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    Passions CAST - Endora Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Endora Lenox Played by Nicole Cox on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicole Cox

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nicole Cox


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    The Barren Dishrag!

    Thursday, December 27 2007

    In the kitchen, Tabitha feeds Endora and tells her how lovely it is to have her daughter home. She never realized what she put the Lindbergs through when she had their babies kidnapped! She tells Endora how worried she was that the captors would drain her of her powers but Endora says Miguel helped her. She shows her how on a television set that she produces and as they watch, Tabitha notes how good to Endora Miguel was. She owes him so and would like to thank him but it's too dangerous. Endora wants Tabitha to thank Miguel but Tabitha reminds her that Miguel could find out that they're witches. Endora asks if he wouldn't like her anymore. Tabitha doesn't think that's a concern but she knows that the others in Harmony wouldn't give them peace for the rest of their unnatural lives! Luckily, Miguel's time in hell was too much for his mortal mind and that's the way it has to stay! Endora promises not to tell Miguel but wonders what Kay will tell him.

    Kay and Miguel enter the kitchen and Miguel's connection with Endora is obvious. Hearts appear over each of their heads as he greets her and he tells Kay that he feels really bonded to Endora as never before. He wonders what's going on and says he's checking himself into the psych ward. Tabitha offers some soothing tea instead but he refuses. Kay stops Miguel by freezing him and asks for Tabitha's blessing to tell the truth! Tabitha worries that since retro is in, they will be burned at the stake. Kay thinks she can cast a spell to remove Miguel's angst but Endora and Tabitha worry she'll mess it up and wonders why she feels this'll end badly. Endora says, "Because it always does!" Kay spells Miguel and he falls to the floor. She helps him up and once he's awake, he has amnesia! He asks, "Who are you?" Tabitha makes introductions and Miguel jokes, "What, are we on Bewitched?!" Kay gets Miguel an ice pack and mumbles that he has to reverse the spell without having him remember everything! She zaps him again. Miguel excitedly tells her it's all coming back to him! He was with Endora, he says. Tabitha gets up to start packing and Miguel yells, "You're a witch! So is Endora!"

    Back to Being Bad

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    At Tabitha's, Pilar, Sam, Ivy and Endora sit at the kitchen table while Tabitha makes breakfast. Sam asks why Kay invited them over and Tabitha says she has a big Christmas surprise for them. Kay enters with Miguel and Pilar hugs her son. As Tabitha serves gruel for breakfast, much to everyone's disgust, Sam asks Miguel where he has been. Miguel can't answer that question and Endora thinks to herself that their captors erased their memories.

    Tabitha thinks that she had no choice, but to cause trouble and Endora pops in the kitchen. She tells Endora that she's making sure the dark side never takes her again and will do whatever it takes to make sure she stays home.

    Christmas Wishes

    Monday, December 24 2007

    Kay is thrilled they got Luis and Fancy back together, but Tabitha just hopes it brings Endora and Miguel back because she doesn't want to ruin her reputation for nothing. Exasperated, Tabitha leaves the room thinking that nothing she does will bring them home. Kay follows Tabitha out of the room, as Miguel and Endora pop up in the kitchen. Miguel doesn't know what's happened or where he's been and Tabitha and Kay come back and see them. They reunite with their loved ones and Tabitha says she hasn't been happier in her whole life. Kay tells Miguel that her Christmas wish came true and Miguel says he will never leave her again. A martini pops up in the air and Tabitha thanks Timmy for helping bring her daughter home.

    This is Our Son

    Friday, September 07 2007

    Kay and Tabitha struggle to free themselves from the grips of demons as an evil cat tries to lure Endora into the basement. Miguel comes downstairs and assumes that he's having another hallucination. Kay insists that this is all real and begs him to save the little witch before she's consumed by the flames of Hell. He's too confused to do anything useful. Finally, Kay casts a spell and gets the demons off. 'I think Miguel's onto us,' Tabitha sums up. She thanks Kay for saving them but, as soon as she has her daughter in her hands, fire starts to burst from the basement, throwing her down as new demons rush in and grab Endora away. Kay and Tabitha starts using their magic to battle the demons while explaining to Miguel that they are witches. 'That explains everything!' he says, relieved that he isn't go crazy. When he gets in the way of their magical beams, the demon runs down into the basement with Endora in his arms. Miguel runs after them, consumed in a fireball as the door slams shut. They've lost them both to the dark side! Thinking fast, they cast a spell to open the door. Tabitha hugs her friend goodbye before running into the basement. Kay follows her down and they discover that everything in the basement is gone including Endora and Miguel.

    I'm Not Drunk, I'm Destroyed!

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    At home, Tabitha is teaching Endora how to play 'Ghostopoly' when Kay runs in, still worrying about making her wedding day with Miguel perfect. She tells Tabitha that she and Miguel saw two shooting stars crash in the sky. According to legend, any couple that sees such an omen will be destroyed. Suddenly, she spots a face peering out from the basement. The boys down there must be up to their old mischief again. Turning around, Tabitha sees that Endora is sitting by the basement grate while a kitty meows at her. She pulls her daughter away and warns her that that is not a real kitten. The boys in the basement are trying to lure her down there for revenge. Tabitha is eager to go on the run before things get worse. She's so frazzled that she can't think so she asks Kay to casts a spell to get them out of there. Suddenly, demons appear. As the demons hold Tabitha and Kay back, Endora begins to move to the kitty as fire billows from the basement.

    I Hate Them Both

    Thursday, August 30 2007

    In Tabitha's attic, everyone's heads have become detached and float around the room thanks to Kay's mixed up spell. Norma and Edna start threatening to treat Kay's head as a football but Tabitha prompts her to drop their heads back on. As their heads rejoin their bodies, Endora keeps hers floating around just for fun. Norma and Edna are outraged when they realize that they've fallen onto each other's bodies. Although Edna likes being on Norma's 'macho' body, Norma is furious and wants this fixed. Tabitha tells Kay to put them back together properly and then stop with the magic. When she tries sending their heads back, she puts them on the right bodies but backwards. Just then, Miguel walks in, instantly horrified by what he's seeing. He tries to tell himself that he's dreaming. It's either that or he's going crazy. Kay tries to usher him downstairs but he refuses to go until he figures out what is going on. Why are their heads on backwards? Are they possessed by the devil? he wonders. When Kay tells him that must be it, he starts to pray for their souls. Realizing that this is a bad situation, added to which Tabs doesn't want anyone praying in front of her daughter, Kay interrupts Miguel by pulling him into a kiss while Endora fixes the ladies' heads. When he sees that everything is back to normal, everyone starts laughing. He decides that it's time to go to sleep. Before he leaves, he asks her what they are doing in the attic anyway. She tells him that she was looking for something for the wedding and grabs the burnt flowers. He's disgusted. The head floats by rolling his eyes. Tabitha starts yawning and suggests that they all go to bed. Miguel can't shake the feeling that something strange is going on. Thinking fast, Kay starts whispering in his ear until he giggles and they rush downstairs. Norma and Edna laugh, sure that they're all going to end up in Hell if Kay continues the way she has been. The floating head warns that day is coming very soon.

    Why Did it Have to End This Way?

    Wednesday, August 29 2007

    At Tabitha's, Kay searches through the attic and accidentally unleashes the floating head. He tells her not to freak out and warns her that he's been hearing stories about her magical incompetence in the spirit world. Tabitha, Norma, Edna and Endora march in, worried that Kay is up to some ill advised magical mischief. Soon they all start mocking Kay, suggesting that she'll turn her own wedding into a funeral. Tabitha stops the laughter though, reminding everyone that the quicker Kay and Miguel are married, the surer they'll be that Charity never comes back. She tells Kay that she has love and that's all she needs; she doesn't need magic for Miguel. The floating head is slightly appalled by this new Hallmark-friendly version of Tabitha and offers Kay an early wedding gift. With a twinkle, he flashes The Idiots Guide to Witchcraft into her hands. 'Are you calling me an idiot?' Kay asks, rather stupidly. All the ladies start laughing at her but Kay is defiant. She already cast a spell on Miguel to put him to sleep. Worrying at the sound of this, Tabitha sends her daughter down to check on the sleeping Miguel.

    Kay decides to prove that her talents are up to snuff and tries casting a spell on a shiny flower. It explodes and the burnt petals get stuck to everyone's faces. Tabitha tells Kay that these are her props and she is not allowed to use them; besides, she's 'a bloody awful witch'. Kay starts looking through the book and finds a spell about bridesmaids that she decides to try. When she tries casting it, her hair blows up like the bride of Frankenstein's. Luckily Endora reappears and her mother asks her to reverse Kay's spell. Kay starts to panic and jumps up and down when she thinks that Miguel might be coming. It's just Endora playing a joke on her though. After Endora fixes things up, Kay decides to try the spell again. Everyone braces for the worst but she only conjures up some miniature flowers. Relieved, everyone laughs until the head tells her to keep practicing. Annoyed by this advice, Tabitha warns her that Endora won't always be around to fix things. This makes Kay angry and she casts another spell. This one makes her head float off of her body. It's not just her head though: All the heads in the room are now floating above their bodies!

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