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    Passions CAST - Rae

    Full detailed profile on Rae Played by Jossara Jinaro on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jossara Jinaro

    Actor: Jossara Jinaro


    Rae was Simone's first female lover. She didn't expect a serious relationship but Simone had other things in mind. Seeing that Simone's love was genuine, Rae slowly fell for her and became her closest friend in the process. She was killed when the "peeper" stabbed her in the back just as she was about to tell Luis the identity of him/her.


    Simone Russell


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    Tuesday, May 06 2008: Men Don't Have Babies!

    Luis and Fancy make out on the jet and then have sex. The pilot cruises to their altitude and overhears Fancy and Luis going at it. He smiles and wishes he had a love like that. As Fancy and Luis continue their romp, the pilot starts to feel sleepy and drinks more coffee to wake himself up. The pilot panics that he’s starting to fall asleep and calls control to make an emergency landing. Pretty overhears the call and is thrilled that this is it! The man in the control room says he’ll help get the plane down safely, but the pilot is having a difficult time keeping his eyes open. The controller tells him there’s an airstrip nearby and Pretty gets upset that her plan isn’t working. She thinks the plane has to crash and grabs a plaque hanging on the wall and knocks the controller out with it. The pilot asks for more direction because he can’t see anything and Pretty smiles as the pilot begs for help.

    Monday, January 28 2008: Pilar Comes to Mexico

    After Fancy leaves, Luis finds Pretty and says he can't believe how Fancy acted towards her. Pretty tells him that she's used to it, but it still hurts. She pretends to cry and Luis comforts her. Pretty says she'll go find Fancy to help her and Luis is blown away that she would want to help her sister after the way she treated her. Pretty says she just wants what's best for Luis and leaves the Book Café thinking, "And what's best for you is me."

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