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    Passions CAST - Endora Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Endora Lenox Played by Nicole Cox on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicole Cox

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nicole Cox


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    Deja Vu

    Wednesday, August 08 2007

    At Tabitha's, she tries to stop Norma and Edna from pressuring Endora into turning back time to save Luis' life. In his gilded cage, Spike keeps shouting at them about the bomb upstairs but they ignore him. Endora decides that she wants to help Luis and starts twirling her hands around. When Tabitha checks her bowl, she discovers that her daughter was successful and Luis has come back to life. Edna's thrilled and claps. Tabitha explains that time only went back in the execution room but everywhere else in the world it went on as usual. Spike continues warning them about the bomb under Kay's bed. Tabitha refuses to listen, but Endora already knows about the bomb. Her mother ushers her up to bed while Norma and Edna flirtatiously prepare for bed themselves. Spike kicks at the cage until he finds a crawl space at the bottom and crawls out. When he runs for it, Edna jumps on his back. Norma runs in, accusing him of trying to take advantage of her 'Eddie'. He tries to escape, but he's no match for them. Upstairs, Tabitha searches around for Fluffy and is shocked to find a bomb instead. She begins screaming for help. The ladies pull Spike upstairs as a flustered Tabitha throws the bomb into Spike's hands. They start to throw it around like a hot potato until Endora runs in wanting to play too. Norma holds the bomb out and begs Endora to do some magic on it. She zaps it out the window and it explodes. Spike tries to escape in the chaos, but Norma and Edna grab him; they're not finished with him yet, not by a long shot.

    Is it a Miracle or Just Endora?

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    At Tabitha's, Spike continues to struggle in his cage as he tries to warn the ladies of the bomb in the house. While Norma and Edna start to engage in bawdy banter, Tabitha reminds them that there is a child present. When Norma brings up her daddy, she begins to cry and Tabitha sends the child up to bed. A wheezy Spike warns them that the bomb will go off in a minute, but Tabitha suspects that he is just looking for a way out of the cage. They finally start listening to him, asking why they should listen to him at all. He insists that it's true: He planted the bomb itself. Tabitha plugs her ears while he continues to scream and jump around frantically. Upstairs, Endora crawls under the bed and looks at the time bomb. She reads the numbers as they count down but reverses them before they hit zero. As the bomb starts to count up, Norma and Edna find her and bring her out so they can read her a bedtime story. They take her down to kiss her mother goodnight first. Before she can go to bed, a news bulletin comes onto DirecTV. It says that Luis has been executed. They're all speechless for a minute, even Spike. Edna is glad that Beth isn't there; it would break her weasel heart. Norma wonders what they'll do with his skull. Edna suggests that Tabby bring Luis back from the dead and do something good with her magic for once. She won't do it, but Endora thinks that she can pull it off. Tabitha wishes they wouldn't put pressure on her daughter. Endora wants to do it anyway and begins to wave her hands. She sets time back and then announces that it's done. Tabitha leaps up and looks in her bowl, finding that Luis is alive again.

    Execution Day

    Monday, August 06 2007

    At Tabitha's, Norma and Edna are talking about the major new show coming to DirecTV's Channel 101 on September 17th. After the theme music from Passions plays, we can hear Spike screaming upstairs as Fluffy attacks him. He tries to turn the bomb's timer off, but Fluffy keeps clawing at him. He manages to run downstairs while the ladies sit around eating breakfast. He tells them that there is a bomb upstairs, but they don't take any notice, calling Fluffy over to attack him again. 'Don't play with your food, eat it,' Tabitha says as he tries to fight her demonic pet off with a chair. Spike continues to scream about the bomb so she finally calls Fluffy off. He starts to thank her and kiss her feet before she asks him about the bomb. When he tries to run away, she stops him, reminding him that dying isn't a big deal-- she's already done it a few times–they have worse things in mind for him. 'This whole place is going to go!' he screams. She mutes his mouth and they all laugh as he screams silently and makes ludicrous gestures. Endora zaps him into a gilded cage in the corner and Tabitha starts to sing while threatening to turn him over to Sam. The ladies begin to tease him as he continues trying to explain about the bomb.

    We'll Name Our Daughter After You

    Friday, August 03 2007

    Endora zaps Tabitha and the rest of the crew back to the house. She's sad that the wedding was ruined. Tabitha starts to gossip with the other ladies but is glad that they got out before Luis died. He may not be the only one who dies in the prison tonight, however, she hints. Suddenly, they hear Fluffy attacking someone (Spike) upstairs. He tries to hide under the bed but Fluffy drags him out screaming. 'Seems as if Fluffy's pulled a rat,' Tabitha says. It seems Spike didn't learn his lesson the last time he was there. Tabitha starts to cheer as Fluffy chews on Spike. The ladies drink and think about doing a musical special until Spike runs down the stairs screaming. Tabitha freezes him in place and tells him that he'll be getting what he deserves for breaking in. She zaps him into the hall and Fluffy attacks him again while they stand around and watch. He begs Norma to help him, but when he accidentally calling her 'sir', she throws an axe at him. Fluffy drags him away while he screams that there is a bomb upstairs.

    Small Price to Pay

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    Eve tells Julian that they can't sit there anymore and watch Luis go to his death. He tells her that they have to think of their son first. He then begins to wonder if there is some other way to stop the execution without incriminating Vincent. He gets up and goes to talk to Endora.
    Meanwhile, Eve goes out to the hallway after spotting Vincent. She expects that he is there to turn himself in. She will go with him to the police and make sure that he is not sent to prison but to a mental institution. That still doesn't sound terribly attractive to him.

    When Being Pretty Isn't Pretty

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    At the prison/wedding chapel, Paloma walks down the aisle to the sound of the familiar wedding march. Eve admires how beautiful she looks, but it's hard for Pilar to be happy when she knows that her son will die after the wedding. When Eve turns to say that she's sorry, Julian shoots her a concerned look. Checking herself, she only tells her old friend that she is sorry for her loss. Meanwhile, Kay tells Miguel to think of their wedding rather than his brother's impeding death. He wishes he could just think of good things and gives her a kiss. Tabitha admires how cute Endora looks as a flower girl. Norma suggests that she could be the flower girl for her and Edna when they get hitched.

    Norma and Edna wander out to and down the corridor to steal food. Norma wonders if Fancy has a sister called 'schmanzy'. Tabitha walks over to them and tells them that her sister's name is Pretty, but what drove her away isn't pretty at all. As the two ladies get drunk, Norma takes her 'love muffin' Edna away to find a bathroom. As Norma begins singing, her voice trails through the prison until one of the guards hears her. He flashes back to when he worked at the mental hospital and Edna, Norma and her skull were in a talent show there. With another guard, he sets off on their trail. They run around the prison until the guards catch up with them and put them in straight jackets. They are then locked in a cell and taunted by the guards. Endora appears and the ladies beg her for help. The guards laugh at the idea of some 'dumb little kid' helping them escape. This makes the little witch angry. She zaps the ladies out and imprisons the guards in the cell in a giant ball of cotton candy. They start to try and eat their way out until Endora puts chocolate gags in their mouths. As the guards cry out for help, another guard appears. Endora zaps him into the cell as well, along with a table full of candy that he starts stuffing his face with.

    What Are You Doing Here?

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    Down the hall, Father Lonigan continues to refuse to marry Theresa to Ethan until she comes clean about being little Ethan's father. Ethan just happens to hear this and demands to know if it is true. When she opens her mouth, he rushes to the priest and asks him why he won't marry them. Suddenly, Tabitha, Endora, Norma, Edna, Kay and Miguel all arrive. Sam notices the two escaped convicts and is about to arrest them when Endora casts a spell on them all. Now everyone is happy to see them and welcomes them to the execution/ wedding. As they file into the makeshift wedding chapel, Ethan repeats his demand to the priest: Why won't he perform their wedding? Theresa says that they can't get married because he only has a divorce from Gwen and not an annulment, which is what the church demands. Even the priest had forgotten this but agrees that she's right. Ethan escorts Lonigan away while Whitney asks Theresa why she didn't just get this over with now.

    At the prison, Fancy and Luis cuddle while his family watches. He just wants to focus on love today. Tabitha and her crew walk down the hall to offer their 'support'. Edna apologizes to Pilar for all the pain Beth put her and Luis through. Fancy reminds Sam that Norma escaped from a mental hospital. With a little prompting, Endora casts the spell on everyone again. 'Welcome Norma, welcome Edna. There is nothing strange about Tabitha bringing Endora to an execution,' they all chant as the spell takes effect. Kay then asks Fancy why they don't have a chapel. She reminds her that this is a prison. Kay rushes over to Tabitha and suggests that they conjure up something more suitable for a wedding that a prison cell. Tabitha doesn't like the sound of this.

    When Fancy returns to Paloma and the other women, Kay asks them all what they will wear. They don't have any ideas, but Kay gets one. Tabitha starts rolling her eyes and Norma and Edna tease the trainee witch. She conjures up a delivery for the two brides...but the packages that arrive don't turn out to be wedding dresses but lingerie. Vincent wanders in and admires the outfits but Paloma slaps him away. Endora zaps the delivery bags and wedding gowns suddenly appear. Everyone assumes that Theresa sent them but she has no idea what is going on. Thinking fast, Kay invents a wedding planner and has her suddenly appear and announce that they all need to go to the meeting room. Since no such thing exists, Endora has to make one and zap all of the guards to let everyone leave death row for the ceremony. The witches take the wedding planner down to decorate the room but she starts to freak out so Endora zaps her to England. Kay tries to conjure up everything she needs for a wedding but she only gets a shotgun. Endora has better luck and conjures up chairs, balloons and flowers. All the guests arrive and start to thank Theresa while Edna teases Tabitha for turning into a good witch. Tuxedos arrive for the men and everyone starts to waltz off to their dressing rooms. Soon, the warden appears, shocked to find decorations everywhere and all sorts of new rooms which were never there before. 'This is insane,' he exclaims, unable to believe his eyes. Endora zaps him and he starts to smile. 'Now I remember! Endora Construction did the job,' he says happily.

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