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    Passions CAST - Sheridan Crane Boothe (Fill in) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sheridan Crane Boothe (Fill in) Played by Kam Heskin on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kam Heskin

    Birthday: 1975-05-08
    Birthplace: Grand Forks, North Dakota
    Marital Status: Single (Marriage to Jonathan Cheriff annulled)
    Real Name: Kam Heskin
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Moving on with their lives

    Tuesday, October 03 2006

    In the judges chambers, the adoption goes forward without a hitch. Sheridan finally has the family she always dreamed of. Then she speaks the words that doom all soap opera heroines. She says finally nothing bad is looming over them. Everything is perfect. They celebrate a Christmas card moment with a photo.

    Fancy apologizes for pushing Luis anyway. She just wants to know if there's a chance for them. Luis answers "who knows." He can't give any guarantees. Fancy doesn't want guarantees. She wants hope. He says there's always hope. That is enough for Fancy and she plants another kiss on him.
    He changes the subject by asking her if she would accompany him to the courtroom on police business. Of course, they run into Sheridan and her new family. James is so happy. He blurts out that he was adopted. Luis tells him he got the best mommy in the world.
    Fancy congratulates Sheridan. After the little family leaves, Fancy tries to comfort Luis. She knows it's got to hurt. He denies it. In the corridor, James is asking his new mommy if she is sad because she is crying. Sheridan claims they are tears of happiness but she does look sad.

    It's all or nothing

    Thursday, September 28 2006

    Sheridan hates hurting Luis but she meant every word she said. She wants to stay a family with Chris and James and she doesn't want Luis. There is no turning back for her. Luis asks why can't they just start over. Sheridan tells him she can't forget all the things that happened—the death of their baby, losing Chris baby. Things are different now and they can't go back or start over. Luis looks in her eyes and sees for the first time that she really means it. It's really over.

    Luis can't believe this is the way thing would end between them. He thought it would be death or something more messy. They are interrupted by a call from Chris. He asks her to come home as soon as possible. Sheridan is about to leave for home when Luis pulls her into a passionate kiss. The kiss doesn't change Sheridan's mind. She is going home to her husband. On her way out she runs into Paloma and Fancy. She tells Fancy that Luis is free.

    Fancy feels guilty for Luis' pain. Her lecture to Sheridan triggered Sheridan into finally setting Luis free. Paloma makes herself scarce so Fancy can be alone with Luis. Luis feels like hell.

    When Sheridan gets home she is surprised by the announcement that she is legally James' mother now. It couldn't come at a better time for her. From now on, Chris and James are the only men in her life. She doesn't know that Chris is keeping secret that he isn't James' real father.

    Fancy and Sheridan come to the same conclusion

    Wednesday, September 27 2006

    Luis and Sheridan stand in his house. Luis waxes on about how he wants to turn back time and start all over again. They could be together the way they were meant to be. Sheridan is trying to talk but Luis won't let her get a word in. He keeps going on and on about their new life, their new house, the nine kids they're going to have. Sheridan fantasizes about that happy life. She imagines their family together.

    Sheridan brings up Chris to Luis. He thinks she is talking about the need to divorce him. Luis wants to be the one to tell Chris. He doesn't get that Sheridan mentioned Chris because she has decided to stay married to him. She came to tell him that there is no hope for them.

    Luis begs Sheridan not to give up on them. Sheridan apologizes. She does love him but their love is too fragile to last. And more than that, she doesn't want him. She cries as she tells him that over and over.

    Eve and Valerie get ready to rumble!

    Tuesday, September 26 2006

    Sheridan is angry that Fancy lectured her about her love life. Katherine feels more guilt than anger. She excuses Fancy's attack on them. Fancy returns to make sure they both know she meant every accusation.

    Katherine questions Fancy love for her aunt and herself. Fancy assures them that she loves them both. She just doesn't think they are very good judges of what's right and wrong. To her, Sheridan is following her mother's adulterous footsteps. Sheridan keeps telling her she isn't leaving her husband and that she told Luis. That's not good enough for Fancy. Luis is not getting the message. If Fancy really loves her husband and step-child, then she need to reexamine her definition of love. She needs to act like she loves them.

    Fancy thinks it is Sheridan's ego that is the hold up. Her ego is stroked because such a wonderful man like Luis still loves her. "It's not fair," Fancy claims. After Fancy leaves, Sheridan admits to Katherine that Fancy is right. It isn't fair to Luis. Katherine disagrees. She asks Sheridan can she face living the rest of her life without him.

    Sheridan knows she has to try and stop loving Luis. Katherine believes that is impossible because Sheridan and Luis belong together. Sheridan says that's not the point. He has moved on. It's just hard, though, that he picked Fancy, her niece, to replace her. Katherine thinks he picked Fancy because she is her niece. Sheridan knows it isn't her ego that is the problem. Her problem is fear—fear of living her life with Luis. Katherine encourages her to listen to her heart.

    Fancy is taking her frustration out on a punching bag at the station when Paloma come in. They discuss Fancy's recent conversation with Sheridan and Katherine. Fancy surprised herself with how hard she came down on Sheridan and Katherine but she can't put with nothing less than the truth. Paloma points out that she may have pushed Sheridan back to Luis.

    After Pilar leaves for church, Luis hears a knock at the door. It's Sheridan. He hugs her. He knew she would come back to him.

    Theresa is burning up!

    Friday, September 22 2006

    Fancy demands Sheridan to stay away from Luis. Katherine walks in and interrupts Fancy's tirade. Katherine advises Fancy to find someone else or she will get her heart broken. Luis belongs to Sheridan. Fancy throws Katherine's past in her face. Marriage vows means nothing to her or Sheridan. Katherine can't tell her who to love or not love.

    Sheridan defends Fancy apologize to Katherine. She and Katherine argue that Katherine had to leave because of her cruel and abusive husband. Fancy can't see how that justifies adultery and getting it on with the hired help. She doesn't feel sorry for Katherine at all. To her, Katherine is a bad role model. She's the reason why Sheridan is dangling Luis, while staying married to Chris. They both have the morals of an alley cat.

    Sheridan demands Fancy apologize to her grandmother. Fancy points out to Sheridan that she and Luis were doomed to fall in love but never be together. She begs her to break the cycle in this lifetime.

    Ethan makes an indecent proposal

    Thursday, September 21 2006

    Fancy decides to lay down the law to her aunt Sheridan about Luis. She blames her for Luis' indecision. Fancy knows all about Sheridan's visit with Luis. Sheridan is lying to everyone, including herself, if she thinks she's over Luis. And she's leading him on. Sheridan disagrees. Fancy is blowing everything out of proportion.

    Sheridan can't convince Fancy that she's not interested in Luis. Fancy finds her actions speak louder than her words. She wants Sheridan to tell Luis in no uncertain terms that there is no hope for them. Sheridan tells Fancy she already did that. What else can she do? Fancy wants her to stay completely away from him, avoid him if necessary.

    Everyone's Living in a Dream World

    Friday, September 15 2006

    Fancy walks into the police station. She immediately starts complaining of an upset stomach to Paloma. Paloma thinks Luis is the source of her ailment. Fancy says she's over Luis.

    In the back room of the station, Luis is still asleep, dreaming. Sheridan walks into his dream and tells him what he wants to hear—that Chris is boring and a klutz in bed and she's even growing tired of his baby. She wants to get back with Luis. Suddenly dream Sheridan tells Luis she can't do it. She's not going to divorce Chris. Luis informs her that it's his dreams. He makes the rules. Sheridan says he can't make his dream come true. He has to accept that she has moved on and she pops out.

    Paloma tells Fancy she just has to be patient. Luis realizes he messed up big time with her. Fancy doesn't think she has enough patience. Paloma insists that Luis is worth it.

    Fancy goes into the back room to look for some forms. The form she finds is Luis sleeping on a cot. He is still dreaming of Sheridan. He willed her back into his dreams.

    Fancy is doing a little fantasizing of her own. She wouldn't mind waking up to Luis' cute butt. Luis rolls over on her hand and traps her there. She overhears him talking in his dream. Luis tells Sheridan that no matter what, he will always love her. He doesn't want to lose her. At first, Fancy thinks he is talking about her until he says the name "Sheridan."

    Fancy slaps Luis out of his dream and curses him for leading her on again. Luis apologizes and said it just a dream. Fancy tells him he lost his chance with both women and walks out of the back room into Gwen's comforting arms.

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