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    Passions CAST - Sheridan Crane Boothe (Fill in) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sheridan Crane Boothe (Fill in) Played by Kam Heskin on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kam Heskin

    Birthday: 1975-05-08
    Birthplace: Grand Forks, North Dakota
    Marital Status: Single (Marriage to Jonathan Cheriff annulled)
    Real Name: Kam Heskin
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Gwen and Julian throw down the gauntlet

    Friday, October 20 2006

    Luis is on Sheridan's mind. The porn tape of Luis and Fancy keeps playing in her head. Sheridan is sleepless in Harmony. She steps out on the ground in her nightgown. Visions of Luis are making her restless.

    Luis is staying at the Crane's estate in a guestroom next to Fancy. He's there just in case the intruder returns. Luis wishes her a good night and turns in. Fancy smiles like a cat with cream. She has designs on making a very good nightówith him.

    Luis is having no trouble sleepingóat first. Next door, Fancy turns up the music. She remembers the lap dance she gave him. Luis wakes up and leaves his bed. He needs some fresh air.

    Sheridan wanders on the estate grounds. She dreams of Luis and kissing him as Fancy watches. In reality, Luis is on his balcony looking down at Sheridan. Fancy is in the next bedroom staring at them both. She thinks to herself, that Sheridan is Luis' past but she is his future. She's going to make him hers.

    Temptation and True Love.

    Tuesday, October 17 2006

    Luis is in Sheridan's bedroom. He holds her. The door opens. It is Chris and Fancy. Chris is angry at the sight of them together. Luis claims it's not what it seems. Chris wants to know what is it then. Fancy tries to excuse it as fear of the intruder. At first Sheridan agrees. Then she decides to come clean. She admits to Chris she still has very deep feelings for Luis. Chris wants clarification. Sheridan asks Fancy and Luis to leave so that she can talk to her husband. They leave after Luis reminds her to remember what he said.

    Chris starts talking first. He tells Sheridan that he loves her but he has his pride. Is she sure she wants him instead of Luis? First, Sheridan apologizes to him for putting him in this position. Chris thinks she is getting ready to let him down. He asks her to skip straight to the punch line. All he needs to know is whether it's him or Luis. He tells her to take her time and think about it before she answers because he wants to have this conversation only once. Sheridan leaves abruptly. She spies Luis and Fancy sitting on the couch. They are very comfortable with each other. Sheridan goes back to give Chris his answer. The only right answer for her is the one she gave him before. She chooses him. It may take time for her feelings for Luis to fade but she is happy about her choice. "Thrilled about it." They go to join the other two.

    Luis and Fancy chat about Sheridan. . Luis is hurting for Sheridan. It doesn't matter what conversation she is having with Chris. He just wants her to be happy even if it isn't with him.

    Chris and Sheridan join the other two in the living room. Sheridan tells them that everything is fine. Fancy apologizes about the tape. Sheridan doesn't want to rehash it or her reactions to it. Fancy and Luis leave. Sheridan thanks Luis and says good-bye. The good-bye is more than just good-night. It's final.

    Theresa sees J.T. for herself

    Monday, October 16 2006

    Sheridan is inside her bedroom, watching the porn tape on TV again. She's clearly disgusted. Luis stands back looking ashamed. "How could you, Luis," she asks. "How could you."

    Outside, Fancy wrestles Chris to the ground. She's beating him pretty good until she sees who it is. She thought he was the intruder. Chris thought she was one too. He knows the intruder was Spike. He warned him to stay away from the Crane's estate.

    They discuss the porn tape. Chris tells Fancy how much it upset Sheridan. Luis is inside having the same conversation with Sheridan. He is explaining how it wasn't real. It was part of a sting operation. Sheridan and Luis have their usual conversation:

    Luis: Tell me that you love me.
    Sheridan: I told you to move on. And what better person than Fancy to move on with.
    Luis: It's not too late for us.
    Sheridan: It's over. I want to be with Chris. I'm happy to be a mother

    Luis wants to hold her. Sheridan is afraid that if he touches her, she won't be responsible for what happens next. She starts weeping. Luis holds her to comfort her.

    Fancy has checked the perimeter. She runs into Chris again. He was waiting to talk to her. He is feeling insecure about his relationship with Sheridan. He asks Fancy if James is the only reason Sheridan married him. Fancy reassures him that Chris is part of Sheridan's dream come true. They realize Luis and Sheridan are inside alone. They come to the same conclusion that it might be a good idea to check on them. They go inside to find Sheridan and Luis about to kiss. Chris and Fancy are not happy at the sight.


    Thursday, October 12 2006

    Sheridan watches the porn on the news. The news explains about the sting operation and the porno tape. Chris wonders who was busted, the criminals or Luis and Fancy.

    Sheridan is hypnotized by the story. She can't turn away. Chris changes the channel but they're on every channel. He turns off the TV and asks Sheridan if she is okay. She claims she's fine but she can't believe Luis would do that with Fancy and on TV. But Luis is a free man. She has no hold on him. Chris understands, though, that it has to be shocking to see Luis doing it with her niece given their past relationship, and on TV. That clip was way more explicit than any pay-for-view he's ever seen.

    James come in because he is thirsty. He asks why is his mother so sad. Sheridan puts on her happy face and says she couldn't be happier.

    Gwen is in a panic

    Wednesday, October 11 2006

    Sheridan and Chris are still in the bath tub but the bubbles have burst. Sheridan questions Chris. "Are you hiding something from me, Chris?" His mind goes to Alistair and how he ruined his life. Chris lie that the witness protection program makes it difficult for him to answer questions about his past. Sheridan accepts this explanation and apologizes.

    Chris and Sheridan are in bed. They get an anonymous call. The person hangs up after telling Sheridan to turn on the news. She grabs the remote. The two of them watch in horror at Luis and Fancy doing it on TV.

    It's a Wonderful Life?!!

    Tuesday, October 10 2006

    Sheridan looks for Chris. She finds him and a candlelit bath. Chris has prepared it for her so they can celebrate the adoption and she can relax. Sheridan is so grateful.

    Chris looks down at Sheridan in her bubble bath. She invites him to join her and pulls him in, clothes and all. The bubble bath reminds Sheridan of a happy childhood moment. She asks Chris about his childhood. He says he can't remember anything special. Sheridan becomes distrustful. She accuses him of hiding something.

    Death and J.T. are coming to Harmony

    Thursday, October 05 2006

    Sheridan and Ethan talks about her big day. They briefly touch on her feelings for Luis. She admits she's had a pang or two but she's okay. Ethan isn't convinced. Sheridan changes the subject to Theresa's will. She points out that he would have been running Crane Industries anyway if it hadn't been exposed that he wasn't a real Crane. Ethan still doesn't get her move to make him trustee especially now that she has moved on with Jared.

    Sheridan calls it "incongruous behavior." She explains that if something unexpected happened to a person, it makes them do something unexpected. She asks if that fits Theresa's behavior. Giving up on them was abrupt and unexpected behavior to Ethan. Sheridan thinks if they figure out why she did that, maybe it will explain things.

    Sheridan asks why did Theresa give up on them. Ethan explains how it happened in Rome. She thought J.T. Cornell had proof that Rebecca was the source of outing Ethan's real heritage. Theresa tracked J.T. to Rome. Then she suddenly changed. He wonders if maybe J.T. knows something. It makes no sense that Theresa let him go missing after she got control of Crane Industries' resources. He lets it slip that he suspects Rebecca is connected to J.T. Sheridan realizes Ethan doubts his wife. On the contrary, Ethan believes his wife doesn't have anything to do with the tabloid expose. However, Rebecca is a different case. And if Rebecca was involved, Gwen probably knew about it. J.T. is the key to everything. He wonders where he is.

    Everybody's talking about Theresa's will

    Wednesday, October 04 2006

    Outside Chris and Ethan talk about James and Sheridan. They move on to Chris' new job. That brings up Theresa's name. Chris apologizes for that. Ethan says it does get weird at times since they work in the same building. He mentions what happened with the will. He can't figure it out. It makes no sense to him. But he does think of little Ethan like a son.

    The two ladies join their husbands. The subject of the will comes up again. Sheridan notes that it couldn't have been a ploy to break up Ethan's marriage to Gwen. Besides, the will is no consequence. Theresa probably won't be dying anytime soon. That doesn't matter to Gwen. She is convinced Theresa has an ulterior motive.

    Moving on with their lives

    Tuesday, October 03 2006

    Sheridan prepares for her day in courtóthe legal adoption of James. She seeks approval from Chris for her choice of attire. She is very nervous. Chris reassures her. Nothing will go wrong. She's perfect. Sheridan asks if they can stop by the church and light a candle for Chris' first wife. James runs in before he can answer. He is so excited. He wants to hurry up and make Sheridan his real mommy.

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