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    Passions CAST - Sheridan Crane Boothe (Fill in) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sheridan Crane Boothe (Fill in) Played by Kam Heskin on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kam Heskin

    Birthday: 1975-05-08
    Birthplace: Grand Forks, North Dakota
    Marital Status: Single (Marriage to Jonathan Cheriff annulled)
    Real Name: Kam Heskin
    Height: 5' 7"


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    To cheat or not to cheat

    Tuesday, September 12 2006

    Luis runs after Sheridan and grabs her. He won't let her run away from their love. "Stop the madness and come back to where you belong," he tells her and pulls her into a kiss. Sheridan stops Luis's kisses saying she's a married woman. She only kissed him because she was tired. Luis sees through that lame excuse. He refuses to accept that she's over him. Sheridan says it doesn't matter that she still loves him. It doesn't change a thing. Her choice is Chris. And his choice should be Fancy. But Luis says he'll never accept her choice. Sheridan wants to know why not. They're lucky they survived a relationship that almost killed them. And they're lucky to have other people in their lives now.
    Sheridan says they can be happy with other people. Luis says he likes Fancy but he loves Sheridan. Sheridan tells him if he really loves her, he'll let her go and she leaves him standing there.

    Sheridan finally makes it home. She explains to Chris she was just out walking trying to clear her head. Fancy leaves. Chris mentions the burnt mementos to Sheridan and asks her why? Is she still in love with Luis? Sheridan flashes back to telling Luis he is the love of her life. Sheridan lies and tells Chris her heart belongs to him. All of it.

    Confessions of Love

    Monday, September 11 2006

    At the police station, Luis is kissing Sheridan. Chris almost walks in on them but before he can, he gets a phone call. Luis and Sheridan escape notice and duck into another office as Chris, Fancy and James walk in. Luis wants to own up to what they've been doing but Sheridan won't let him, claiming James as an excuse. So they stand there and eavesdrop on Chris and Fancy who both talk about how much they love Sheridan and Luis. Both Chris and Fancy talk about having babies with the hidden couple. Sheridan sinks deeper and deeper into guilt as Chris talks about how he was like a broken lighthouse—all alone until Sheridan came into his life.

    Chris, Fancy and James finally leave without discovering Luis and Sheridan in the back. Luis wants to let Chris and Fancy know they're living in a dream world but Sheridan won't let him. She can't ruin other people's lives even if it means hurting him. She then walks out on him.

    A Kiss In The Night

    Friday, September 08 2006

    Outside the station, Sheridan regrets coming to see Luis. When Luis and Miguel come out, Sheridan overhears their conversation, Luis giving Miguel advice on love, telling him to fight for his love of Kay. She hears Luis take the blame for his relationship with Sheridan, his regrets. When Miguel leaves, Sheridan says to herself that she'll never stop loving Luis. Luis hears a noise, freaks out, but it's only Sheridan. She tells him she shouldn't be there, that she has to leave, but Luis won't let her, wants to know what's going on. Luis tells her he loves her, that he'll always love her.

    Spike shows up at Chris's office, wanting to know when Chris will be getting him his money. Chris doesn't want to get caught, needs to figure out how to embezzle the funds. Chris says once he gets Spike the money, he better leave Chris alone for good. But Spike says Chris will do what he wants for as long as he wants or else he'll tell Sheridan about their deal. Chris explains his plan to Spike, that he should be able to avoid a paper trail. Spike tells Chris that Sheridan and Luis are hot for each other. Chris gets furious, says that that would drive him to murder if he ever saw Luis and Sheridan together! When Chris leaves, Spike goes back into Chris's office to look at the access code book. Spike hears a noise outside the office and hides. Theresa comes in, sees the code book, and locks it back up. As she leaves, someone jumps out and scares her!

    At the station, Sheridan tells Luis to stop, that she can't do this, she's married to Chris. But Luis doesn't let her turn her back on him, tells her to look him in the eyes, to say he's not the love of her life. She can't! Sheridan tells Luis he is the love of her life. They share a passionate kiss and Chris sees them!!!

    Not For All The Money In The World

    Thursday, September 07 2006

    Sheridan cries on Kay's shoulder, not able to get her feelings for Luis out of her mind. Even though she does love Chris, she says she's loved Luis her whole life. Kay tells her not to give up her feelings for Luis, to tell him how she feels before it's too late. Sheridan leaves for the station.

    Let The Backstabbing Begin

    Tuesday, September 05 2006

    Sheridan thinks back on Fancy and Luis in the pool, wishing she could let him go. She goes to the fireplace and places a picture of Luis in the flames, saying she needs to move on. Outside Sheridan's, Luis looks in on her through the window, watching as she burns away her memories of their past. Luis is clearly upset by this and Sheridan wonders if she'll ever get Luis out of her heart.

    Emotions Are At Their Highest

    Monday, September 04 2006

    Luis and Fancy think someone's spying on them. Luis pulls his gun out, screams FREEZE, and sees that it's Sheridan and Chris watching them from afar. Luis feels silly for pulling his gun out. Sheridan explains that she saw Luis and Fancy in the pool, then decided to forget about her swim. Luis invites Sheridan and Chris to join them. Fancy tells Sheridan that she's in love with Luis, and Sheridan wants to know if Luis feels the same. Fancy admits that Luis isn't in love with her…YET, but soon he'll be hers! Sheridan tells her not to rush things. Chris questions Luis about why he did a background check on him. Luis says it's his job, that he needs the truth, asks Chris if he was involved in Pilar's shooting. Of course, Chris says no, and Luis says he'll get to the bottom of the case. As it gets late, Sheridan and Chris decide to leave, but Sheridan can't take her eyes off of Luis and Fancy in each other's arms in the pool, pain clearly taking over her face.

    Surprises Are Around Every Corner

    Friday, September 01 2006

    Luis jumps in the pool after Fancy. Frantically he begins mouth-to-mouth and Fancy wakes up, kisses Luis! Fancy faked being drown, tells Luis she thought of it as a practice drill, wanted to get him over to her place. Luis accuses her of setting him up to get around the PD's rule of no fraternizing. They splash around in the pool until they land in each other's arms. Chris and Sheridan decide to go for a swim, but don't expect to find Fancy and Luis in the pool. Sheridan is clearly bothered by the scene and leaves.

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