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    Passions CAST - Herbert "Spike" Lester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Herbert "Spike" Lester Played by Christopher Maleki on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Maleki

    Birthday: 0000-02-28
    Birthplace: California, USA
    Real Name: Christopher Maleki


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    Wedding or Funeral?

    Wednesday, March 14 2007

    They take Jessica home, although Sam has to go to the station on an emergency call. She still insists that Spike loves her more than all of them and can change. Noah says that a man who really loves a woman would cherish her and not treat her like dirt. She becomes angry and moves away from them but they will not let her go. They throw all of the awful things that Spike does in her face and remind her of all of the good things in her life. She's confused, but she wants to believe them. Simone reminds her that the good girl she once was is still in her and she could be that way again if she lets them help her. Paloma decides that Jessica is too tired to go on and they need to put her to bed. They promise her that she will never have to see Spike again and they put her to bed. Simone is tired and needs to get her rest for the funeral. She's still angry at Luis, but Paloma promises her that she will be there for her. Tearfully, she leaves them alone and Noah tells Paloma how lucky Jessica is to have her as a friend. However, Spike is outside the house trying to figure out a way to get his wife out of there and shut her up. He sneaks into her room and sits beside her as she sleeps.

    Special Treatment

    Thursday, March 01 2007

    Spike drags Jessica across the waterfront. She tries to tell him that she only wants to be with him and doesn't feel well. That's too bad because he's set her up with 'someone special' who asked for her by name. She doesn't want to do this anymore, but he doesn't care. He promises her that it will only be for a little while longer; he has a feeling this will change the rest of their lives. He brings her to a ratty motel room and collects the cash left on the table. Spike tells her he doesn't want any dead johns or calls from the hospital this time and then walks out. The peeper's voice comes from the bathroom. 'Be there in a minute babe. Just making myself beautiful for you,' they say before applying lipstick and pulling out the black lacy panties. Jessica gets undressed and under the covers, but when her client is about to come out, she pulls on her clothes and goes for the door. The john comes out before she can leave. Jessica sees them, dressed half as a man, half a woman, and begins to scream. 'Don't be afraid. I love you Jessica.'

    Chris and Spike meet by the waterfront. Spike wants his money embezzlement tonight and demands that Chris bring him to Crane Industries to make some withdrawals. When Chris tries to refuse, Spike threatens to kill Sheridan and James. Since he has no choice, Chris agrees to go along and they head off.

    Somebody Has Two Faces

    Wednesday, February 21 2007

    In the street, Jessica wants to go and find Kay and tell her that she saw the Charity imposter. Spike isn’t about to let her do that and grabs hold of her arm while he draws his knife. He remembers that Julian made him promise to make Jessica keep her mouth shut. Jessica asks why he cares so much about Kay. He says that, after the things that Kay’s been up to, she’s a girl after his own heart. Jessica thinks that her sister deserves a man that doesn’t lie to her. He tries to convince her that telling Kay the truth now would only turn her against her even more. She should never ever meddle. He puts his knife away and Jessica tries to walk away. He grabs her and slaps her face. ‘You’re my wife, you do as I tell you.’ They don’t have any money so she needs to go back to work. She protests, but he says that it’s a good season for sailors. He takes her down to the wharf and hands her off to a longshoreman while he counts the money and licks his lips.

    Paloma Makes a Catch

    Wednesday, February 14 2007

    Julian sneaks out of the diner to the alley. Spike is waiting there for him in the cold. He explains again that he only ran Fox down because it’s what he wanted. Spike starts threatening to go to the cops if Julian doesn’t pay up and assures him that he has no idea what he is ‘really capable of.’ Julian isn’t impressed and tells him that he must either be brave or incredibly stupid; if Fox dies, he will die. He remembers the old days when he and Alistair dealt with the finest mercenaries in the they have Spike. It’s horribly depressing. Julian then remarks that one of Alistair’s final projects has hit a snag: Spike may have to take care of Jessica for good. Right now, he just has to keep loose cannon Jessica quiet. Spike takes out his switchblade and promises that this won’t be a problem.

    Kay and Miguel arrive at the diner. Jessica is still drinking, but is now alone, although Julian left his meal behind. When they see the plate, they ask her who she was with. She tells them that she just wanted it to look like she wasn’t alone for Valentine’s. Miguel just wants to talk about what they saw tonight so that he can finally be a family with Kay and Marina. The idea of making her sister happy for life is less than appealing at the moment however. Miguel goes over his imposter theory again, but Jessica refuses to back him up. He starts accusing Jessica of being a liar, but Kay is tired of this. She doesn’t believe him. He grabs her when she tries to leave and begs her to trust him. All of a sudden, there is a phone call— Fox’s condition has changed and she has to run back to the hospital to see him. Miguel chases after her leaving Jessica to say ‘maybe now Kay will know what it feels like.’ Then she starts to feel bad and decides that she has to tell her sister the truth before this ruins her life. When she heads to the door, she bumps into Spike and tells him that she’s confused and wants to help her sister. He takes her outside and takes out his knife.

    Brothers in Jail

    Thursday, February 01 2007

    Spike and Julian meet in an alley. Julian pushes on him for running Fox down when he was only supposed to steal Miguel’s car and make it look real, not almost kill him. Spike says that Fox told him to make it real, so he was just doing what he was told. Julian says that if Fox dies, so will he. After Spike threatens to go to the cops, Julian throws him into a pile of garbage and walks away.


    Wednesday, January 31 2007

    Spike tells Jessica to cheer up, ‘nobody likes a whiner’ and then leaves her alone with Paloma. They sit down and Jessica tries to explain that Spike loves her... in his own way. Paloma is only there to return something which Noah left in her bed. ‘What? You’re sleeping with my brother?’ Paloma explains that nothing happened and Noah was a perfect gentleman. Jessica can’t even imagine something like this. Her friend reminds her of how lovely she is; she just needs to drop Spike. She goes on to explain that she may be falling in love with her brother; she feels like she’s dancing on a cloud, but she doesn’t want to jinx it. Jessica misses her mom and Paloma gives her a hug. She’d had hope when she heard that Grace was returning, but now she’s dead and she can’t be the girl she once was; she has to make the best of what she is. Her friend continues to encourage her to change when Noah arrives and adds his support. She’s convinced that it’s too late, but Noah thinks that their mother would want her to break away from Spike. When she believes that she is truly loved, she’ll have the power to do anything, he tells her. She stifles her tears and walks away.

    Through the Looking Glass

    Monday, January 22 2007

    Noah is getting drunk at the bar. Paloma comes to take him home. He says it’s good Grace is dead– that way she didn’t have to see Jessica with her husband. Spike stops a guy from trying to pick up Jessica, telling him that he’ll have to pay if he wants to play. Jessica says that he’s disgusting and accuses him again of being Fancy’s rapist. Spike insists on his innocence and that, compared to Kay and Ivy, he’s a saint. Spike wants to go home and have sex, but Jessica reminds him that her mother just died. Noah and Paloma come over and ask if she needs help. Noah wishes Spike was dead but Jessica defends him; Spike has always been there to help her. Noah says that she has her family to help her, but she believes that it’s her family that chased her mother away and got her killed. Noah tells her that he loves her and she should leave Spike for someone who knows how to love. He asks her what Grace would of thought if she met Spike? She should leave him, that’s what Grace would have wanted. Spike tells them to stop upsetting his wife while she mourns her mother now resting in pieces. Noah continues trying to justify Grace leaving them, but Jessica is unconvinced. After Spike lists the many problems of the Bennett family and puts his arm around her, she says that she’ll look out for herself. Noah is depressed that he can’t take sense into his sister. Paloma can’t understand it and doesn’t believe anything will change as long as Spike is around. Noah says all of this has reminded him of what he wants. He pulls Paloma onto his lap and kisses her.

    Fancy's Nightmares

    Tuesday, January 16 2007

    Jessica is in the kitchen drinking again when Spike finds her. She asks him if he's been in Fancy's room; she saw the mask, she knows that he's the rapist. He tells her he'd never do anything like that. She strides off to tell Luis but he grabs her, smashing her bottle and holding it to her throat. If she says anything about him, he'll have to say everything he knows about her and all the johns she's killed. Sam runs in and plows Spike across the room. As he holds him by the throat, he asks Jessica to tell him what’s going on. 'It's nothing, I was just upset about mom,' she tells him. Sam eases off when Luis walks in and takes a turn grabbing Spike. He demands to know if he was just in Fancy's room. Sam has to ask Luis to step back, but he's just as suspicious as Luis is. Luis excuses himself, he has something to take care of. Sam kisses Jessica and offers her help, but Spike intervenes to say they’ll be okay; couples grieve together. Sam leaves and Spike tells Jessica to walk home; he has things to do. Jessica can't believe what she's become.

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