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    Passions CAST - Herbert "Spike" Lester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Herbert "Spike" Lester Played by Christopher Maleki on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Maleki

    Birthday: 0000-02-28
    Birthplace: California, USA
    Real Name: Christopher Maleki


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    Too Good To Be True

    Monday, February 18 2008

    Theresa comes up to everyone and tells them she's alive. She runs to Ethan to give him a hug, but her arms go right through him. Ethan doesn't see her and Theresa is puzzled. She tries to touch him again, but it doesn't work. Theresa tries to get through to her family, but no one can see or hear her. Luis asks Pilar to finish her story about why she and Theresa were in Mexico. A rescue worker interrupts them with a torn up blouse she found and asks if anyone has seen it before. Everyone thinks it's Theresa's and panics, but Theresa insists to deaf ears that it's not hers. The rescue worker tells everyone that it looks like the person wearing the shirt was attacked by sharks. Ethan thinks Theresa could still be out there since there was no body found and wants the woman to continue looking for her. The woman says with shark attacks there usually isn't a body. Luis and Miguel console a distraught Pilar as Ethan freaks out by himself. Juanita tells Gwen not to get too cocky over Theresa being dead because Pilar will still tell the truth about what happened and Ethan will hate her. Theresa wanders around hearing everyone talk about her being dead and tries to make herself be heard. Pilar thinks that her secret killed Theresa and then says someone else here bears the blame for this senseless tragedy and looks at Gwen and Juanita. Pilar goes on a rant and Luis urges his mother to tell them what's going on, but Pilar only grows hysterical over losing Theresa. Luis asks the rescue worker to give his mother a sedative or something and they go off to the emergency vehicle to help her. Juanita tells Gwen she got lucky and is safe, at least for now.

    The Witchcraft Way

    Monday, January 07 2008

    After Sam leaves, Spike walks in and grabs Jessica. He tells her that he is going to take his son and warns her to keep quiet or else he will kill her. Jessica says Sam will arrest him once he gets back from the kitchen, but Spike says if that happens he will escape, track her down and sell his baby on the black market. Jessica tells Spike that she will send him photos of their son from time to time along with divorce papers, but Spike says he wants to be a part of his son's life. Jessica tells him, "No way!" Spike threatens to take Samuel from her if she doesn't let him see his son and instructs her to name the kid after him. Jessica says she already put Samuel on the birth certificate, so Spike tells her to use Herbert (Spike's real name) as the baby's middle name then.

    Sam comes back to the living room and Jessica worries that he saw Spike. Spike hid in time though and Sam asks what the boy's middle name is. Jessica says it's Herbert and Sam thinks it's a great name. As Sam hugs Jessica, she sees Spike hold up a knife warning her to keep quiet.


    Monday, December 17 2007

    On the docks, Sheridan and Fancy hold Spike at gunpoint demanding he tell them where Luis is or they will kill him. Spike gives in and leads them to the Crane mansion. Sheridan and Fancy ask why they're there and Spike tells them that Luis has been under their noses the whole time. He goes over to the desk and pushes a secret button that opens a hidden door and tells them to follow him. The women are distrustful of Spike, thinking he will leave them in the secret room to die. Spike says he will take them to Luis and if he's not there, they can shoot him. The woman agree to follow him, but Sheridan says if it's a trick she will shoot him first and ask questions later. Spike leads them downstairs and then tries to run. Fancy gets the better of him and throws him against the wall and then to the ground. Sheridan tells him he can either take them to Luis or she will leave him down there for the rats to feast on.

    Spike leads Sheridan and Fancy to a seemingly dead end, but he tells the women Luis is behind the wall. Spike presses a button and the wall moves away. Sheridan and Fancy walk through and see Luis and Pretty kissing.

    Are You the Donor's Mother?

    Thursday, December 13 2007

    Spike walks up talking on his phone and Sheridan tells Fancy she thinks Spike knows where Luis is. The women sneak up behind him, grab him and demand to know where Luis and Pretty are. Fancy finds Spike's gun and gives it to Sheridan who holds it on him, demanding he take them to Luis. Spike says he'll try to help, but all he can do is ask around. Sheridan tells him to get moving and they leave the docks.

    Spike brings them to a run down area and asks one of his contacts if he knows anything about Luis' whereabouts. The man asks what's in it for him, as he creepily looks at Sheridan and Fancy, thinking they're hookers. Sheridan pulls the gun on him when he gets too friendly and he takes off. Spike tells her that was her chance to find Luis, but Sheridan doesn't think he knew anything anyway and Fancy agrees. Sheridan turns the gun back on Spike and tells him that he better help them find Luis or his life will be cut short. With the gun still trained on Spike, all three of them leave the area.

    Spike leads Sheridan and Fancy to another spot and tells them he will make a few calls and get back with them. Sheridan tells him he's not going anywhere, but Spike turns to leave and Sheridan fires the gun. She demands that Spike take them to Luis or he will be cleaning his brains off the wharf.

    No Such Luck

    Wednesday, December 12 2007

    Trying to flee the warehouse, Luis is stunned when Pretty doesn't want to leave. She explains that she can forget when she's down there because no one thinks she's a freak. Spike overhears, laughs and sneaks in as Luis pressures Pretty to leave. Pretty thinks to herself that she can't give Luis back to Fancy, but Luis thinks she's hesitating because of Alistair. He tells her not to listen to Alistair's insults and urges her to leave with him. Spike jumps out and holds Pretty at gunpoint. He tells Pretty that Alistair sent him there to kill both of them. Pretty is hurt that Alistair would want to kill her and Spike pushes her away pointing the gun at Luis. Luis attacks him and they struggle as the gun goes flying. Luis yells for Pretty to get the gun, but she's lost in her disbelief over Alistair wanting to kill her. Spike goes for a knife in his boot and takes a swipe at Luis. Pretty finally snaps out of it, grabs the gun and points it at Spike. Luis knocks the knife out of Spike's hand as Pretty throws the gun to Luis. Spike attacks Luis, they struggle and the gun goes off! Luis and Spike both say the bullet missed them and realize Pretty is the one who got hit. Spike takes off and Luis tries to go for help, but Pretty doesn't want him to leave, fearing she'll die alone.

    Harsh Reality

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    Alistair goes out to the docks and Spike approaches. Alistair admonishes him for keeping him waiting and then tells Spike to kill Luis. Spike asks about Pretty and Alistair tells him that he doesn’t care if she gets caught in the crossfire, saying if she dies too, C’est la vie.

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