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    Passions CAST - Jared Casey - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jared Casey Played by James Stevenson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Stevenson

    Birthplace: Tolland, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Committed relationship with Nadia Bjorlin
    Real Name: James Stevenson


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    Julian Works Overtime

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Ethan walks to the Blue Note and finds Jared standing outside the door. Jared wants to go in and celebrate Valentine’s Day with Tess. Ethan reminds him that he already walked out on her and she’s not going back now. Jared’s done more than enough to hurt Theresa, Ethan says. Now it’s time to leave her alone because she’ll never be happy with him. ‘Theresa gets to decide who she wants to spend the rest of her life with,’ Jared answers before he rants about all the things about Ethan that make him sick. He thinks that Ethan is just playing a cruel game with Tess to keep her in a constant state of confusion. ‘If she wants you so bad, where’s the engagement ring you gave her?’ Ethan taunts him. They start to wrestle and punch each other into the snow and concrete. Whitney comes put and stops them. Jared accuses Ethan of just being worried that Tess will finally pick him.

    Charity Loves Miguel

    Tuesday, February 06 2007

    Chad finishes putting Miles to sleep and sits down with Whitney. She tells him that Theresa and Ethan may get married soon and then their lives can be as perfect as theirs. Jared comes knocking on the door. He says that he needs their help; he made a huge mistake and wants Tess back. ‘I’m sorry, but you can’t have her back,’ Whitney says. She sends Chad to see Miles and tells Jared that Tess is trying to make a life with Ethan and he can’t waltz back in and take it away from her. He begs her to help him, but she won’t do that now that she has the chance to be with ‘the father of her children.’ This last details doesn’t escape Jared and he demands an explanation. She backtracks and says that Ethan would just like to adopt little Ethan because they’re so close. He accepts this explanation and Whitney tells him that Theresa is doing what’s best for herself. Jared still won’t give up and walks off to think. Chad is amazed she almost gave it away that easy and still doesn’t think Theresa will take Ethan over Jared.

    The Man in Kay’s Heart

    Monday, February 05 2007

    Theresa pushes Jared away as he kisses her. He says that he’s done something idiotic; he can’t leave her now— he’s crazy in love with her. As she stands away from him, he notices that she’s taken his ring off. While he thought he could make her forget Ethan, he doesn’t believe that is possible if she’s already given up on ‘us.’ She thought that she’d never see him again. Chad convinced him to stay and he’ll never give up now; he wants to put the ring back on her finger. This has all thrown her for a loop and she doesn’t know what to do. She starts to cry and think of Ethan and little Ethan finally being a family with her and Jane. Finally she admits that there may be nothing that could make her put his ring back on. He apologizes that his insecurity forced him into giving her ultimatums, but he’s back now and wants to be with her. He promises her no more macho garbage: She will always be first in his heart, he can offer her no more. But as she listens to him, she can only imagine Ethan standing there telling her how much he wants her to be his wife. Taking Ethan’s hand, she tells him that little Ethan is her son and they can be a real family now. Jared interrupts this fantasy, dismayed that her mind is wandering as he pours out his heart. She’s confused and has been talking to herself about little Ethan’s father. He asks her what that’s all about and she tells him she’s just worried about losing her son to Julian. After offering to help, he asks her to have dinner with him later; they could be happy together with little Ethan. Leaving her alone to think, Theresa wonders if fate is playing a sick joke on her by finally letting her be with Ethan just as she’s fallen in love with Jared. Ethan then walks through the door and tells her that he had a talk with Whitney and knows that she’s free now. ‘I’m free now too, to be with whomever I want,’ he says as she smiles.

    The Last Time This Time?

    Friday, February 02 2007

    Jared is asleep on his couch dreaming about being in bed with Theresa when Ethan arrives and throws him out of bed. Although he reminds Tess that they’re engaged, she and Ethan don’t care and they make out before Ethan beats him up. Chad wakes him up and Jared jumps on him. After pushing him off, Chad’s surprised to see that he’s been sleeping in the office. Jared explains that he was all ready to go when Valerie talked him out of it, but after the dream he just had, he’s not sure anymore. He asks Chad for advice, but soon realizes this isn’t the best idea. After all, Chad fought for Whitney when he thought she was his sister and began having an affair at the same time. Anyway, he knows that he’ll never be first for Tess. Chad tells him not to let his pride make him lose out on a chance at love. He leaves and Jared continues to pack. Realizing that he still loves Tess, he runs off to find her.

    Ethan runs into Whitney at the daycare. She encourages him to go and find Theresa right now. She tells him that it’s important. Meanwhile, Theresa is in her office telling herself that she’s doing the right thing. Before Ethan can arrive, Jared bursts into the office to say that he’s made a huge mistake and he still wants her. ‘I want to marry you just like we planned,’ he proclaims as he pulls her into a kiss.

    The Evidence Mounts

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    Jared has been sleeping on the couch in his office after a night of solitary drinking. Valerie wakes him and she reminds him of why he can’t leave. Theresa needs him more than ever; something awful is happening to the Cranes. The stress of running Crane combined with her personal life in shambles is destroying Theresa. But Jared thinks it’s over; Tess only said yes to him because she thought she couldn’t have Ethan. Now, all of that’s changed. Valerie tells him he should fight, but he’s already done that. She tells him to go easy on Theresa; she was in love with Ethan all her life and it takes time to get over that, but she said yes to him. Right now, he needs to prove how much he loves her by fighting Ethan all the way.

    A Warning

    Friday, January 26 2007

    At the office, Chad walks in on Jared packing. He won’t stay in the town any longer if he has to play second to Ethan. Chad’s never seen him so mad and yet he still believes Ethan is telling the truth. Jared can’t stand it though and, even if this isn’t Theresa’s fault, he can’t forgive her. Still, Chad urges him to imagine that they are telling the truth and, even if Jared’s ego is bruised, he shouldn’t leave town. Whitney calls Chad and tells him to keep Jared there. After he explains the situation with Theresa to his friend, he gets a call from his lover and has to leave. Jared is appalled that he can continue doing that to his wife and child, but Chad leaves anyway. Later, Valerie arrives to see how he is. He tells her that he’s leaving and is surprised to find her telling him that he can’t walk out on Theresa. ‘You don’t understand. Something terrible is happening in Harmony, especially to the Cranes,’ she insists. He laughs, but Valerie is deadly serious. If he cares about Theresa, he has to stay and protect her.

    The Marriage is Over

    Wednesday, January 24 2007

    Jared tells Whitney and Chad that he’s sick of competing. He won’t live his life the way Gwen has; there’s no room for three people in a marriage, ‘I had that already.’ Whitney goes up to comfort her friend. Chad reminds Jared that he’s threatened to leave before and couldn’t do it. Things are different this time; now he knows that she will always pick Ethan. ‘A marriage is about two people in love, not three,’ Jared says, nudging Chad and telling him that he’s not being fair to his wife. Jared is ready to leave unless Theresa can prove that she’s over Ethan.

    Theresa wonders if her engagement to Jared can really be off. He can’t be with her if she won’t press charges. She cried while she thinks of all the times she’s been with Jared. However, she realizes that it is Ethan in her heart. Whitney comes up to see her. It’s a shame that she’s throwing away a future with a wonderful man for nothing. Maybe Jared is right, Whitney suggests, and she should press charges. She won’t do that, but she still loves him and it’s killing her.

    Ethan Hasn’t Been the Best Husband Lately

    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    Ethan is defending himself against Jared’s accusations that he’s taken advantage of Theresa. Jared punches Ethan again before Theresa stops him and claims that Ethan didn’t do anything that she didn’t want. She asks for Gwen’s help, but all Gwen can say is ‘help you? It’s all I can do to stop myself from helping Jared neuter my dog of a husband!’ She thinks he just snuck over to get what he’s been dreaming about. Jared punches Ethan again and Theresa repeats her excuses. Gwen says Jared should learn from her stupidity. This has been going on for years; it’s time to give them what they want. Ethan tries to stop her, but Gwen is drowning in his lies and is sick of him. She leaves and he follows her. Jared wants him charged for assault, but Theresa refuses. He’s disgusted that she can’t even tell the difference between he and Ethan. Jared takes out his phone to call 911 so they can have Ethan charged with sexual assault. She refuses and he asks her if she wants her daughter raised by a sexual predator. He places the phone in her hands, but she can’t do it. He accuses her of lying to him; she must have known that she was making love to Ethan. Shrugging, she admits that she knew... deep down. He tells her that, if she still loves Ethan, they’re finished. When she tries to convince him that she loves him, Jared demands she press charges. She refuses: The engagement is off. He walks out, she pushed him too far.

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