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    Passions CAST - Jared Casey - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jared Casey Played by James Stevenson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Stevenson

    Birthplace: Tolland, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Committed relationship with Nadia Bjorlin
    Real Name: James Stevenson


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    Evil Isn't Fair

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    In her room, Jared and Tess exchange 'I love yous', but he's still not sure that he's the only man in her heart. 'I know you love me, but do you still love Ethan?' he earnestly asks. His wife has to think about this for a long time before reminding him that they're married. That's not exactly the answer he was looking for, but she doesn't know what to say to stop his feelings of insecurity. He decides to be happy and make love to her, although she can only think about Ethan as her husband undresses her. She hates what she's doing; maybe some day he can find real love and she can be with Ethan...

    He Came After You, Right?

    Monday, June 25 2007

    Gwen walks into the mansion to be eagerly greeted by her mother. Rebecca though that her daughter was a lost cause and is sure that she's back to fight for Ethan. This isn't Gwen's plan though: She doesn't want Ethan back. Rebecca doesn't understand. Gwen explains that she always though that she could win, but now she doesn't and she's realized that he doesn't have the integrity she thought he had. She just wants her divorce and then she's leaving. Rebecca says that they can get him back, but Gwen only wants her daughter back. Jared walks in and Gwen congratulates him on his marriage. He thanks her and she tells him that he should go and check on his wife. Swallowing his anger, Jared rushes off. Rebecca is proud that her daughter can be so 'deliciously bad' when she doesn't even want Ethan. After Gwen gets Jane and sits down with her, Rebecca continues urging her to fight, but Gwen would rather have her self-respect. She says that it's the most wonderful feeling to know that your man will never leave you. Wait a second, Rebecca says, it sounds like Gwennie already has another man in her life. Gwen's not giving away any details. Later, she gets a call and tells the person on the phone that she'll be gone as soon as she gets what she's come for.

    The blackmailer looks through Whitney's kitchen window to watch Ethan and Theresa. Everything Gwen said about Theresa marrying Jared makes a lot of sense to him. Theresa continues to claim that Gwen is nuts and she would never hurt him. 'Then why are you married to Jared?' he asks. She repeats that she has no choice and blames everything on Gwen. Ethan admits that he still loves her...but so does Jared. He needs her to say that she will leave Jared and come to him as soon as Luis is free. She promises him that she loves him more than her own life. As they kiss, the blackmailer growls: 'You love him more than your own life? Good. Because that's exactly what your love is going to cost you.' As Ethan and Theresa make out in the kitchen, Jared walks in and catches them. Ethan can barely even turn around before Jared punches him in the face. Ethan tells him that he's getting everything wrong. 'She doesn't love you. She loves me. She's my wife!' Jared shouts. Calmly, Ethan asks Theresa if there is anything that she wants to say to Jared. She doesn't. Disappointed, with a disgusted look on his face, Ethan decides that there is no more to say and walks out. 'Tess...Ethan did come after you right?' Jared asks. She tells him that she just wants to concentrate on their relationship and puts her arms around him. 'If I ever lost you, I could kill,' Jared thinks to himself

    This Maniac is Smart

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    As she is imaging making love with Ethan, Theresa snaps out of it and seems disappointed that she's actually in bed with Jared. After he falls asleep, she feels bad, but keeps fantasizing about her soul mate Ethan anyway. The phone rings and he wakes up. It's TC on the phone. He tells her that Whitney is having a hard time and needs to see her best friend. She promises to come over and tells Jared that she can't understand how Chad could have done this to her. After she climbs out of bed, the phone rings again: It's Ethan. What could he want? Jared wonders.

    After Jared has gotten out of bed and gone downstairs, Ethan arrives. 'We need to talk, man to man, about my wife,' he says. Why is Ethan calling his wife in the middle of the night? Ethan tells him that he can't expect him to disappear from her life, but that's exactly what Jared expects. Life is good without Ethan. If it is, then why is he so worried? Ethan asks. Jared's not worried, he's annoyed. This time, Ethan won't get his way. 'Don't ever tell me what I can and can't do,' Ethan says as he walks away.

    Don't do Anything Stupid

    Friday, June 15 2007

    As Ethan and Theresa make out on the waterfront, Jared appears and asks his wife what she is doing. Jared doesn't want to sound like a jealous husband, but he needs an answer. Tess tells him that Whitney was very upset and explains the Chad situation. 'I knew it would come out some day,' Jared says. Tess is surprised that he knew and Ethan jumps on the chance to tell Jared off for not warning Whitney. Jared argues pointedly that he has no right to intrude on anyone else's marriage. Right now, he just wants to take her home and get back to baby making. After he takes Theresa away, Ethan kicks himself for not telling him off more. Suddenly, he feels like someone is watching him. He begins to search around, but only Ivy appears. She wonders where the 'shrew' is. Visibly hurt, he tells her that she went home with Jared. Ivy can't understand why her son still loves Theresa, but he absolutely does. She reminds him that she is married and he always respected the vow of marriage. 'Lot of good that did me,' he says. 'The only thing Theresa will ever give you is a broken heart,' she tells him. Although she repeats her usual arguments, Ethan actually can't accept that Theresa might already be back in bed with Jared. After kissing him goodnight, she begs him to go home and go to sleep. Left alone, Ethan hears someone close by and, as he wanders off, someone follows him.

    Jared brings Tess up to their bedroom. She tells him that she's tired. 'Not too tired I hope,' he says as he kisses her. Sitting her on the bed, he hands her a gift: It's a necklace with half a heart on it inscribed with 'Jared.' he has the other half with her name on it. Without her, he doesn't feel whole. He can see that something is making her sad, it must be Chad and Whitney. That's what happens when you try to keep secrets. Luckily they don't have any, he smiles. They get into bed and, as they start to make love, she imagines that she's with Ethan. 'Tonight's the night we make out baby,' he says.

    A Birthday to Remember

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    At the mansion, Theresa and Whitney come down the stairs eager to know the results of their pregnancy tests. They try to focus on Chad's party and hope that there won't be any dead bodies this time. Ethan walks in and Whitney invites him to the party. He says that he also has a surprise planned for tonight. Theresa's had enough surprises to last a lifetime, she says and begins to worry. Eve arrives to help out and she goes in the kitchen with her daughter. Theresa starts to ramble at Ethan and begs him to stay away. He begins massaging her neck and saying that he can't do that. Jared walks in, sees them together and asks what's going on. Tess explains that they are just planning a party for Chad. That sounds good to him so he takes her hand and they walk off to make preparations. Ethan has other plans to put in motion and gets on the phone to set things up.

    He's Coming

    Friday, May 11 2007

    Theresa goes back upstairs to Jared. He asks her where she's been. She claims that she just went to see Sheridan. He tells her that he's been having fun with little Ethan and they are becoming closer. He then tells her that little Ethan ran into a clown in a half-man/half-woman costume. Theresa drops her glass of water. She picks up the glass and assures him that she's just a klutz then suddenly leaves for 'a conference call'. He realizes that something is wrong with her. When Theresa goes to her office, she calls security to watch over little Ethan. Getting off the phone, she turns to find the blackmailer standing there. They grab her phone and threaten her with a knife. Theresa protests and claims that she's done everything she can. She tries to threaten the blackmailer for going after little Ethan but they are unfazed. They remind her of everything that she'll lose if she doesn't do as she's told. When they hear someone calling, the blackmailer runs off. Jared walks in and asks if everything is alright. She hugs him and tells him that she loves him.

    Imaginary Friend

    Thursday, May 10 2007

    Jared lays in bed but he can't sleep. He hears Rebecca wandering the halls and calling for her boa constrictor. 'Did you hear the news? Tess and I are going to have a bab,' Jared tells her with a grin and a twinkle in his eye. Rebecca's ears perk up and she sits down beside him. She's surprised that Theresa agreed to have a child with him. 'She's the one who suggested it,' he explains. Rebecca thinks that this might mean that Theresa is finally over Ethan. He hopes so. She pulls her phone out of her cleavage and calls Gwen to tell her that she can come back home now and put the divorce aside. Unfortunately, Gwen can't go anywhere: She's tied to a bed at the moment. The phone hangs up and Jared asks if everything is okay. Little Ethan walks in and says that he just met a clown who knows his father. A clown who knows Julian? 'No, not Julian,' little Ethan says. Jared is confused, but Rebecca prompts the boy to continue. Little Ethan describes the clown as a half man/half woman in a costume like Rebecca would wear. They told him that they would have lots of fun together and go on adventures. After little Ethan hugs Jared, he walks to the bookcase. Rebecca imagines that he must have an imaginary friend; it's not like he gets any attention from his mother or has anyone to play with. 'He's got nothing to play with but billions and billions a few years I could be his friend,' she realizes. Jared tells little Ethan to get a book while Rebecca goes out in the hall and tries to figure out how to get her daughter back. After Jared reads his new son a story, they get on his wheelchair and start to zoom around the mansion. When they get back to his room, they get a call from downstairs that little Ethan's friend has arrived. The boy tells Jared that he's happy that he's part of his life now and then runs off happily. Downstairs, Rebecca calls Gwen again and tells her that she needs to get back and snag the man she loves. Gwen reminds her that she is divorcing him, but Rebecca is sure that she doesn't mean that. Suddenly, Gwen begins screaming for someone to 'stop it!'

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