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    Passions CAST - Endora Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Endora Lenox Played by Nicole Cox on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicole Cox

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nicole Cox


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    Bewitched by Endorable

    Friday, July 13 2007

    Tabitha, Julian and Endora return home, no matter how hellish and happy it is. He can barely believe that he's fathered a supernatural child, but Tabs tells him that their daughter is very gifted for a girl her age. He has lots of questions. 'A father should know everything about his children,' he says. No wonder Tabitha was so reluctant to send her to pre-school. 'It's like an episode of Bewitched and I'm Darren,' he smiles. She explains all of the magic and mayhem that she's been behind over the years. She also tells him that she made Timmy from a doll and, with some prompting from her daughter, tells him that she's had her current body since the Seventeenth Century. With difficulty, she then recounts Timmy's death. It was one of the hardest things that she and Julian ever had to face. He changed both of their lives. As she cries, he takes her hand. Endora is happy to see this and conjures up some martimmis for her parents. Julian remembers that last time they had one of these: It was the night they conceived Endora. He asks Tabitha if her supernatural powers extend to the 'boudoir'. She's insulted by the idea that she needs magic to woo any man and zaps a 'magical girlfriend' skeleton onto his lap. She and Endora laugh as he struggles with the skeleton chained to his thighs. Tabitha recalls all of the famous men she has seduced over the years, from Julius Caesar to various presidents. He begs her to release him from the skeleton's clutches and she eventually gives in. Sitting by his daughter, he calls her 'endorable' and tells Tabitha that she is the greatest mother he's ever seen. He asks her if she knows anything about his son with Eve. She's reluctant to say anything, but Julian begs for information. He wants to finally be a good father. Eventually, she agrees to try and find him.

    You Ruined My Life

    Thursday, July 12 2007

    Looking through the window of the Good Witch School, Julian tries to understand where he is and what is going on. Spotting his daughter amidst the battling witches, he starts to worry for her safety. Endora casts a spell that allows him to walk through the wall. As he stumbles in, Tabitha isn't pleased to see him. He demands to know why they are all fighting right before his daughter's eyes. When he threatens to take Endora home with him, the bad witches start shooting at his feet until he blurts out that he is the biological father. The witches are all shocked. Esmeralda asks Tabby if she is sure...they know that she's always been a bit loose. 'Aren't those Canadian police named Mounties in honor of you?' Esmeralda asks. Tabitha shakes her head after the barrage of lewd remarks and the bad witches zap Julian into a cage. They offer to release him only if she gives up Endora. 'No deal!' she proclaims. She could care less if he lives or dies. He's not her husband, lover, boy toy or anything else for that matter. They're shocked that she'd just let him die, but Endora begins to protest and asks her mother to free Julian. Grudgingly, Tabitha asks with a 'pretty please' to have Julian released. The bad witches cackle and explain that they'll just have to kill Tabitha and Julian together. When they begin strangling Julian, Endora fights back, throwing the witches back and freeing her father. They are shocked by her power. He kneels down and thanks his daughter while Esmeralda takes Tabitha aside. She reminds her that she is not a bad witch anymore; she needs to do what will make her daughter happy. They begin battling with the bad witches again as Esmeralda tells her that she will have to use the power of love to fight off the darkness. Reluctantly, Tabitha goes along with this, joining hands with her daughter and Julian while they shoot beams of little pink hearts at the evil witches. After the old hags blow up, Julian helps the exhausted Esmeralda sit down. He realizes that he can read Endora's thoughts in a bubble. 'Egad!' he exclaims. They really must be witches! Tabitha is surprised that he's so shocked. Julian smiles at his daughter as she tells him that she loves him. 'My children are forever surprising me. I wonder what could top learning that my youngest daughter is a witch?'

    Theresa is Finished!

    Wednesday, July 11 2007

    At the Good Witch School, the evil witches watch through the window as they prepare themselves to go in and abduct Endora. Holding their noses, they drink a potion that slowly makes them look like good witches (well, the sort who wear terrible prom dresses at any rate). Inside, Esmeralda and Endora work on casting spells. The two bad witches arrive and try to pass themselves off as good witches. This fails miserably and their disguises soon vanish. When they try to take Endora, Esmeralda stands in their way. They try to convince Endora that she should be a bad witch and go with them. When Esmeralda refuses to let them take her, the bad witches zap her, knocking her to the ground. Stepping over the old witch, they tell Endora how much talent she has and how much fun she can have with them. Offering her ice cream and candy, they take her by the hand. Before she can leave, however, Esmeralda has risen and floats in the air. The bad witches taunt her, but she threatens to fill them with so much goodness that they'll never recover. The witches begin shooting at each other when Tabitha arrives, angry to see her daughter under threat. As she battles the witches, Endora smiles at her mother. Sensing that her father is searching for her, she opens up the portal that allows him to pass through the wall and across dimensions to the witch school. He looks in through the window at the supernatural battle, unable to understand what he is seeing.

    We Are Doomed

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    At home, Tabitha feels so bored and lonely without her little Endora. As she wonders how her daughter is adjusting to Good Witch School, she zaps herself back there and peaks in through the window. She can see Esmeralda and her daughter together. This makes Tabs sad; it seems like she isn't being missed at all. She sighs and wishes that she could be close by somehow. Suddenly, she gets a flash: A kitty, she'll have to turn herself into a pet cat for her daughter. Inside, Esmeralda tells Endora that she's very impressed by her; she just hopes that she isn't naughty like her mom and mortal father. A little black cat runs in and Endora begs to keep her. Esmeralda makes the cat levitate and then starts to spin it faster and faster as Endora laughs. Finally she is put down and Endora wants to do it again. Esmeralda sends her off to get some chalk first. Once she's gone, Esmeralda tells Tabitha that the jig is up. She knows that it's really her. Turning herself back into her human form, a dizzy Tabitha stumbles around. She misses her daughter terribly and can't help worrying about her, even if they killed all those evil witches who abducted her. Little does she know that those evil witches are alive and well, watching all of this on a plasma screen in their own dimension and plotting revenge. 'That child belongs on the dark side,' they say. It's time for them to intervene. They fly down to the school and pull out their magical potion to keep all good things they come near away from them. As they cackle, Endora continues to practice. Meanwhile, Tabitha has already gone home, sad to be without her daughter but knowing that the Good Witch School is the safest place for her.

    Changing for the Good

    Friday, June 29 2007

    At the school for Good Witches, old rival Esmeralda never thought she'd see Tabitha again, certainly not in her school. 'You owe me and I've come to collect,' Tabitha says, recalling what Esmeralda put her through. The good witches start to whisper among themselves; all magic creatures know that Tabitha and Esmeralda are old enemies. It wasn't always like that though. They were roommates once and it was an utter disaster. Remembering, they flash back into a long musical sequence. The young Tabitha arrives at the witch school while Esmeralda starts trying to give her a make-over from 'perfectly frightful to perfectly delightful'. The two ladies smile at each other as they remember and the good witches beg for more details. Tabitha sits down with her daughter and tells her that she was awkward when she was a little girl, not like popular cutie Esmeralda. The Good Witch reminds her that she was such a loner that she put people off; she didn't even go to the munchkin toss. Tabs claims that she was just desperately shy.

    They flash back again to Esmeralda trying to convince Tabitha to be lighter and laugh more, learn dances and make friends. She doesn't want any friends, she insisted. When the good witch teases her about being a 'green loser', Tabs starts to cry. 'It must be hard for you, rooming with someone who is truly perfect,' Esmeralda says, before offering to help her out. First they have to stop her from being green, 'not that I'm prejudiced or anything.' Tabs explains that her great grandfather was an enchanted prince, a frog who never got kissed. As Esmeralda dabs Tabs with makeup, the flashback ends as Tabitha explains that she changed her skin, not with makeup, but with magic. But popular and pretty were never for her; she was more interested in being powerful. She wanted to be noticed not for her looks, but for her brains and ability. 'She learned more about magic than the rest of us put together,' Esmeralda admits. They flash back and kick out another show stopping musical number where Tabs vows to use her magic to be the greatest witch and leave them all behind. 'Knowing you has changed me for good,' Tabs admits, hugging Esmeralda. Back in the present, Tabitha explains that her daughter wants to be changed for the good and Esmeralda is the only one she can trust with her. Esmeralda promises not to make the same mistakes with Endora that she made with her mother once upon a time. Tabitha leans down and promises her daughter that she'll make lots of friends and be happy there. Endora doesn't want her to go, but she insists that this is for the best. After placing her daughter's hand in the good witch's, Tabitha jumps on her broomstick and flies away.

    Happy Happy Happy

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    At home, dressed in proper witch wear, Tabitha prepares breakfast for her daughter while she worries about the evil that's been unleashed. A perky Kay comes down and greets her witch 'sisters', eager to use her powers to make her life better. Tabitha doesn't like the sound of this. When Kay tries to conjure up scrambled eggs, a stream of egg yolks fall from above onto her head. Tabitha laughs and tells her that egg yolk is good for her hair. This just proves that she shouldn't be trying to heal Fox if she can't even make breakfast. Kay won't listen and storms off. Right now, Tabitha is more interested in finding a way to protect Endora from the onslaught of evil on the way. She decides Endora needs lessons in self-protection and casts up a vicious beast and then asks Endora to try and make one. Endora conjures up a puppy instead. Tabby shakes her head; she has to take drastic measures. Endora sends the pup to the president, he could use a friend right now, she says. They try again. This time Tabitha creates a crow and her daughter makes a parrot. Shaking her head, Tabitha realizes that there is only one thing to do now: They're going to have to betray everything she ever believed in. Snapping her fingers, they vanish. The Demon Elf zaps himself in, disappointed that Spike doesn't have enough evil to power his demons after all. He's sure that he'll find something around here to help though.

    At the Good Witch School, the teachers happily begin the class with a series of gleeful greetings and promises to conjure rainbows. All the children bring their teachers up apples and the teachers transform them into apple pie for everyone. Forming a circle, they start to dance and chant 'happy happy happy'. Suddenly, Tabitha arrives with Endora. All the good witches are horrified to see her. She asks for her daughter's help and they conjure up some unicorns and other cute things to convince them that they aren't pure evil. The good witches wonder what's going on. Tabitha says that she is mad, bad and dangerous to know, but her daughter just might be a good witch. She needs to learn how to protect herself and she doesn't seem to be getting the hang of dark magic so she needs some help. The witches aren't sure about all of this and remind Tabitha that only one person can decide if Endora is allowed into the school. As they run off to get her, Tabitha shakes her head: 'The terrible things we do for love.' The good witches imagine that when Tabitha comes face to face with her old nemesis, Esmeralda, it will be a disaster. Esmeralda beams herself in and smiles down at Endora.

    It's You!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    Tabitha and Kay go home while Kay gloats about how powerful she is. Tabby rolls her eyes and tells her not to be so sure that they've averted disaster. As Kay goes up to check on her daughter, Tabitha calls Endora down and tells her about everything that's been going on. She casts a protection spell on the house to keep them safe from the demons. When Kay comes back down, she's eager to use her magic again. Tabitha shakes her head while Kay wishes Endora sweet dreams and goes up to bed. The boys in the basement start to rumble and Tabs wonders if this is a sign that they're in danger.

    He'll Ruin Your Life

    Friday, June 08 2007

    Tabitha takes Endora up to bed. She's lived for millennia on her own but she couldn't have gone another day without her sweet little witchlette. Lucky for them that Kay could help them out. Never again will she let anyone take her daughter away and, despite everything, she will still raise her to be the wickedest witch in the world. Endora likes the sound of that. She then tells her mother that she had a dream about puppies. That's not exactly what Tabitha was hoping for. After showing her mother a picture she drew, Tabitha tries to convince her to get a baby rat instead, or an opossum. Endora digs her heels in: She wants a puppy. Her mother gets another idea for the perfect pet: A little black cat. She conjures one up and hopes that she and Endora can grow up together just like she and Fluffy did. Endora turns the kitty white and wants to call it Snowball. This just won't do though. Tabitha gets rid of the white kitten and tells her daughter that she'll have to learn to like snakes and snails. Endora creates a series of demonic images and lets them float around the room. Her mother is happy at this, reminding herself that, even if Endora's father is human, Julian is as evil as anyone on the dark side.

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