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    Passions CAST - Jared Casey - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jared Casey Played by James Stevenson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Stevenson

    Birthplace: Tolland, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Committed relationship with Nadia Bjorlin
    Real Name: James Stevenson


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    It's Not a Honeymoon For Everyone

    Friday, January 12 2007

    At the mansion, the wedding reception continues into the night. Jared and Theresa begin to imagine how wonderful their wedding will be. They better leave Gwen and Ethan off the guest list. Jared can’t stop staring at her, but she can only imagine that she’s with Ethan. Meanwhile, Gwen and Rebecca are worrying that everyone will be looking for JT’s memory stick now that it’s public knowledge that it’s gone missing. They must be reading Ethan’s mind because this is exactly what he’s thinking. He starts looking around for the tabloid reporter without any luck.

    Fox asks Kay if he should have Miguel thrown out for upsetting her. He asks her if she’s really happy that she married him. ‘Of course I am,’ Kay says as Paloma interrupts Mr. and Mrs. Crane for the garter toss. Paloma has to goad Noah into going out for his chance. Fox calls all the single gentlemen up and pulls the garter off. He tosses the it and it lands in Miguel’s hands. This can’t be a good sign. Kay wishes Miguel would go away. The ladies gather next so that Kay can throw the bouquet. Theresa catches it. Gwen and Rebecca giggle and Jared let’s slip that they just got engaged. Fox toasts the new couple while Ethan promises himself that he’ll never let it happen.

    News About Grace

    Thursday, January 11 2007

    Whitney, Theresa, Chad and Jared split up at the reception while the women go to congratulate their shared ex-boyfriend Fox. They stop when they spot the tabloid reporter from Whitney’s wedding. Whitney set him up with Valerie in order to keep her away from Chad. Theresa’s a bit disappointed that her friend still doesn’t trust Chad, but she understands. Whitney asks her if being with Jared will keep her away from Ethan; Theresa can’t ever promise that. Whitney remarks that Theresa must be glad now that JT is dead; she’s benefited from it more than anybody. Jared and Chad return and become uncomfortable when they see the tabloid reporter. Unfortunately, he comes over and starts chatting. He tells them all that the memory stick is floating around somewhere. Chad and Jared look very worried.

    Kay is dancing when a drunken Miguel demands a turn. ‘Fox won’t like this,’ Kay warns. ‘He’ll live...this should be our wedding reception,’ Miguel says before she walks away from him. Julian has to stop Fox from picking a fight when he spots him; he won, he doesn’t need to spoil it with a fight. Jared and Theresa dance by slowly while he asks her to sneak away. She says that there’s something she needs to do first.

    The Wedding Ends

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    Gwen is happy to see Theresa accept Jared’s proposal, but it’s unacceptable to Ethan. Lie detector tests aren’t infallible and Jared is guilty of something. Theresa tells him it’s too bad he married Gwen; he ‘picked up a piece of luggage he couldn’t get rid of.’ Ethan starts to ask if she’s marrying Jared just because he gave Gwen the ring back; he won’t let her do that. Ethan wants to fight so Chad takes him away while Whitney asks Theresa if Ethan was right about why she said yes. Gwen getting her ring back is proof that Ethan has chosen her. Maybe she can have a future now with Jared; there’s no point in waiting anymore.

    Gwen goes to congratulate Jared, but he tells her to hold off; no doubt Ethan isn’t finished. Rebecca walks in and Gwen reminds her that they need to find the memory stick. Surveying the scene that Ethan is still making, she tells her daughter to get Ethan home to bed quick before he has another change of mind. Gwen is smug though. ‘Once Theresa marries Jared, she’ll be out of our lives for good.’ Ethan and Theresa both feel so strongly about marriage vows that, if they actually take them, she’ll be safe. Rebecca hopes she’s right.

    Chad tells Ethan that he has to respect Theresa’s choice; she doesn’t love him, he protests but Chad says the game is over and he has to accept it. ‘This is nuts,’ claims Ethan. He’s furious and can’t stop staring at Theresa as she kisses Jared. Gwen tries to take Ethan home and let Theresa find her happiness. Whitney echoes this and Ethan runs over between the couple again. Rebecca tells her daughter again to take Ethan away, but she’s confidant that him seeing Theresa with Jared will make him crazy and drive him back to her arms. Theresa wants Ethan to congratulate her; now there will be three happy couples in Harmony. However, Ethan thinks that her marriage will be more like Jessica and Spike’s: ‘You’ll be married to a lying schemer.’ ‘That’s will you,’ she answers.

    Dr. Gasparro I Presume?

    Tuesday, January 09 2007

    Gwen finds Chad while everyone is gathered around the lie detector. He explains the situation to her: If Jared passes, Theresa should accept his proposal. Theresa starts to wonder why Gwen is there and Whitney imagines that she wants her wedding ring back. None of this is helping Theresa make up her mind. Ethan starts badgering the polygraph examiner for the test results. There’s a delay however and the examiner has to recheck the data. Gwen wants to talk to Ethan alone, but he can’t stop himself from issuing threats of the death penalty to Jared until Theresa stops him. Feeling increasingly isolated, Gwen convinces Ethan to come into the hall with her. Chad asks Jared again if he has nothing to hide; he looks nervous. Gwen begs Ethan to forgive her so they can have their marriage back. She wants to stay true to their vows. He loves her too and is about to give her the ring back when the results are announced. Jared passed-- he didn’t murder JT. He leaps up to take Theresa’s hand while she watches Ethan reluctantly palm Gwen’s ring back to her. He stares as Jared kneels and proposes again. Ethan tries to stop it once more, but Gwen pulls him away. Theresa stares at Ethan for a long time before agreeing. Gwen is relieved.

    Do We Need Lie Detectors For the Men We Love?

    Monday, January 08 2007

    On the other side of the mansion, Jared returns to Theresa’s side and won’t leave without her. Ethan tries to throw him out, but Jared says that he just sounds ridiculous. Whitney pipes in to says that she believes that Jared is actually better for Theresa; she’s spent too much of her life waiting for Ethan. Chad holds Ethan back as he gets more agitated and Whitney announces that she has an idea that can prove that Jared is not a murderer. Ethan is reluctant, but Chad reminds him that he’s a lawyer and he should look for facts. For Ethan, even if the facts are circumstantial, they’re good enough. Jared reminds him that he’s a lawyer too and his ‘facts’ are not much good at all. Whitney breaks in on the legal bickering to explain her idea: The polygraph examiner is still there so why not bring him back. Jared refuses; if he needs a lie detector test to gain Theresa’s trust, they don’t have a future. Yet, everyone else thinks it’s a good idea and pressure him into proving that Ethan is wrong. He agrees and Ethan gleefully bounds off to fetch the polygraph examiner. Theresa, in one of her insightful moments, tells Whitney that it’s weird that they’re using polygraphs to convince themselves that the men they’re with aren’t lying to them. She just wants to get it over with and prove Jared’s right, yet Whitney still wonders if she still wants to be with Ethan. When she tells her friend that Gwen threw her wedding ring at Ethan, she gets excited that there may finally be a solution. Theresa is less confidant.

    Jared takes Chad aside and admits that he’s worried the test will show him to be a liar. After all, Chad passed and he really was seeing someone else. But Chad didn’t lie; he only said that there was no other woman in his heart. Jared is really nervous however, and Chad starts to think that Ethan may actually be right, though Jared insists he’s only worried about how unreliable the test is. The examiner returns with Ethan and sets it up. Ethan wants to ask the questions, despite protests. As he proceeds, Jared tells a lie (‘only about how much I love you,’ he claims before saying that she’s the most incredible woman he ever met). This is enough for Theresa and she asks the test to stop, but Jared insists that they finish it. When he’s asked if he killed JT, there is an uncomfortably long pause before he says no.

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