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    Passions CAST - Herbert "Spike" Lester

    Full detailed profile on Herbert "Spike" Lester Played by Christopher Maleki on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Maleki
    Herbert "Spike" Lester

    Actor: Christopher Maleki

    Who played Herbert "Spike" Lester over the years

    Christopher Maleki (March 10, 2005 - present - recurring)

    Useful information on Herbert "Spike" Lester

    * Married to Jessica Bennett.
    * Murderer, drug pusher and pimp.
    * Blackmailing Christopher Boothe into helping him steal from the Cranes.
    * Shot Pilar.


    Current: Pimp and Drug Dealer
    Former: Owner of a Night club


    Spike is the sleaze of Harmony. He once ran a trashy nightclub in Harmony until Noah Bennett burned it down. In turn, Spike seduced Jessica Bennett and they became lovers. He got the teenager hooked on sex and drugs and eventually convinced her to become a prostitute. This was his way of her helping him to rebuild what her family destroyed. Later it was discovered that he was working for Alistair and was hired to corrupt her as the youngest daughter of the Bennett's. Spike had also murdered someone years ago at the request of Lena. He then tried to kill Jessica while Noah and Maya were having a face off with Lena, but could not do it and confessed his love to her. She ended up grabbing the gun and pointing it at him. However the two ended up getting married before anyone could charge him of a crime and later moved into the Bennett's home. Spike is one who will use anything it takes to get what he wants.




    Jessica Bennett






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    Monday, February 18 2008: Too Good To Be True

    Theresa comes up to everyone and tells them she's alive. She runs to Ethan to give him a hug, but her arms go right through him. Ethan doesn't see her and Theresa is puzzled. She tries to touch him again, but it doesn't work. Theresa tries to get through to her family, but no one can see or hear her. Luis asks Pilar to finish her story about why she and Theresa were in Mexico. A rescue worker interrupts them with a torn up blouse she found and asks if anyone has seen it before. Everyone thinks it's Theresa's and panics, but Theresa insists to deaf ears that it's not hers. The rescue worker tells everyone that it looks like the person wearing the shirt was attacked by sharks. Ethan thinks Theresa could still be out there since there was no body found and wants the woman to continue looking for her. The woman says with shark attacks there usually isn't a body. Luis and Miguel console a distraught Pilar as Ethan freaks out by himself. Juanita tells Gwen not to get too cocky over Theresa being dead because Pilar will still tell the truth about what happened and Ethan will hate her. Theresa wanders around hearing everyone talk about her being dead and tries to make herself be heard. Pilar thinks that her secret killed Theresa and then says someone else here bears the blame for this senseless tragedy and looks at Gwen and Juanita. Pilar goes on a rant and Luis urges his mother to tell them what's going on, but Pilar only grows hysterical over losing Theresa. Luis asks the rescue worker to give his mother a sedative or something and they go off to the emergency vehicle to help her. Juanita tells Gwen she got lucky and is safe, at least for now.

    Monday, January 07 2008: The Witchcraft Way

    After Sam leaves, Spike walks in and grabs Jessica. He tells her that he is going to take his son and warns her to keep quiet or else he will kill her. Jessica says Sam will arrest him once he gets back from the kitchen, but Spike says if that happens he will escape, track her down and sell his baby on the black market. Jessica tells Spike that she will send him photos of their son from time to time along with divorce papers, but Spike says he wants to be a part of his son's life. Jessica tells him, "No way!" Spike threatens to take Samuel from her if she doesn't let him see his son and instructs her to name the kid after him. Jessica says she already put Samuel on the birth certificate, so Spike tells her to use Herbert (Spike's real name) as the baby's middle name then.

    Sam comes back to the living room and Jessica worries that he saw Spike. Spike hid in time though and Sam asks what the boy's middle name is. Jessica says it's Herbert and Sam thinks it's a great name. As Sam hugs Jessica, she sees Spike hold up a knife warning her to keep quiet.

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