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    Passions CAST - Endora Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Endora Lenox Played by Nicole Cox on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicole Cox

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Nicole Cox


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    Thursday, June 07 2007

    Tabitha, Endora and Kay transport themselves home. Kay is psyched up by everything that's happened but Tabitha's just happy to have her daughter back. 'Thank you,' Endora says to Kay. Her mother is very impressed by Kay's magic, but worries what will happen if the committee comes back. She decides to cast a spell of protection around the house. Calling up all of her love for her daughter into a ball of magical energy, she casts the protection spell. Afterwards, Kay starts to get cocky and Tabitha begins worrying. If Kay starts to use magic, she might kill them all by mistake. Kay asks her to start her lessons again and teach her everything. Somewhat uncomfortably, Tabitha wonders if the power she showed was just because of her love for her and Endora. She's never had a mortal friend like Kay though, she'll admit. Kay decides to start practising right away and tries conjuring up a turkey sandwich. With a 'bippity boppity boo' she calls up a live turkey between two enormous slice of bread. She then tries to conjure up some milk and cookies. A cow appears along with the cookie elf. Tabitha's horrified; she'd rather have rats than the cookie elf in her house. 'I'm sure Endora is happy to see me again,' says the elf as they take a tray of cookies to Endora. Tabitha's shocked that her daughter's had cookie and cake elves bringing her treats in the night. They zap them away and Kay tries to make popcorn in the microwave. When she opens the door, Kay screams as she's bombarded with popcorn. Endora eats some of it but she likes air-popped variety better. Tabitha tells Kay that she can't use magic for her own whims, although Endora disagrees. Kay asks her friend to help her to control her powers; she'll use them just to do good things, she promises. She could solve all the town's problems, even cure Fox's disease. Tabitha tells her that she doesn't understand how magic works: Every spell has unexpected consequences. She will only help train her if she promises to use magic under her watch. Kay agrees, although she has her fingers crossed. Tabitha thanks her again for helping her rescue Endora. She takes her daughter up to bed and Kay decides to conjure up a hot dog. Instead she gets a hot dog vendor from Central Park. He thinks that he must be hallucinating. While he starts to search for an available AA meeting, she asks for a hot dog before he goes.

    If Not Tonight, Another Time

    Wednesday, June 06 2007

    In the Tenth Dimension, the bad witches tell Tabitha that they had to take Endora away from her because she's gone soft. Tabs leaves Kay to watch her daughter while she takes on the cackling witches. They're sure that she couldn't do anything to fight back but she tells them not to bet their broomsticks on that. Someone has to pay for putting her daughter at risk. She ferociously smashes them to the ground. The witches soon get up and Tabitha hurls some more threats at them. They claim that they would never hurt Endora, she is the future of the dark side. 'What about me?' Kay asks. The witches laugh. 'Pathetic mortal! You are of no consequence!' The witches are angry now and start some strange groaning while they prepare for battle. Tabitha would rather die than let them have her daughter. They start shooting balls of malevolent energy at her, imprison Endora in a little ball and freeze Kay to the ground. Tabs shoots swords at them and they shoot fire balls back, knocking her down. The witches realize that Endora won't forgive them if she sees them kill her mother so they set up a charming little screen in front of Endora's ball to block the view. As they start up their next spell and imprison Tabitha in a burning circle fo fire, Kay starts to try and remember a spell she learned years ago. Digging deep inside, she conjures up her powers and starts to zap the witches back before they can make their final attack. Kay vaporizes them into ash and then starts blowing on her hands, unable to believe that she possess so much power, while Tabitha runs to her little daughter. Tabitha is very impressed by Kay, who admits that she could never live without her. They all hug and laugh.

    Between Oz and Narnia

    Tuesday, June 05 2007

    As Tabs screams out, the bad witches watch in their bowl and laugh. Endora sits close by, quite happy in the dark realm. As the witches teach her how to burn anyone who stands in her way, she starts to giggle. She and the witches are having a nice time until Endora starts to realize that something is not quite right about all of this. Suddenly, Endora hears her mother's voice calling out to her. The witches start to think that she will soon forget all about her mother, but she has already begun telepathically sending SOS signals out to her. The signal goes through to Tabitha and she starts to get co-ordinates: Endora is in the Tenth Dimension, sandwiched between Oz and Narnia. Tabs rubs her hands together and zaps herself and Kay across the dimensions. The bad witches run at her when they appear, but Tabitha vows to make them pay for what they've done.

    The Verdict is in

    Monday, June 04 2007

    Tabitha is packed up and ready to take Endora on holiday. She tells her daughter that it would be marvelous to go and stay in a bat cave, but Endora seems worried about the decision of the witches committee. Tabitha is sure that they must have come to their senses by now and realized that killing Miguel would have been a mistake. Before they can leave, the committee drops in with their final judgment. They've reviewed her resume and examined everything that she's done since the days of Timmy. Tabitha insists that she is evil to the core, but that makes them wonder why she has already packed her bags to run away. After scrutinizing her motives and behavior with mortals, it's become obvious that she cares more about taking care of mortals than torturing them. They declare her a good witch. Tabs starts shouting out that she is a 'very, very bad witch' and they must have been looking in all the wrong places. She tells them that they can all 'go to Heaven!' After they gasp at this dreadful insult, they tell her that they've taken another vote, this time about the proper upbringing of Endora. She's teetering on the edge of goodness and that's unacceptable. Tabitha is an unfit witch so they are taking custody of Endora so that they can be sure to make her one of the worst beings the world has ever known. 'Say goodbye Tabitha, you'll never see your daughter again!' Tabitha refuses to let them take her daughter, but they insist that she has no choice. There's no place for love on the dark side. Tabitha gets on her knees, clinging to Endora and saying that she will do anything to keep a hold of her. The witches turn their backs on her for a moment, but soon turn back and zap Tabitha down to the floor. By the time she gets up, Endora and the witches have vanished. She frantically searches but realizes that her little witchling really is gone.

    I Can't be a Good Witch!

    Monday, May 28 2007

    Tabitha and Endora are watching horror movie when, suddenly, the head witch and her committee appear on the TV screen. They tell her that they are coming to test her: They need to find out if she is a good witch or a bad witch. Tabs gets worried. The committee drive into her living room decked out in their traditional costumes. She can't believe that they think she might have turned good. The good witches in the group giggle hopefully. The bad witches say they can't even have a hint of good witch in their company and begin to taunt her to show how evil she can be. Calling on her demonic powers, Tabitha tries to throw them out with an evil wind. As they're all blown against the wall, she and Endora start to laugh. The witches pull themselves off the floor and ask her why she stopped without destroying them. It seems like she isn't her old self: The old Tabitha wouldn't hesitate to blow them out of the galaxy. This only proves that she may have to be re-classified. 'I can't be a good witch!' Tabitha protests before begging them not to go on. The good witches are very excited by the idea though; they think she could have a smashing time as one of them. Endora likes that idea, but her mother insists that she is a bad witch. They start the tests, conjuring up an image of a carnival. That looks fun to Endora and Tabitha remembers the good times they had there. The bad witches want her to destroy it though and bring misery to all of the children. If she's a bad witch, she can do it. Tabitha makes excuses and asks for something more difficult. They refuse; if she can cause pain to little children, then she will indeed be a bad witch. Tabitha continues making excuses and the good witches start to claim her while the bad witches mock her. Endora is sent up to bed so that Tabitha can get to work. They say that she's already failed, but Tabitha vows to prove that she's the baddest witch in the universe. Calling up the carnival again, she starts casting an evil spell. As she destroys it and the evil witches cheer her on.

    Deep Down, Aren't we All?

    Wednesday, May 23 2007

    At Tabitha's, Endora's beach party continues, although Tabitha tries to stop her daughter. All the now grown up little girl's mother rush in, hit by the waves on the beach as they watch their children dance and drink with a troop of blond beach boys. Tabitha wonders how she can explain the beach blanket bingo to the mortal mothers. She conjures them back into the kitchen and tries to convince them that they are just imagining all of this. The mothers aren't liking this explanation and threaten to take their daughters away and tell all of the other mothers about this. Tabitha insists that the girls are just watching a DVD and manages to keep them there by suggesting that the other mothers think that they suffer from 'episodes'. After conjuring up some pills and booze for the table, she suggests that they just take all of this a sign that their addictions have gotten the better of them. The mothers seem unconvinced and go back into the living room/beach to 'face their addictions'. Tabitha freezes them in position before they can get in. She zaps herself into the living room and yells at her daughter, demanding that the party end. After dragging the pouting Endora aside, she demands that she end this now; she and her friends are too young for where 'this sort of fun' leads. Endora reminds her again that they don't burn witches anymore, but sighs and explains to her friends that her mother 'is a total square. Party's over...till next time.' She zaps everything back to normal just as Julian walks in with Miguel. Tabitha's surprised to see him out of prison and wonders if this is good news. Julian is pleased to see that his daughter seems to be making so many new friends.

    Sleepover Beach Party

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    At home, Tabitha tries to get Endora and Maria to go to sleep. They want to have a sleepover with their friends. Tabitha thinks that they're a little young for that sort of thing, but Endora thinks that it's the 'in' thing to do. Tabs promises to think about it when, suddenly, the doorbell rings. When she opens the door, she finds a troop of little girls and their mothers standing there. They were all invited to a sleepover tonight. Endora smiles as her mother brings the girls in. Tabitha sits down with Endora to quietly berate her about doing magic again. She then tells the mothers that she will look after their daughters, but since they don't know anything about her, they can sit down and have some tea before they decide if they want to leave them there overnight. Besides, she assures them, they can watch their little girls in the monitor that she installed.

    In the kitchen, Tabitha pours tea for all the mothers as they sit around her table. They find it hard to believe that children actually live in this house. The house is so neat and tidy and she doesn't even have any servants. Tabitha laughs, knowing that it's all done by magic. They ask her what her husband does. She sighs and tells them that she's widowed, but she has a lovely little girl who is a lot of help. Glancing over at the monitor, she thanks Hades that Endora is behaving herself for once. In the parlor, all of the little girls are getting terribly bored. They've heard about all of the crazy things that go on in this house and they want to have some fun. Endora zaps the monitor so that they won't be watched and then transforms all of the little girls into teenagers. They want a beach party so Endora turns the living room into a beach and conjures up some boys. In the kitchen, the mothers can hear the music. Tabitha hits the monitor and what's really happening flashes on. She quickly shuts it off and runs into the room. The mothers call in and ask if everything is alright. Thinking fast, Tabitha says that the noise is just a DVD they're watching, but the mothers are afraid that it isn't 'age appropriate.' As they come in to investigate, Tabitha worries to her daughter that they'll be burnt at the stake for this. 'Don't worry, it's 2007,' Endora says. When the mothers walk in, they are completely shocked to see their little girls grown up. 'Bloody Hell!' Tabitha mumbles.

    A Birthday to Remember

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    At the zoo, Mrs Bradley begins to scream as the ape holds her in his cage. He tells her that she's a bad mother and needs to spend more time with her daughter. She faints and Tabitha hears her scream. As Tabitha goes looking for her, Endora is sure that her mother will need a double martimmy when she discovers what she's done this time. Tabitha starts to laugh when she finds Mrs Bradley with the ape. Amy rushes over and Tabitha asks Endora what she's done. She thinks that this was a bad idea but Endora is still confident that it will teach nasty Mrs Bradley the lesson she needs. Tabitha takes Amy to see the chimpanzees while Endora sorts things out. She turns Mrs Bradley into an ape and then starts to laugh as the other ape chases her around. While he tries to mate with her, Mrs Bradley protests that she's married and shouldn't be doing this while her daughter is watching. Tabitha begs her daughter to undo this; it's not the kind of primal scene anyone needs to witness. Endora refuses; she thinks that it's cute. Mrs Bradley pushes away the sex starved ape and he asks her if she is this cold to her human husband. The ape thinks that she needs to work harder celebrating her love for her husband and daughter. One of the zoo guards appears with a gun. Tabitha tries to send him off in the other direction but he's already to take aim. He has to tranquillize the female ape before she can pass along any diseases. As he raises the gun, Tabitha grabs him before he can shoot. He tells her to get her hands off his piece. Panicking, she telepathically tells Endora that she better fix this now or there will be trouble. Endora zaps Mrs Bradley out and Amy runs over to her. They embrace happily while the guard scratches his head. Amy and her mother walk away happily as the ape waves goodbye.

    Go Ape

    Tuesday, May 15 2007

    At the zoo, Endora feels bad for her friend Amy. Tabitha thinks that Amy has turned out well considering the kind of mother she has. They watch while Amy's mother, Mrs Bradley, rants at her for wasting her day trudging around looking at animals. Mrs Bradley gets back on the phone after telling Tabitha how much she can't stand having children. Tabitha says to herself that some people shouldn't be allowed to have children. Endora already seems to have a plan even though Tabitha doesn't think that there is anything they can do. She reminds her daughter not to use any magic and they walk away. Mrs Bradley catches up with them and tells Tabitha she should try getting a personal trainer. Tabitha tries to be civil and offers to buy them cotton candy but Mrs Bradley says that Amy shouldn't have sugar and leaves to get some bottled water instead. Endora decides that it's time to teach her a lesson and zaps her into the gorilla cage. A gorilla grabs her and tells her that she is a terrible mother and she better shape up or they'll 'go ape' on her. Amy tells Tabitha that she likes monkeys. Tabs remembers nurse Precious the orangutan; she was really something else.

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