proves the video is current. 'My son with Luis is alive,' she says breathlessly, touching the image of her son on the computer screen. Now she can go and get Luis and they will be a family again.


    Friday, August 31 2007

    Standing by the cliff, Sheridan twists Spike's arm for information about where her son is. He tells her again that he survived the explosion but, before he can say more, they hear sirens approaching. Sam starts to call out as he searches for them. Momentarily distracted, Sheridan lets go and Spike runs off. When Sam and his men run up, she sends the cops off in the wrong direction and tells Sam that most of what happened was just a blur. 'It's not a blur to me!' Eve says as she and Julian come out of the woods. Eve wants Sheridan arrested for murder. When Sheridan tries to make an excuse, Eve cuts her off and accuses her again of letting Vincent die. Julian begins lashing out at his sister too until she admits that she only had the strength to save one of them and Spike claimed that he knew where her son was. 'You let my son die so that you could find your son?' Eve screams angrily before slapping Sheridan across the face. Sheridan runs off to search for Spike as Eve vows revenge.

    I Hate Them Both

    Thursday, August 30 2007

    Sheridan tries to keep her grip on Spike and Vincent as they hang over the cliff. She has little doubt who she will actually save though. Suddenly, Spike claims that Marty is alive and he knows where he is. She doesn't know what to do: It's hard to believe Spike after all. Soon, Eve and Julian arrive thanks to a call from Crane security. As the try to help, Sheridan starts to wonder if Spike might be telling the truth. As Julian tries climbing down to help, he loses his footing and almost falls. Once he climbs up, he runs off to get a branch or rope . When Eve turn her back, Sheridan lets go of Vincent's hand. As he falls screaming, Julian and Eve run back to the edge. Eve screams out in horror. 'He never had a chance! He never had a chance!' she cries as she clings to Julian. They start berating Sheridan for dropping their son when she could have dropped Spike. They urge her to drop him now but she pulls Spike up. Eve is still distraught that her son fell. Julian suggests that they call the coast guard to look for his body and they walk off. Alone, Spike tells Sheridan that they need to run before the cops get there. She twists his arm and tells him he's not moving until he tells her where her son is.

    Why Did it Have to End This Way?

    Wednesday, August 29 2007

    'I've met some guys with identity issues but you take the cake,' Spike proclaims after chasing Vincent down. As Vincent begs Spike not to kill him, Sheridan suddenly runs into the fray, slapping Spike's gun toting arm away. 'I won't let you kill my nephew!' She helps Vincent up into her lap. Spike tells her that he doesn't answer to her, only to Alistair and he'll kill them both if he has to. She won't let him do that and she's sick of him calling her honey and acting like a pervert. When he tries to shoot Vincent, she pushes Spike over and then runs off with her nephew. They get in her car and start driving as Spike follows behind. When she sees that she's running out of gas, Vincent freaks out and grabs the wheel. They crash into a tree, jump out and run. Spike chases them to a cliff and yells at her to step aside so that he can take care of her psycho nephew. She shields him with her body and tells Spike that he'll have to kill her first. She offers him money and he puts the gun down for a moment...then he lunges at Vincent, knocking both of them over the cliff. Both men cling to the edge and Sheridan leans down to grab a hold of their hands. She can't hold both of them and has no doubt about who she is dropping. Spike suddenly claims that Marty is alive and he knows where he is.

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