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    Passions CAST - Herbert "Spike" Lester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Herbert "Spike" Lester Played by Christopher Maleki on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Maleki

    Birthday: 0000-02-28
    Birthplace: California, USA
    Real Name: Christopher Maleki


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    A Good Reason to Drink

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    On the docks, Sheridan runs into Spike who points a gun at her. Spike has a bandage on his neck and his back and tells Sheridan that someone stabbed him. Spike says he was knocked out and woke up in a dumpster and made his way to a doctor to bandage him up. Spike accuses Sheridan of attacking him because he didn't find Marty for her. Sheridan tells him it wasn't her and Spike puts the gun down. Sheridan tells him that Luis has disappeared and asks if he knows where Luis is. Spike says he's been busy getting stabbed and has his own problems. Sheridan seductively asks what it'll take for him to help her find Luis - she says she'll give him anything. Spike likes the sound of the deal and says he'll make some calls. Sheridan says she only pays for results and leaves. Spike makes a call and says he needs info on Luis.

    Alistair continues to watch Pretty and Luis from the other room as Spike enters and tells him that Sheridan is expecting to hear from him. Spike calls Sheridan and says no one can find Luis. After he hangs up, Alistair says he's been waiting for him for hours. The two hear Pretty yell at Luis and they turn to watch them. Alistair and Spike panic when Pretty mentions Spike's name.

    Theresa Confesses!

    Wednesday, November 14 2007

    Across the room, Esme and Spike meet up again and flirting ensues. They throw back a couple of tequila shots and Spike says that they have the same kind of mind. Esme tells him that his mind is not what she's thinking of. They start to make out and the killer watches them. In the midst of them talking about their impending interlude, Esme starts to worry about all the men she's been with that have died. Spike says not to worry, he plans to be around for a long time. The killer watches and pulls out a knife. As their interestingly weird banter continues, Spike gets a call and gets up to take it in another area.

    Esme sits alone at the booth wondering where Spike is and notices Julian and Eve. Spike talks to someone on the phone about drug business and tells them about Esme and says he needs to get back to her. The killer watches Spike, as he remarks it will be an afternoon he won't forget. The killer then raises his/her knife and holds it in the air.

    Before he can get back to Esme, Spike gets a another call and asks the person on the other end, "What's your nasty pleasure?" As the killer raises the knife again, Eve stumbles through the area and wonders how to get out of there. Eve leaves and Spike thinks he needs to get back to Esme. As he starts to head back, the killer forcefully brings the knife down and screams are heard in the bar. A man who appears to be Spike lies motionless on a dish cart with a bar towel over his face.

    What's More Important Than Love?

    Wednesday, November 07 2007

    As Kay and Tabitha watch Spike and Esme, Kay reminds Tabitha that all Esme's lovers end up dead. Tabitha says precisely and if Spike dies after a night with Esme, Harmony might just give her a medal and maybe she'll get Endora back. Kay says she can't do this, but Tabitha says she can and she will. Tabitha and Kay watch Esme and Spike through the magic bowl and notice that the killer is watching as well. Kay can't tell who it is, but Tabitha doesn't care as long as he or she offs Spike. She thinks Endora will return as soon as Spike's "Black heart stops beating." Kay says she can't let Tabitha murder Spike because he has to live so he can die by lethal injection instead. She notes the possible hypocrisy, but Kay zaps the magic bowl anyway and Tabitha asks what she's doing. Kay says she's fighting evil. Tabitha tries to stop her, but Kay says she's making everything better and continues to zap the bowl.

    Esme turns on the charm and tells Spike she likes bad boys. Spike tells her he has the market cornered on bad boys and suggests they go somewhere private for a drink, as the killer watches them. The killer draws a knife while hiding in the shadows and Esme hears a sound. Esme freaks out, worried the killer is around and tells Spike he has to leave because every time she gets close to a guy they die. Spike thinks she's talking about her skills in the bedroom and is turned on, but Esme tries to convince him to leave. Spike and Esme get zapped by Kay and they start spinning around. They continue to spin around until Esme vanishes and Spike is left alone freaking out about all the magic and craziness he's been experiencing.

    Spike bursts into the cottage and freaks out about all the evil going on. Sheridan tells him he should be out finding Marty and Spike says, "To Hell with your son; there's evil in this town." Sheridan thinks he's drunk or on something and hits him over the head with a bottle. He falls to the ground and she kicks him and tells him she and Luis will find Marty on their own and leaves the cottage with Spike still on her floor.

    Pain and Suffering to all of Harmony!

    Tuesday, November 06 2007

    Inside, Luis and Sheridan are still on the phone with Marty who tells Luis and Sheridan to come and find him and asks when they are coming to get him. He then says, "I love you Mommy." Sheridan tells him they will find him and that she loves him too - cut to Spike in another room talking through a voice changer on his cell phone to make him sound like Marty. Spike drinks booze and laughs while he begs Sheridan to come " save him." As Spike continues to talk to Sheridan as Marty, Sheridan tells Luis to talk to their son. Luis asks Marty to tell him if there are any clues and "Marty" says there's nothing, but that he is at a window. Spike as Marty then says he sees some numbers and hangs up just as he's about to tell them the address. Sheridan freaks out and Luis tries to calm her down. Luis tells Sheridan he doubts the validity of the phone call, saying it was too convenient, but Sheridan tells him it was Marty and blames him for doubting her again. Luis tells her he has doubts because Spike is involved in their quest to find Marty. Suddenly, Spike enters the room and Luis demands to know where Marty is and tells him he's sick of his games. Spike says he's not playing games and that Marty was at that motel, but Fancy ruined everything. Luis wants to know how Marty knew Sheridan's phone number and how he even knew to talk to Sheridan. Spike tells him he doesn't know and doesn't know where his kid is. Luis asks Sheridan what they're supposed to do now and Sheridan says she'll think of something. Luis sees Fancy outside and says he needs to talk to her. Sheridan tells him he can't because he will slip up and tell her about Marty. Luis assures her that he won't slip up and he needs to tell her he loves her and that he is sorry for sleeping with Sheridan.

    Back inside, Sheridan asks Spike what she has to do to get Marty back. Spike pulls up a menswear website on the computer and points out that Marty's name is on it. He tells her it's a fake website used by the people who have Marty to communicate with each other. Spike says he needs to make a few phone calls to double check his information and he will get then get with her and Luis to formulate a plan. Sheridan tells him that he is her only link to Marty and that nothing bad can happen to him. Spike assures her that nothing can touch him.

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