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    Passions CAST - Jared Casey - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jared Casey Played by James Stevenson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Stevenson

    Birthplace: Tolland, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Committed relationship with Nadia Bjorlin
    Real Name: James Stevenson


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    Happily Never After

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    Jared walks into the bedroom and notices that there is a giant hole in the wall. 'No wonder you didn't want to sleep in your room last night. It looks like the set of The Shining!' he exclaims. Her mouth hangs open for a moment while she looks for an excuse. She says that she just felt like re-modeling and starts rambling as she covers the hole over with the room divider. Enough with the interior decoration; she just wants to make a baby. They get into bed and the blackmailer watches, glad to see that she's finally learned her lesson. Jared is so happy; being with Tess is a dream come true. He admits that he was scared that she would go back to Ethan, especially after he received divorce papers from Gwen. He thanks her for making him the happiest man in the world. The only thing that she can think about is the blackmailer's demands that she get pregnant. She tells him that she's hungry and gets out of bed to make them a sandwich. 'So far you're lucky. Let's hope your wife keeps making you feel that way,' the blackmailer growls.

    You Won't Get Away With This

    Friday, May 04 2007

    In Theresa's room, Eve gives Jared a check up and concludes that he is finally ready to go back to his regular activities. He's thrilled and tells her that he and Tess are going to start a family. Theresa soon walks in and asks if there's anything she needs to do to speed things up. Eve reminds her that she doesn't have trouble getting pregnant. As Jared leaves to take a shower, Eve asks her what's really going on. Tess says that no one can help her and everything is perfectly fine. Eve tells her that she better think this through before she brings another baby into the world. After Eve leaves the room, she runs into Julian in the hall. He tries to explain himself but she doesn't need any explanations for what she saw between him and Ivy. 'It's done!' she tells him as she walks away. 'Not by a long shot,' Julian promises as he gets on the phone. Later, in the bedroom, the ovulation test is brought up to Theresa and she gets a 'smiley face' saying that today is one of the two most likely days she can conceive. Jared thinks it's time to get to work. He tells her that he loves her as they climb into bed. 'I'm so sorry Ethan,' she thinks to herself.

    It's Over

    Wednesday, May 02 2007

    In Theresa's room, Jared isn't thrilled to have Ethan interrupting him when he's trying to get in bed with his wife. Ethan says that what he has to tell her can't wait. 'I know what this is about,' Jared announces. He assumes that Ethan is just there to talk about her brother's appeal. Ethan says that he's right; what he has to say will impact on all of their futures. As Ethan is about to tell Jared the truth, Theresa stops him and Pilar walks in. She drags Ethan out and tells him that she knows that he's there for himself and not for her sons. Ethan tells her what the blackmailer demanded in return for her brothers freedom. Pilar tells him that he has to stay away from Theresa from now on. This surprises him but Pilar says that nothing is more important than her sons' lives. 'You're willing to sacrifice your daughter's happiness for your sons?' he asks. Pilar can't believe that he's being so selfish. Jared pokes his head out to see if everything is okay. Pilar tells Ethan again to stay away from her daughter and then tells her daughter to forget about Ethan and focus on Jared. Ethan doesn't think that things can wait until tomorrow and wants everything dealt with now. Jared tells Pilar that he and Theresa are planning to start a family right away. As he kisses Tess, Ethan tells Pilar that the baby was the blackmailer's chief demand. She shakes her head. Pilar is surprised that they're in such a rush but she will say a special prayer for them. Jared thanks his new 'mom' and tells her that he hopes his good fortune will rub off on her sons. Theresa and Ethan stare at each other in anguish.

    New Killer in Town

    Tuesday, May 01 2007

    Theresa arrives in Jared's hospital room and hops over to him to give him a kiss. He understands that she's been too busy to see him and that she misses her brothers; it's awful being separated from the person you love. 'It's killing me,' she says before telling him that she will get her brothers free soon. After kissing him, she tells him that she wants a baby right away. This seems soon to him, but he likes the idea. 'I'm start a family,' she says. As they make out on the bed, she tells him that she loves him (just not the way I love Ethan, she thinks to herself). Moments later, Ethan walks in and finds a nurse changing the sheets. She tells him that Jared was just discharged and left with Theresa. 'He had that look like my husband gets after watching wrestling,' she tells him; that's when he 'needs it all night long.' After she tells him that 'it will take a crowbar to pry Mr. Casey off his new bride,' Ethan hurries off. He walks in on Jared and Theresa while they are getting into bed. 'You can't do this!' he shouts.

    Stupid Girl

    Monday, April 23 2007

    In his hospital bed, Jared muses on how much his Tess must need him now that her brothers have been sent away. Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa tumble into her bed. He wants it to be like this all the time. So does she, but then she remembers that last time they got together sealed her brother's fate. Maybe Ethan's hot embrace isn't such a grand idea? Ethan tells her that they have to fight the 'he/she' together and their love is stronger than any kind of Evil. He tells her that 'the pervert' has already done their worst and there is nothing more they can do. Theresa is not so sure. He kisses her until Jared calls to say how sorry he is about her having to go through all of her pain alone. He would give anything to hold her and comfort her. She says that she'll be okay and he should stay in the hospital. He promises to help her and do whatever it takes to help her get through this. Why isn't she coming to visit him? he wonders. She's too tired, she says. He then startles her by saying that he'll be released in the morning. Whitney knocks on her door and Tess gets off the phone with a half-hearted 'I love you' that makes Ethan roll his eyes. After she hangs up, she feels like a horrible person. Whitney thinks that she must be interrupting something and should leave but Theresa won't let her. When Ethan goes to get them drinks, Whitney tells Theresa that she has obviously lost her mind. Not just because she's cheating on her husband, because Jared's not that important, but because the blackmailer may be watching do it. It's impossible for Theresa to resist Ethan though so she thinks that she should use him to help her fight the blackmailer. Whitney tells her that the blackmailer could still do worse, but Theresa thinks that she should go public with Ethan and drop Jared. Whitney then tells Theresa about Valerie and how Vincent's been cheating on her. Ethan returns and Whitney leaves. Theresa tells him her new plan to leave Jared and be with him. He's glad to hear it and they start making out. The blackmailer watches and says: 'You just never learn from your mistakes...stupid, stupid girl.'

    Kay wanders by Jared's room and peaks in. He invites her in for a chat and asks about the sentencing. 'It's probably the worst day of my life,' she says bitterly. Jared tells her that the court sentences won't stick, but Kay isn't sure. He can see that while she may be here for Fox, she is obviously in love with Miguel. 'You're right,' she admits. 'And I've been the worst wife in the world.' She feels so guilty. Jared tells her that she should tell Fox the truth and get a divorce. He never thought that Tess would get over Ethan, but then she realized that he was 'the number one man in her heart.' Kay can't dump Fox right now when he is so weak. Jared tells her that Fox can take it better than she can take lying to him; she needs to be brave. As she leaves, she looks back at Jared sadly, knowing that Theresa will likely do to him what she is about to do to Fox.

    Too Late

    Monday, April 02 2007

    Ethan drives through the night, hoping that he can stop the wedding now that he finally has proof to get Luis and Miguel free. Meanwhile, at the hospital, as Julian watches the ceremony, he opines, 'is it just me or is this wedding a bit strange?' 'Theresa is the queen of strange,' Ivy says. But even Eve finds this all bizarre and suspects that someone is pushing Theresa into this. The justice of the peace begins the service while Theresa can't stop thinking about her promise to Ethan not to marry Jared. The justice says that committed, true love is the greatest joy in life as Tess' eyes begin to dart and she spaces out. Catching her attention, Jared joins hands with her and offers his vows. She drifts off again and remembers all of the times that she's made up with Ethan in the past, but then Jared places the ring on her finger and Whitney brings up the ring for Jared. She starts to cry as she places the ring on his finger. They are pronounced husband and wife. As they kiss, Ethan appears in the doorway, crushed by what he's seeing. Whitney feels bad, but everyone else gets up and shakes Jared's hand.

    After the ceremony, Theresa walks away, but Ethan catches her in the hall. He's disappointed that she wouldn't wait and tells her that he only needed a couple of more minutes. She protests that she tried when, suddenly, Eve calls to her and tells them that Luis was shot. As Eve runs down to the ER, Ethan grabs Theresa to tell her that he found proof to clear her brothers, but it is 'complicated and very bizarre.' She starts jumping for joy, but he needs her to go with him right now to get the evidence. Although she wants to leave with him, she won't; not on her wedding night: It's too late. Jared comes out of his room to ask them what is going on. Ethan explains that he found evidence and needs her to come with him, but she won't go and Jared is glad to hear it. Then they tell him what just happened to Luis and Jared tells her that she has to go and help her brothers. He wants to go, but she begs him to go back to bed. They can celebrate when she gets back. As she goes off to change, Jared reminds Ethan that she is his wife now.

    Back at the hospital, Ivy and Julian are the only people left behind with Jared. They start drinking champagne and he wonders what happened to Eve...and everyone else. Jared finishes the paperwork and realizes that his bride has gone missing. Jared tells them what's been going on. They're angry to find out that Theresa is now with Ethan. 'Are you crazy?' Ivy asks. Jared trusts his wife; it's Ethan that he doesn't trust. Meanwhile, Ethan takes Theresa to the blackmailer's apartment and tells her about all of the pictures he saw of them, Jared and Gwen, Kay, Fox and Miguel, Sheridan and Chris and a whole bunch of other people in Harmony. 'Once you see what's inside here, you're going to realize that this whole thing is over,' he says as he opens the door.

    Open Fire

    Friday, March 30 2007

    Back at the hospital, as Chad wheels Jared back to his room, they find the halls and rooms all decorated for a wedding. Theresa and Whitney hide in a closet and call Ethan, but there is no answer. Jared turns on a tape of the wedding march while Ivy thrusts flowers into Theresa's hands. She begins shouting that she doesn't want to get this. Suddenly she gets a message from the blackmailer telling her to go ahead with it or it's over for Luis and Miguel. She backpedals and agrees to go ahead with the wedding. Ivy gets her a bouquet and asks Chad to walk Theresa down the aisle. 'I love a happy ending!' Ivy gleefully exclaims. All Whitney can think about though is when Theresa was on death's row. Chad walks Tess down the aisle and the ceremony begins.

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