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    Passions CAST - Christopher Boothe (past fill in)

    Full detailed profile on Christopher Boothe (past fill in) Played by Marsh Mokhtari on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marsh Mokhtari
    Christopher Boothe (past fill in)

    Actor: Marsh Mokhtari

    Who played Christopher Boothe (past fill in) over the years

    Adrian Wilson (August 18, 2005 - present)
    Marsh Mokhtari (2006 - temporary replacement)

    Useful information on Christopher Boothe (past fill in)

    * Came to Harmony after the tsunami.
    * Found out that Maureen had left his son with Sheridan when she died.
    * Fell in love with and married Sheridan.


    Past: Journalist
    Past: Financial Consultant


    Chris showed up in Harmony after the tsunami and crushed Sheridan with the news that he was the father of the little boy she had been taking care of. She didn't believe him at first and insisted that he was someone hired by her father Alistair, in another attempt to ruin her. He was finally able to convince Sheridan that he was honest and she committed to helping him protect the child. When the FBI finally caught the crowd that was after Chris, he finally had a real chance at starting a new life. Sheridan and Chris began dating and eventually fell in love. They got married and Chris saved a man from a house fire. They were both shocked to find out that the man he saved was Luis.Sheridan's ex fiance. Sheridan insisted that her life was with Chris now, and that she wanted to stay with him and raise their baby that she was carrying!




    Sheridan Crane


    Unknown (parents divorced when he was young)


    James Boothe (son with Maureen)
    Unnamed Child (with Sheridan)


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    Thursday, January 11 2007: News About Grace

    Kay is dancing when a drunken Miguel demands a turn. ‘Fox won’t like this,’ Kay warns. ‘He’ll live...this should be our wedding reception,’ Miguel says before she walks away from him. Julian has to stop Fox from picking a fight when he spots him; he won, he doesn’t need to spoil it with a fight. Jared and Theresa dance by slowly while he asks her to sneak away. She says that there’s something she needs to do first.

    Wednesday, January 03 2007: Fox's Warning

    Theresa asks Ethan if Gwen really gave him back his ring. Ethan hangs up on Gwen so that he can explain. Gwen can’t believe that he just did this and realizes that, while he has his ring ’the little tramp will take advantage of my stupidity and try to get him back.’ He looks down as Theresa asks him if he and Gwen have really broken up. ‘It’s important,’ she begs. He raises his head to say they’re having ‘real problems’ and then starts to pace around the room. He explains that he had a dream that he was making love to her and called out her name. Gwen was furious and threw her ring at him. She says that he should divorce Gwen, but he only wants to talk about Jared ‘the fraud.’ She puts Gwen’s ring back in his hands and tells him to go back to his wife. He chases her outside. He turns to say that he has a private investigator trying to find out what JT had on Jared. While he’s at it, he should see what JT had on Gwen, she says. She wants him to stay away but he doesn’t believe she means it. He points out their initials carved into the rail and asks if she remembers. She asks him again to leave her to be with Jared, but he grabs her hand and sees the ring that Jared gave her. Cupping her face in his hands, she tells him to stop as Gwen interrupts. Theresa pulls away and tells him to talk to his wife before she runs off. Ethan runs after her.

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