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    Passions CAST - Endora Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Endora Lenox Played by Nicole Cox on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicole Cox

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nicole Cox


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    What Are You Doing Here?

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    Pilar finishes dressing Paloma in the wedding dress. They always waited for this day, but never thought it would be like this. When they walk out into the hall, they see Vincent and Sheridan anxiously waiting at Fancy's dressing room door. Luis and Noah proceed down to the altar while Endora throws flowers. Tabitha almost cries at how cute her daughter looks. Sitting down, Pilar turns to Eve, crying that only a miracle can save her son now. Julian whispers to her to say nothing. As Whitney leaves to check on Miles, Paloma comes down the aisle as Luis and Noah smile.

    Triple Wedding?

    Monday, July 30 2007

    At Tabitha's, Norma and Edna stumble around Tabitha's living room, telling her how amazing that Endora is. Edna asks the little witch to make her look like Paris (before she went to jail) and give her a subscription to DirecTV. Tabitha tells them to stop all of this; with great power comes great responsibility. Edna says that she'll do anything to stay out of the basement in the future. Tabs tells the 'addle-headed bird brains' that they'll have to help out around the house; hard work builds character, she says. Endora wants them to stay, she thinks they're fun. But her mother thinks they're more dangerous than anything. All of a sudden, the bowl rolls across the room on its own and she looks inside, spotting the fighting going on at the prison. Everything starts to seem clearer to her. Looking at her daughter, she tells her that they will be seeing quite a few changes because of her victory over the dark side. Suddenly, Esmeralda floats in and tells them that there will be many changes for the good. Tabitha doesn't think the boys in the basement will like having her around, but she explains that they no longer have a strong hold on the house. 'Who the hell are you?' Norma asks the good witch. Esmeralda zaps her for cursing in front of the child and threatens to send them to Hell if they start corrupting her. Tabitha refuses to betray the dark side so Esmeralda conjures up a game of snakes and ladders for Endora and the two ladies while she talks to the witch. The good witch reminds her that Endora may be the strongest good witch of all time. Tabitha argues that she is just a little girl, she hasn't chosen a destiny; she doesn't even know what that means. Esmeralda tells her that for her daughter's sake she must forsake all evil. Tabitha just wants a drink and to raise her child without anyone's interference. She tells Esmeralda to go away and she does, promising Endora that she will see her again soon. Tabitha looks in her bowl again and sees that Luis is set to get married. Endora wants to go to her half-sister's wedding and her mother just can't say no to her little witchling. 'We are going to leave before Luis dies,' she insists, however. 'But that's the best part!' Norma pouts.

    At Eve's, Julian stops her as she heads for the door to out their son as the murderer. She thinks that Julian's being a monster for trying to protect Vincent, but he insists that it is their duty to protect their son. She assumes that he is only trying to protect the Crane name. He says that people who don't deserve to be Cranes are pulling the family down. She assumes he's talking about 'the black Cranes' and accuses him of being racist. He only went out with her to anger his father and dumped her as soon as he got the chance, she claims. He dismisses this argument as idiotic: She actually left him after he proposed to marry her. She begins taunting him about Ivy and he explains that what he has with her isn't love, it's only comfort. Eve is truly the only thing in his heart, even if she thinks there is nothing there but money. He would give up all the money and power he has just for her; he's always loved her with all of his heart. When they were young, they made mistakes; his biggest mistake was losing her, but when he got her back, he grew into a better man. 'I will go to my grave with your name on my lips,' he says. They gently kiss. She says that she's had enough talking.

    Killing With Kindness

    Friday, July 27 2007

    At Tabitha's, the hooded demon tells her that Endora is theirs now and they will be taking her away never to be seen again. Tabitha threatens to turn the demon into a set of luggage so they zap her across the floor. When she gets up, ready for a fight, they tell her that she has failed as a mother and Endora needs to fulfill her evil destiny. Tabitha argues that this was Endora's choice. The demon is furious and Norma's protests and the smell of Edna's 'bowels from hell' aren't making this place any more enjoyable. Tabitha threatens the demon with the power of her mother's love; she's evolved beyond unchanging evil, she says. The demon easily beats her to the ground. As she writhes around on the floor, the demon prepares to take Endora away. She transports herself across the room and gives her mother the kiss of life. When Tabitha gets on her feet and continues to refuse to give her daughter up, the demon imprisons her, Norm and Edna in a cage. Endora refuses to go anywhere. This impresses the demon until the little witch starts to taunt him. The demon doesn't like her attitude, but he's getting on her nerves. When he tries to kill her, she fights back as Tabitha channels all of her love into her daughter. Finally, the demon is fried as Endora kills him with kindness. Once he's dead, Tabitha hugs her and thanks her for freeing them from the boys in the basement. Little hearts flutter around as Endora cleans up the destruction.

    Saying Goodbye

    Thursday, July 26 2007

    At Tabitha's, the boys in the basement have been annoyed a little too much by Norma and Edna's antics and try to pull them back into Hell. The ladies scream and beg Endora to help them. They offer her a share of the profits from their next world tour of lesbian cabarets and finally convince the little witch and her mother to help. Tabitha casts some spells and the two women get stuck in a net in the basement doorway. The winds continue to blow and a fireball erupts in their faces. Tabitha searches for her meat hook so that she can pry them free from the doorway. When she is about to latch into them, the winds stop and the ladies fall to the floor. Another fireball then rolls through the room. It stops on the other end and turns into a hooded demon. Tabitha recognizes them as the leader of the boys in her basement. This is the first time that the hooded demon has come upstairs and she finds it hard to believe that he would bother doing this for bumbling Norma and Edna. That's not who he has come for, he explains. He is there for Endora. Tabitha begins to scream: NO! The demon starts to shame her for saving mortals, feeling love and aiding enemies. Tabitha says that she will do better in the future. The demon says that he is sure she will without Endora to distract her. They pull the little girl to their side, putting up a barrier between Tabitha and her daughter, vowing that she will never be with her again.

    No Deal

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    At home, Tabitha is pouring her morning tea when the boys in the basement start making noise. They're angry that Norma and Edna didn't succeed in killing Miguel thanks to Endora's intervention. Norma and Edna come down the stairs in their long underwear, sure that the boys in the basement are letting them get away with failing this time. Edna didn't hear any bellows from below, she could only hear her Norma sleeping. Suddenly fire starts to burst out from the basement. This can't be good. Edna wishes that she could make a deal and Norma crawls over to the vent so they can talk to the demons. Tabitha cues some violins (literally) to play while the ladies plea with the dark side for another chance. They offer to steal candy from children and re-arrange blind people's furniture, but instead a fire ball comes up which leaves a note saying 'no deal.' They can't go back to Hell: That's where the NBC peacock lives and it's frightening. Later, Norma brings in some wood and tools. She's ready to play hardball. She's going to nail the basement door shut so nothing can get out. Tabitha rolls her eyes while they get to work. Endora thinks they're fools. Once the door is hammered shut, the ladies start to congratulate themselves until the door begins shaking and soon flies open. Flames and wind gush forth as the forces of Hell try to draw them back down.

    I Could Never Hate You

    Monday, July 23 2007

    Outside of Tabitha's, Kay kisses Miguel while he tells her the car is fixed. They hurry back inside and upstairs. When they get up there, he tells her that he never wants to hear Fox's name again. She pulls his shirt off and they leap into bed. Downstairs, Tabitha tells her daughter that she needs to stop ruining the plans of the boys in the basement. They want Miguel dead and she can't stop it. There are greater powers than them and if they defy them, they will be punished. Norma and Edna drift into the room, crying in panic. The house begins to shake again as fire erupts from the basement and a demon yells at them, demanding that they return to Hell for their punishment. Edna begs Tabitha to save them; it was her daughter that ruined their mission in the first place. Tabitha, however, isn't about to help the people who have tried to chop her into little pieces numerous times over the years. The demon calls again, threatening to come up. Tabitha picks up Endora and tells her house guests not to get too much blood on the carpet. At first hyperventilating, and then becoming defiant, Norma and Edna try to come up with a plan. They try to work out an evil deal: Maybe they can kill Miguel in exchange for being let go? 'Kill Miguel and we'll see,' the demon says slamming the door to Hell. Norma's ready to get down to business so they check in the bowl and find him upstairs. As they try to pick a murder weapon, the demon calls up again to hurry things along. Reaching up, he offers Norma her old axe. She's ecstatic and hacks up some furniture before they hurry upstairs.

    Tabitha and Endora come back and spot Norma and Edna trying to kill Miguel in her bowl. Endora wants to save him and sends a giant bubble up to shield Miguel and Kay from the ax. After a few hacks fail to burst the magic bubble, the ladies start beating each other up. They soon go back downstairs where Tabitha and Endora laugh at them. This is bad news though; the head demon will be out for blood this time. Flames begin to shoot from the basement.

    You're My Son!

    Friday, July 20 2007

    Outside, as Spike tries to sneak up on Miguel and knock the jack out from the car to crush him, Miguel crawls out and he has to hide. After Miguel goes back under, annoyed that his car hasn't been the same since it ran over Fox, Spike creeps out again to do the deed. As he raises his hand, Endora peers down from her window and spots what is happening. She instantly sets Spike spinning in the air before he drops to the ground. After he gets up, he starts up again, but Endora raises him in the air, binding and gagging him to a pole. Doing good makes Endora hungry so she starts eating cookies. Meanwhile, Tabitha, Norma and Edna are all going into a panic watching in the bowl as Endora saves Miguel. The house begins to shake and Kay falls into the living room. After being surprised to see Norma and Edna, she asks Tabitha what's going on. When Miguel walks through the front door, the house stops shaking. He tells her that he saw the house was shaking again. This doesn't seem to bother him and they start to make out while Fox looks for Spike back outside. Spike falls down off the pole and begins to mumble manically before running away. Fox is furious. 'No Miguel...I will not let you have her!' he declares.

    I am Not a Monster!

    Monday, July 16 2007

    At Tabitha's, Julian and Endora watch as Tabitha looks in her bowl to find his son. He begins to thank her and worry about wasting his second chance with his first born. When Tabitha casts up an image, she is appalled to see Eve with the blackmailer. As she gasps, she hides the image when Julian asks for an explanation. She tells him that a fly dropped in her bowl and she felt bad for it. He's skeptical about this but she insists that she wouldn't lie. As she explains how her bowl works, he asks her if it gets DirecTV. She says no, because DirecTV is 'heaven sent' and her bowl is dark side technology. She'll have to subscribe to it like everyone else; it has some glorious programs. She sends him into the kitchen to get some apples for Endora and then sits down. Endora wonders why her mother has been lying to Julian. She says that she had to, but she can't understand why. 'Some of your infernal goodness is rubbing off on me,' Tabitha says. She doesn't have the heart to tell Julian the truth. Endora's newly revealed half-sibling is just too evil. Later, Julian reads Endora a story and Tabitha has to admit that he's good with their daughter. When he asks her to look for his son again, she tries to tell him that her bowl isn't working,. He suspects that there is something she doesn't want him to know. When he tells Endora that she has a brother she's never met, she gets excited but Tabitha rolls her eyes.

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