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    Passions CAST - Endora Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Endora Lenox Played by Nicole Cox on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicole Cox

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nicole Cox


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    Doesn't Everyone Look so Peaceful?

    Wednesday, July 09 2008

    Tabitha and Esme arrive outside of the church. A terrified Tabitha jumps back, refusing to go in. Esme reminds her that everyone is dying. "Everyone dies sooner or later. I've died many times myself," the witch says. Esme tells her to honor her child's wishes. Tabitha says she's just a child and doesn't know what she's asked. Endora pops up and asks her to do it again. She kisses her mother's cheek and Tabitha relents, agreeing to save them all. "From this moment on, everything will change," Tabitha announces. As soon as they get inside the church, however, Vincent informs them that they are too late: Everyone is dead. They look at the floor littered with corpses. "There's no one left to take you away from me," Viki laughs to her aunt. "Doesn't everyone look so peaceful?" Vincent jokes. They cackle.

    Viki and Vincent Poisoned Everyone.

    Tuesday, July 08 2008

    Tabs gets an idea and conjures up some flash cards to explain it so Endora won't clue in. The cards say that they'll pretend evil has come back to get Norma and Edna and this will force Endora to come to their rescue. Tabitha conjures up a cage for the women and traps them. "If you think Edna stinks now, you should see how she reeks when she's sweating!" Norma calls out. Tabitha plays along, saying she doesn't have the power to help them alone. She begs Endora for help, asking her to get in the cage with them. Endora zaps herself in and the women grab her. Tabitha zaps the women out of the cage and Endora into a tiny cage. "You are one clever little witchling!" Tabs says, picking up the cage. Now that she's safe in there, they can get out of town. Tabitha looks around the room and gets nostalgic: "All the time I've spent it's over..." She wonders if she's really getting soft in her old age. Four hundred years is a long time to call a house a home. She remembers all the spells she cast and the people she destroyed... and then little Timmy... She thought that Endora would grow up there, get married and have children of her own. Endora asks her again to help save the town. Norma suggests that, together, they could save the town. Tabitha repeats that everything is doomed to death and destruction.

    Life Isn't Worth Living Without Libation.

    Monday, July 07 2008

    At home, Tabitha continues calling her stubborn daughter to come out of hiding. Esme suddenly arrives, bubbly in hand. As she pours, she regales the witch with the problem at the wedding rehearsal. The witch is busy packing to escape disaster and doesn't have time to drink. "Life isn't worth living without libation," Esme chirps. Tabitha tells her to go back to the church and tell everyone to run for it. Esme doesn't want to ruin everyone's last meal. She asks the witch why she's packing so much junk. Tabitha likes her things and will take whatever she can. She repeats that the town will be swallowed by the sea. "Now that you mention it, I do recall you saying that," Esme says. She downs another drink and tells the witch that she has to take her and her niece along with her. "Please? We've both been through more men and boarding schools than Elton John and George Michael combined," Esme begs. "I think you have me confused with Fancy dear," Tabitha corrects her. Esme furrows her brow and continues asking for help. Tabitha insists she can't cover a mortal's tracks and the disaster will follow a mortal no matter where they go. Esme starts to spazz: "I don't want to die! And Viki is so innocent!" Tabitha rolls her eyes at this. "Doomsday go away, let me and Viki be okay," Esme chants until Tabitha stops her. The bowl starts to bubble. Surprisingly, it has news for Esme. "Seems Viki isn't an innocent at all. She's a lean, mean killing machine," Tabitha smirks. She explains that Viki murdered her parents. "You are one whacked witch!" Esme snaps. Tabitha continues, explaining that Viki is a serial killer. She has to stop Esme from medicating herself out of grim reality. She accuses the witch of killing all of her boyfriends and threatens to go to the police. Tabs stops her. She explains that nothing Viki has done has been logical; she's just a sick teenager. Esme refuses to believe it, but Tabitha can show her proof of all the crimes in her magic bowl. Esme is still in denial. Tabs tells her that her niece is not well. "Neither am I but you don't see me killing people," Esme sobs. Tabitha pushes her to the bowl to see what she's done. Esme sadly looks and watches as the series of murders are revealed one by one. "It's true. It's true! My sweet innocent niece is a serial killer!" she finally realizes. Endora prompts them to look in the bowl again. Glancing down, they watch as Viki and Vincent poison everyone at the church. Esme swoons. "I can't let Viki and Vincent kill everyone in Harmony. No one would ever come to a dinner party I host again!" Esme cries as she runs out. Endora tells her mother they need to help. Tabitha says no; they have to leave. She refuses to go until they help. Tabs insist it's too late.

    Sheridan, I Love you but...

    Monday, June 30 2008

    After they leave, Tabitha comes back in and stares at the hourglass again. She calls out for her daughter, who quickly announces herself and tells her mother to get a grip. The little witch still refuses to leave and runs from her mother again. Tabs is sick of these games, but Endora wants to save everyone. Her mother reminds her that they've tried and nothing has worked. What's coming to Harmony is death like they've never seen before, she warns: "Not just a temporary death like I'm used to. We'll perish."

    She's not Dead!

    Tuesday, June 24 2008

    In her attic, Tabitha agrees to grant Esme three wishes so long as she reunites her with Endora. The witch explains that Endora is stubborn and doesn't want to leave. Tabby understands; she's been there for four hundred years and doesn't want to go. Esme compliments her on the work she must have had done. Tabitha reminds her that she's a witch, she doesn't get work done, and they need to concentrate and get out of Harmony before it blows. Esme gets an idea and calls to order something. As they wait, Tabitha searches for her daughter, kicking herself for asking Esme to help, someone whose tongue is as loose as her morals. Esme insists that she isn't a floozy, even if she enjoys men on a daily, if not more often, basis. As she starts looking around, she knocks over a box of old love letters to Tabitha, as well as some papyri from King Tut and a stone tablet. Getting nostalgic, Tabitha recounts how Fu Manchu used to feng her shui and giggles. They go through her other lovers: Attila the Hun, Shakespeare, Jack the Ripper... Esme begs for more details; she wants a who's who of history to fall for her too. She wonders if it was all magic. Tabby points out that magic doesn't solve all problems; she never needed or used it to get a man. "All I ever did was smile," Tabitha explains. "You are my new role model," Emse chirps. Tabitha's flattered and then remembers that they've both bedded Julian. She advises Esme to plan her own exit from Harmony. She says she will but her meds keep her in denial. They talk about Pilar's family and the danger facing them; Esme thinks they're too cute to be corpses. Tabitha wants Kay to be happy. Esme's delivery suddenly arrives. She hurries downstairs to get it and comes back with a bag. She unpacks some makeup and eyeshadow and explains that Endora is a little girl and little girls are curious about these things. She sets up the table and they wait for the little girl to take the bait. Tabitha points out that Endora doesn't need makeup when she can turn herself into a grownup whenever she wants. They make an act of leaving and hide in wait. Peeking through the door, they spot the little witch playing with the makeup. "Esme you're a genius!" Tabitha exclaims. "I might be an overly medicated, always inebriated, sexaholic, but I know what makes little girls curious," Esme says. They rush at her while she looks in the mirror.

    Macho Gorilla.

    Monday, June 23 2008

    Tabitha is in her attic searching for her daughter and panicking that they won't be able to get out of town before the great disaster. She worries that the Dark Side may have kidnapped her again. As she calls out to the forces of Evil, Endora suddenly announces herself: She's turned herself into a stuffed bunny. Tabitha picks her up and demands that she materialize right away. The little witch refuses and won't go anywhere. She turns herself into a stuffed dog and continues to refuse. Tabitha argues with her but she jumps from one stuffed animal to another. Tabs decides to cast a spell that turns all of the non-Endora stuffed animals into gorillas. This lets her corner her daughter. She grabs her and grounds her for life. Before they can go, Endora zaps herself off. She floats and continues to defy her mother. "Not even you can fight the Evil that is coming to Harmony," Tabs insists. Endora is sure she can fight off anything and begins throwing things around the room.

    As stuffed animals float in the air, Esme walks in. She's shocked and begins popping pills. "How do you do it? Are you on the same prescriptions I am?" she asks the witch. Tabitha says it's not what she thinks. Fireworks go off and the ghosts of Esme's dead lovers float by. Esme reminds Tabitha of all the strange things she's heard about. "I know exactly what's going on!" she gasps. Tabs shrugs and admits it, after all, they could all be dead soon. Esme is excited: She sometimes thinks she's a witch when she gets her prescriptions mixed up. She asks if Endora is a witch too. Tabby admits it. Esme gets an idea: She wants three wishes granted in exchange for her help in finding Endora. The witch cringes and wonders why she should make a deal. Endora teases her mother and Tabitha agrees to Esme's help. She asks for a perfect man, one with all the parts connected properly and a little kinky. Annoyed, the witch agrees, but Esme won't get anything until they get Endora back. They shake on it.

    You Killed Roberto?

    Wednesday, June 18 2008

    In her attic, Tabitha is packing up her things while Endora hides in her old crib, not wanting to leave. Tabitha reminds her that she's already spent time in Hell so nothing can be scarier than that. Endora still isn't happy and tells her mother to go away. Tabs tells her about how they can visit with nurse Precious and play with alligators. After promising her sweet pea that things will look better in the morning, she wonders how she can get her daughter to snap out of this. They have to leave whether she likes it or not. Suddenly, the Hourglass of Destruction materializes to countdown to the end. "That is the darkest warning the dark side has ever sent us," Tabs cringes. As she continues to pack, she finds some of Timmy's clothes and tearfully recalls the doll-boy. Timmy's spirit shines down on her for a moment before vanishing. In the distance, she can hear Fluffy growling. She had forgotten all about her pet. "I can't take her to see nurse Precious. Orangutans are an endangered species," she realizes. Where could she find a temporary home for Fluffy? Conjuring up a magical phone, she starts to call around, regaling people with tales of how they ate pilgrims together. She catches herself and claims to only be joking and then conjures up her old photo album and faxes the animal shelter a picture. As she sends it, she promises her pet that she will pick her up again as soon as this is over. Once the fax goes through, the person on the other end starts to scream and hangs up. She continues to call around, but the only person who will take her pet is a witch doctor on Skull Island. "Be careful who you eat," she warns her pet. After giving her a little pat on the claws, she sadly sends her off. Turning, she panics again about getting away and worries that nothing will be left standing. As soon as she packs her bag, the house starts to shake. She pleads with the spirits not to let the evil come just yet. The shaking stops. Immediately, she tries to wake Endora but the little witch has vanished.

    She's Just English.

    Monday, March 17 2008

    Tabitha sends Endora off to bed and says out loud that she knows the elf is there. She tells him he can do whatever he wants to everyone else, but she and Endora are off limits!

    Elf Attack!

    Wednesday, March 12 2008

    Tabitha and Endora sit at the kitchen table, while Tabitha worries that the demon is still around. Unbeknownst to the witches, a trail of black slime flows along the floor. Miguel enters and Kay greets him saying Noah is coming over with news. They go into the kitchen and then Noah and Paloma enter together announcing they got back together. Endora thinks true love always wins out, but Tabitha isn't so sure. Tabitha asks if the double wedding is back on and Miguel and Paloma say they need to postpone it because of Theresa. Paloma says Pilar would think they were being disrespectful if they had the wedding too soon. Kay and Noah are disappointed they have to put off getting married, but understand. In the background, Tabitha continues to worry and thinks the elf wouldn't have left without leaving total devastation.

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