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    Passions CAST - Rae - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rae Played by Jossara Jinaro on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jossara Jinaro

    Birthday: 1973-05-25
    Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Real Name: Jossara Jinaro



    Men Don't Have Babies!

    Tuesday, May 06 2008

    Luis and Fancy make out on the jet and then have sex. The pilot cruises to their altitude and overhears Fancy and Luis going at it. He smiles and wishes he had a love like that. As Fancy and Luis continue their romp, the pilot starts to feel sleepy and drinks more coffee to wake himself up. The pilot panics that he’s starting to fall asleep and calls control to make an emergency landing. Pretty overhears the call and is thrilled that this is it! The man in the control room says he’ll help get the plane down safely, but the pilot is having a difficult time keeping his eyes open. The controller tells him there’s an airstrip nearby and Pretty gets upset that her plan isn’t working. She thinks the plane has to crash and grabs a plaque hanging on the wall and knocks the controller out with it. The pilot asks for more direction because he can’t see anything and Pretty smiles as the pilot begs for help.

    Pilar Comes to Mexico

    Monday, January 28 2008

    After Fancy leaves, Luis finds Pretty and says he can't believe how Fancy acted towards her. Pretty tells him that she's used to it, but it still hurts. She pretends to cry and Luis comforts her. Pretty says she'll go find Fancy to help her and Luis is blown away that she would want to help her sister after the way she treated her. Pretty says she just wants what's best for Luis and leaves the Book Café thinking, "And what's best for you is me."


    Tuesday, February 20 2007

    Simone walks into the empty funeral home and approaches Raes open casket. She has to stop herself from crying so that she can say goodbye. How can you be here and gone at the same time? she asks. As Simone starts to blame herself for everything, she hears Raes voice and imagines her lover standing before her. Rae tells her that, even though shes dead, she will always be with her in spirit and she must go on without her. Simone cries and embraces her, begging her not to leave. Rae tells her that she is stronger than she thinks and will have to move on; she will have love again. She kisses her goodbye, but promises to always watch over her. Once she has vanished, Simone starts to weep over the casket.

    Julian Works Overtime

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Simone is on the floor crying with Raes dead body in her arms. Luis strides off to call Sam while Fancy starts asking Simone for more information. Whitney, TC and Eve arrive and ask her what happened. TC tries to comfort his daughter while Eve examines Rae. In the doorway, Luis explains the situation and tells Sam that he thinks the rapist did this. He goes on to tell a sceptical Sam that it may have been a woman that was behind the attacks. Sam asks him for an alibi. He says that he was with Fancy, but Simone speaks up, saying that it isnt true. She saw Fancy alone and Luis was nowhere to be found. Luis admits that he did leave Fancy alone and then Eve notices something in Raes hand. Sam places it in an evidence bag and sees that it has Luis name on it. He doesnt know how that happened, but Simone is already convinced that he killed Rae. Outside, the rapist looks in. Now Rae cant tell anybody anything.

    Last Call

    Monday, February 12 2007

    Rae chases someone through the backrooms of the Blue Note. Stopping in a storage room, she turns on the lights when shes confronted by the rapist. She tells them that she knows who they are and Luis is on his way to make an arrest. The attacker backs her into a corner, while she remarks that Luis and Fancy could never have figured out that you were behind all of the attacks if she hadnt figured it out. The peeper takes out a knife and backs her against the wall. She grabs them and smashes them up against the wall, wrestling then knocking them to the ground. Soon youll be in jail and there will be a tabloid fiasco like this town has never seen. She runs to the door, but the rapist stabs her in the back before she can get out. You arent going to tell Luis anything, the peeper says. Rae doesnt die right away. She keeps begging for Simone while she lays on the floor and the peeper walks out.

    Kay finds Simone at the bar. She realizes that she has to finally make a decision about whether she will be with Miguel or Fox. She still refuses to accept that Miguel would have hit Fox with his car, even if he has proven himself to be a liar. Kay also wonders if Tabitha could be wrong and Charity and Miguels intimacy cant actually damage the dark side. Noah tells her that she has to listen to her heart. Kay now feels bad for cheating on Fox on his wedding night. Simone and Noah tell her again that she should listen to her heart; thats what Simones done with Rae and, now, she doesnt know what she would do without her. They realize that Rae has been gone an awfully long time. They wonder who she went to talk to. It must be killing her to be stuck with them when shes dying to talk with Luis and Fancy. Simone gets up and goes looking for Rae, soon finding her in the storage room dead. Luis and Fancy walk in a moment later as Simone cries out.

    Rae Has A Suspect

    Friday, February 09 2007

    Ivy runs after Julian at the Blue Note. She stops him and slaps him across the face. She starts to berate him for teaching their son to plot and scheme all for that big nothing Kay Bennett. Now hes in a coma and its his fault. Meanwhile, Simone and Rae are eating chocolate mousse. Rae is unhappy that Simone is afraid of showing affection to her in public. They turn and find TC standing in front of them. They invite him to sit down and he asks her if shes taking good care of her daughter. Julian is running away from Ivy and almost trips over Rae. She spills some mousse. The girls run off to clean up and TC punches Julian to the ground. All you do is promote evil, TC says before threatening to punch Ivy. Julian spot Endora dancing and asks Ivy if thats Pretty. Ivy picks Julian off the floor and Endora magically ages to disguise herself. Looking at her reflection, she exclaims: Oh, lucky me! Im going to be gorgeous! She goes to see the band and tells them that shes their biggest fan. They say that she seems familiar and we then hear Tabitha start calling for her. Endora zaps herself away and the band goes next. The audience gasp at the sight.

    Rae and Simone are dancing when Rae walks off. Simone returns to her father. He asks if everything is okay. She doesnt know. He tells her that hes okay with her relationship as long as shes happy. Later, while standing together in the club, Rae tells Simone that she wants to take her to PRIDE week in New York. Simone will try, but shes afraid of making herself a target. Until recently, her father wouldnt even talk to them. Rae suddenly remembers something: She knows who Fancys attacker is. Simone asks who it could be, but Rae has to make a call first; its dangerous and kind of bizarre. She leaves to make the call.

    Under hypnosis, Luis starts to remember who attacked him while he was sleeping. He says that hes being attacked by a woman and begins to feel the needle go into his neck. Eve examines him to find a puncture wound from a needle. They bring him out of hypnosis and tell him that he may have been drugged. They have no idea what to think because Eve is the only woman they know with any medical training. Now, they believe that there must have been two attackers one male and one female. Luis is frustrated because all that they have now is more questions. Rae calls him and says that she needs to talk to him as soon as possible, but can only do it in person because its safer that way. She says that what she knows is very strange and she hopes that hell believe her. As soon as he hangs up, Sheridan calls. He tells her everything that theyve found out and that theyre going to the Blue Note to meet Rae. He and Fancy then race over to the club to meet.

    Thanksgiving Harmony Style

    Friday, November 24 2006

    Simone is spending her holiday helping feed the needy at the church. Rae has come to help too. Father Lonigan welcomes her to St. Margaret Mary's. Rae says she is already a member but she hasn't felt welcomed in a while because she is a lesbian.

    Father Lonigan doesn't have a problem with her sexuality. She is as welcomes there just like Simone is. After Father Lonigan goes to check on the other volunteers, Rae discusses her discomfort at being there. Jessica suddenly shows up at the church. She didn't know where else to go. "Nobody wants to be with me."

    Jessica is sorry for how she acted at the shower. Simone assures her Kay will forgive her. Their conversation is halted when some teens come in. Rae assumes they are they to make trouble and goes over to confront them. The teens think she needs an attitude adjustment. "You think because I'm a lesbian I go around with a chip on my shoulder?" Rae plans on calling the police on them. When a boy asks for Father Lonigan, Simone assumes the gang is going to kill Father Lonigan. Father Lonigan returns and greets the boy. They are there to help with the Thanksgiving dinner.

    Rae feels terrible for judging the teens by their appearance. "I did the very thing I don't want people to do to me -- label me as a gay woman and think that I'm someone who wears flannel shirts and plays pool and changes the oil in my truck for fun." She decides to give Father Lonigan another chance. Simone thinks Kay will give Jessica another chance, too.

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