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    Passions CAST - Endora Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Endora Lenox Played by Nicole Cox on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicole Cox

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nicole Cox


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    Adios Muchacho

    Monday, May 14 2007

    Tabitha takes Endora to her playdate at the zoo with her friend Amy. She reminds her daughter that she had better be careful and not do any magic today. Endora promises. Amy arrives with her mother, who is busy talking on the phone, angry that she has to be there because the nanny is sick. Tabitha promises Amy that they will have a nice time, but from the look of her mother, it may be a very long day. She takes them to see the monkeys and Amy's mother tells Tabitha about how she needs to work so that she wouldn't go out of her mind raising a child. Tabitha asks her when she has time to spend with Amy. She says that Amy already has two nannies. Tabitha's jaw drops when Amy's mother tells her that children are tedious and never think of anything but themselves. Endora asks Amy if her mother is always like this. Amy says that her mother never has time for her and treats her like she's a bother. When her mother takes Amy away, Endora decides that she'd better do something about this.

    The New Man in Your Life

    Monday, May 07 2007

    At the Paul Revere pre-school, Endora's teacher, Ms Lucy, gets more frustrated while searching for Tina. Tabitha asks her daughter what happened. Endora explains that Tina is the girl she turned into a cat. Ms Lucy threw her out the window and she was taken away. Soon, Ms Lucy notices that Tabitha is there and is not amused. Tabitha runs outside to try and find Tina. Things quickly get worse for Ms Lucy when Tina's mother arrives early to take her daughter to her dentist's appointment. Fearfully, the teacher breaks the news about the missing girl and both women become hysterical as they search. Meanwhile, Tabitha has found the animal control truck and knows that Tina must be inside. When she looks in however, there are at least a dozen cats. If she can't pick the right cat, little Tina could end up being destroyed. As she tries to communicate with the cats, the officer comes out and asks her what she's doing. Tabitha has to pretend she's lost her cat and casts a spell so that Tina can tell her who she is. Once Tina calls out, Tabby grabs her but the officer tries to stop her from taking the kitty away. Tabitha has to take drastic action and zap herself out of sight, leaving the officer shocked. In the school's corridor, she calls in to Endora to come out and turn Tina back. It doesn't take long and Tabitha leads Tina back into the classroom while her mother is calling the police. They ask her where she went and she tells them exactly what happened and it was so much fun! 'Can we do it again?' she asks excitedly. Tabitha starts laughing and tells Tina's mother that her daughter has a very creative imagination. As the ladies walk away, Tabitha smiles and tells Endora that she will get herself into very big trouble if she practices witchcraft there.

    You Won't Get Away With This

    Friday, May 04 2007

    At pre-school, Endora sees that Tina is upset about not being allowed to be a kitty in the school play so she turns her into one. The teacher comes in, surprised to see a cat running around. She puts the cat out while all the children laugh. When she sits down, she realizes that Tina has gone missing. As she searches frantically, Endora laughs and says that Tina will get an Emmy for her performance. Outside, a man from the pound finds the cat and tells her that she'll have to go to with him. As the teacher becomes more upset, Tabitha arrives and asks Endora what happened. Endora tells her that the teacher threw Tina out the window. She goes on to explain that she turned her into a cat and she was then taken away in a truck.

    Endora's First Day at School

    Thursday, May 03 2007

    Julian arrives at Tabitha's door to escort his daughter to preschool. Tabitha is baffled; it's not as though he ever did anything for his other children. He sits down beside Endora and smiles, promising her to be the best daddy on the planet. Tabitha is not going to let this stand. He gives Endora a hundred dollars and Tabitha tells her to give it back. Endora refuses so her mother sends her upstairs to brush her teeth. 'You don't even have the brains you were born with!' Tabitha shouts at him. He can't understand; does this mean that Endora can't have the credit card he ordered for her? Tabitha asks him to leave her alone to raise their child. He tells her that she's done an amazing job but their daughter needs a father. She reminds him that no one even knows that Endora is their daughter. He tells her that this will change; she is a Crane after all. A Crane life is not for her daughter, Tabitha insists. Julian only wants to do what is right, but Tabitha won't let Endora be his 'relationship guinea pig' and be hurt by him when his 'paternal whim' passes. He tries to make a promise, but she stops him. She knows that he can't keep his promises and then starts asking him how he could jump back in bed with Ivy and imagine that Eve would forgive him. 'Wait just a moment,' he says. 'How could you know that Eve caught me with Ivy?' Tabitha bites her lip and realizes that she just slipped up. When she tries to come up with an answer, her bowl says 'don't look at me lady.' Luckily, Endora runs downstairs and Tabitha finishes combing her hair before ushering her daughter out. Julian is left behind for a moment to wonder.

    They take Endora to school. Before entering, Tabitha tells him to leave now. He'd have a hard time explaining to people why he's so interested in Endora. He repeats that he has rights and she repeats her threats to him. Endora conjures up an apple for the teacher and her mother checks that it isn't poisoned. Julian tells his daughter that he hopes her first day is magic and he'll be back to see her. He gets a high five from her and tells Tabs that this isn't over. When he leaves, Tabitha makes her daughter promise not to do any magic, no matter how tempting it is. After sending her daughter in, Tabitha waits in the anteroom. The teacher comes in and tells her that she needs to go. Tabitha is afraid to leave her daughter alone; they've never been separated. The teacher tells her that her daughter needs time away from her to experience the world and other children. Tabitha starts to panic but the teacher pushes her out the door as she protests. Tabitha runs outside and starts peaking in the window. Back in the school room, the teacher announces that they'll be putting on a little play. One of the little girls starts getting upset when the teacher tells her she has to play a frog instead of a kitty. Tabitha falls outside and the teacher look out, telling her that she is being over-protective and needs to go. After slamming the window, Tabitha hopes that Endora will keep her promise. Inside, the little girl keeps asking to be a cat and Endora transforms her into one when the teacher isn't looking.

    I Doubt it's Divine

    Friday, April 20 2007

    Tabitha has collected everything that she needs to convince the ladies from the school board that her daughter belongs in their uppity school. She tries a last ditch attempt to convince Endora to go somewhere else, like the vampire school across state. Endora says no and Tabitha starts her magic. After brewing up her potion, she calls the ladies back while Endora chuckles. As Tabitha sends her magic phantom hand out, Endora gets excited about going to school. She conjures up some hearts and flowers for her mother. Suddenly, the sounds of the screaming ladies can be heard outside. The hand drags them to the door as they call out for help. Endora tells her mother to behave herself as the ladies scream out that 'the devil child' lives in the house. Tabitha conjures up some forget-me-nots to erase the memories of the ladies as they're pushed through the door. Endora smiles while the ladies ask her if they've been there seems so familiar. Tabitha tries to be friendly and tells them that her daughter is very advanced and is already reading, especially Hannibal Lecter and all the other classics. She wipes that last remark from their minds and has Endora whip up a treat: Strawberries. The ladies are terrified at the sight of strawberries however. Tabitha starts laughing while remembering the batch of evil strawberries that she sent to attack them on their last visit. She eats one and then encourages the ladies to try one. 'These are simply divine,' the ladies coo. 'I doubt that,' Tabitha says before offering to make them martimmis. When they take a sip, they turn green and breathe fire before admiring Tabitha's antiques. 'I'm a collector. You should see what I have in my basement,' she smiles. 'I do believe Ms. Lenox and her little girl are our type of people,' the ladies excitedly declare. Endora laughs while they get wasted and the ladies pass out. 'You uncle Timmy held his liquor better than that,' Tabitha says before proudly telling her little demon that she will be going off to school.


    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    At home, Tabitha and Endora fondly remember terrorizing Spike and the ladies from the private school. She is now sure that Endora will never have to go to a school with mortals. Tabitha begins to sense however, that Endora isn't sure this is what she wants. As Tabitha ponders and looks at her home autopsy kit, she wonders if she is enough fun for her daughter. When she asks her to play, Endora is distant. Tabitha puts on her special glasses so that she can reader her daughter's mind. She can see that Endora wants to play with others, even humans. Tabitha is sad that her little witchling doesn't just want to play with mommy anymore. This is like that time that Timmy heard the children singing Christmas carols and wanted to be like them. He didn't want to live apart from mortal life on the dark side with her and now Endora wants that too. She sadly wonders if she is losing her daughter just like she lost Timmy. That's not something that she can go through again. She asks for Timmy's help deciding what is right for her daughter. A white feather falls into her hand and she cries as she thinks about how much she loves her daughter. She has to love her enough to let her go. Walking over to Endora, she tells her that maybe pre-school is a good idea. Endora is happy, but she wonders how she can go after scaring the ladies from the school away. Tabitha tells her not to worry; she can fix that easily.

    The Verdict is in

    Friday, April 13 2007

    Julian calls Tabitha to ask her if the ladies from the Paul Revere school have come by yet. Tabitha repeats her refusal to send their daughter to a snooty school. Julian threatens her again to take away custody and she hangs up. The ladies ring the bell and Tabitha answers the door. 'I'm afraid this will be a bit of a shock compared to your normal interviews,' she says as flames shoot up behind her and the ladies scream. As Tabitha calms the flames, she begins teasing the frightened ladies before inviting them in to meet Endora. They file into the living room reluctantly before she introduces them to Endora. They wonder how good her motor skills are considering she still uses a sippy-cup. Endora asks her mother if she should show them that she can levitate and then Tabitha conjures up some punch which she dumps on the ladies' heads. Jessica and Spike run into the living room. The ladies are shocked to see a known prostitute there and Spike begins accusing Tabitha of being a witch and demanding that she be burned at the stake. Endora starts laughing as Spike goes on to explain that Hell is in the basement and Tabitha has been torturing him. Tabitha sends Jessica upstairs before she freezes Spike in place. When the ladies try to leave, Tabitha conjures up a batch of screaming, flying and biting strawberries to attack her 'guests.' They beg for mercy until Tabitha throws them out and shuts the door laughing. Endora can't help but wonder about what it would be like to go to school with children though.

    Which Witch School?

    Wednesday, April 11 2007

    At home, Tabitha has begun witch classes for Endora. She begins teaching her daughter spells, but Endora is already bored. Her mother insists that home schooling is the best for her, those snobs at Hogwarts would take all of the fun out of it. Endora conjures up a poisoned apple for her mother, who is happy to see that she's been studying the classics. Suddenly an image comes up on the blackboard of the blackmailer and everyone at the trial. Tabitha worries that some mortal evil is getting in her way. She can't even figure out who is behind it. After wiping the image away, Tabitha wants to get back to work, but Endora wants to play. They start stirring some nitro glycerine. Endora stirs it too fast and it explodes. Luckily, the two witches weren't hurt, although the boys in the basement aren't happy with all of the noise. They also want Endora to learn the standard curriculum. She says that's no problem for her. The doorbell rings and Tabitha goes to answer it with a zap from her daughter. Julian is at the door. He overheard what she just said to their daughter and wants to know what 'witch school' is. Tabby plays dumb and says that she just meant 'which' and not 'witch'. He asks her which school she thinks is best. She wants to home school her daughter, not a suggestion that sits well with him. Endora comes out and waves to her father who is pleased to see her. Julian tells them that he's set up an interview for Endora to enter a prestigious private school. 'Over your dead body,' Tabby says. Julian insists that his daughter needs to go to the right pre-preschool. Tabitha can't teach her; the only thing she knows how to do is make a cocktail. Tabitha is adamant in her refusal though. She chases Julian out before the committee women from the school can arrive. He warns her to be nice to the ladies or he'll have Endora taken away. Steam shoots out of Tabitha's ears. She decides that she will 'charm' the ladies and give them a meeting they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

    An Ill Wind

    Friday, April 06 2007

    At home, Tabitha is making tea and feeling out of sorts since that odd sensation she had in the hall of mirrors. Even she is frightened by what is coming, but she needs to get a grip. Endora zaps herself down while her mother prepares her porridge with newt tails. Tabitha opens a window and an ill wind blows in. She doesn't like all this chaos that isn't caused by her. Even the bowl is getting blurry from all the outside interference. Looking in the bowl, she can see Miguel and Kay together. Knowing that Endora wants Kay with her brother, she covers it up to prevent a temper tantrum from her daughter. Endora sneaks over and the wind blows the cover away.

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