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    Passions CAST - Herbert "Spike" Lester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Herbert "Spike" Lester Played by Christopher Maleki on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Maleki

    Birthday: 0000-02-28
    Birthplace: California, USA
    Real Name: Christopher Maleki


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    Pain and Suffering to all of Harmony!

    Tuesday, November 06 2007

    After Endora vanishes, Tabitha is devastated and says she should never have even thought about stopping her evilness. Kay and Tabitha realize they have to commit to evil forever if they want Endora and Miguel back. Kay says she can't do it, but Tabitha says she will resort to her old ways and tells the evil side she will bow to their will and do anything they want in order to get her daughter back. She declares that she will bring pain and suffering to all of Harmony, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Kay doesn't think they will ever be able to do enough evil to satisfy the dark side and that they are just being tortured by receiving little peeks of their loved ones. She wants to hatch a plan to defeat the dark side, but Tabitha says they have to give in and give them evil. They look at the bowl and see Sheridan and Spike and Tabitha asks the dark side to tell her what to do because she's an instrument of their unholy will. Tabitha realizes Spike has to die so that Sheridan and Luis never find Marty. Kay tells her she can't do that and Tabitha says she can if it means getting Endora back. Tabitha then casts a spell in Spike's direction.

    Spike leaves the cottage, and gets zapped by Tabitha's spell. He receives a jolt, but is basically unfazed. He sees that Esme is still outside and the two flirt.

    Next Time on Passions:

    Spike says there's evil in this town and Sheridan clocks him over the head with a bottle.

    Tabitha sends Kay flying across the room.

    Theresa slaps Pilar and tells her to stay away from her.

    Fancy demands answers from Luis.

    Caught in the Act

    Tuesday, October 16 2007

    At the seedy hotel, Spike walks in with Luis. Luis is dressed up in a suit and tie and feels "like an idiot." Spike tells him he looks like a john who just flew in to town looking for some action. Sheridan then follows all tarted up in a black leather vest, leopard mini skirt and big hair. Spike tells her she needs to give off a hooker attitude or else they will be spotted a mile away. Luis tells Spike he doesn't understand why they had to dress up, but Spike says that Alistair could have spies all over the place and they need to blend in. Spike leaves after he says someone will contact them. Luis wants to leave too, but Sheridan says they have to trust Spike and do what he says. Sheridan goes to the front desk acting like a prostitute and asks for a room. The man behind the desk gives her a key and asks if she's new because he hasn't seen her before. He creepily tells her to come back after she's done with Luis so they can discuss "discounted" room rates. Luis pulls her away and they head upstairs.

    Fancy enters the hotel lobby after Luis and Sheridan leave and asks herself what they would be doing there. "Luis what are you doing to me?" Fancy asks out loud. She debates whether or not to stay and investigate while Spike makes a call to someone saying that Fancy is there and that the plan is working perfectly. Fancy decides to go home and starts to leave. Spike panics and thinks she's ruining everything. Fancy comes back and Spike is relieved telling the person on the phone that everything is just fine. Fancy goes to the desk and asks if Luis checked in. The guy says he doesn't ask for names and Fancy pulls out a badge and demand he tell her now or later from a jail cell. Fancy shows him a photo of Luis and Sheridan and he says they were just there. Fancy demands the key to their room and heads upstairs. Spike walks out and tells the person on the phone that things are getting better and better and that Fancy is in for a big surprise.

    Fancy stands in front of Luis and Sheridan's door and wonders if she should use the key. Spike watches Fancy as she debates what to do and he calls Luis to tell him they need to play the part of the hooker and john. Luis tells Sheridan what Spike said and Sheridan tells Luis they need to make it look good in case someone is taping them. Luis thinks it's a bad idea, but Sheridan says they can't take any chances when it comes to getting Marty back. Sheridan gets into the role, but Luis says he doesn't see any cameras. Sheridan encourages him to act the part anyway and thinks to herself, "After a few minutes with me you won't have to pretend anymore." Luis isn't sure they should be doing anything, but they end up in bed anyway. Sheridan wants him to make things look good for the cameras and asks him to make love to her. Fancy looks through the keyhole and sees Luis and Sheridan in bed. She cries outside and says, "Oh God Luis, Why? You're breaking my heart."

    Hair of the Dog

    Monday, October 15 2007

    Still in the Crane backyard, Luis strangles Spike and demands he tell him where Marty is. He finally lets Spike go and Spike says he'll tell him where Marty is, but he has to make a phone call first. Luis grows angry, but Spike says it's complicated and if he doesn't want to alert Alistair to the fact that they're on to Marty, then he'll let him make his call. Sheridan convinces Luis to let Spike do what he has to in order to lead them to Marty. Luis gives Spike a warning and then tells him to make the call and get back to him. After Spike leaves, Luis tells Sheridan he doesn't like that Spike has all the power, but Sheridan tells him to calm down and hugs him.

    Luis tells Sheridan he hates lying to Fancy, but she tells him sometimes it's the right thing to do. He says he can't do it and goes to call Fancy back. Sheridan grabs the phone from Luis and they argue until Spike comes back. Luis asks where his son is. Spike tells him they are getting closer and gives them an address. He tells them to try and fit in, "Especially you Luis." Luis looks at the address and realizes that it's a hotel with prostitutes. Spike tells them a guy with info on Marty can be found there. Sheridan says they have to do whatever Spike says, but Luis isn't so sure they should go to the seedy hotel. Sheridan thinks they have to trust Spike and Luis tells Spike he better be telling the truth or else he will come for him. Sheridan tells Luis they should go and the two exit. Spike says to himself that was close and makes a phone call, saying "Sheridan and Luis left." Spike then sees that Fancy is following them and can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Next Time on Passions:

    Julian tells Eve he loves her and they should be together.

    Theresa slaps Gwen and demands to know what she told Pilar.

    Spike says to someone on the phone, "Fancy is in for a big surprise", as Luis and Sheridan make out in their disguises.

    For the Greater Good

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    In the backyard, Sheridan thanks Luis for changing his mind. He tells her he did it for Marty and that clearing Spike's record goes against everything he believes in. Sheridan assures him it's for the greater good and in the end it will all be worth it. Luis tells her he never believed in the end justifying the means and Sheridan says she will pay whatever price she has to in order to make Marty come home. They discuss the ramifications of agreeing to Spike's demands and Luis says he should go to the station to work on clearing his records. Sheridan asks him to get past his moral objections and to think about Marty because she would kill if it meant getting her son back. Luis leaves and Sheridan thinks that everything will be perfect, as Spike watches from a nearby window. He says to himself, "I knew you'd change your mind Luis. But really, what choice did you have?"

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