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    Passions CAST - Jared Casey - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jared Casey Played by James Stevenson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Stevenson

    Birthplace: Tolland, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Committed relationship with Nadia Bjorlin
    Real Name: James Stevenson


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    Fox's Surprise

    Monday, January 01 2007

    In the kitchen, Jared continues to remind Chad of what a mistake he’s made, but Chad is sick of talking about it. He’s just glad that JT is dead; that’s done everyone a favor. Jared seems relieved as well, but is dismayed when Chad announces that he’s going up to see Whitney. ‘I didn’t get married to sleep alone.’ He continues to insist that he really does love Whitney but Jared thinks that he has a peculiar way of showing it. Chad can’t help himself though; his lover is an addiction that he can’t shake. Jared says there’s treatment for that, but Chad refuses to consider it. Whitney’s just in shock and he knows that he can make her see sense if he can talk to her.

    Whitney can hardly believe what a two timing jerk Chad is. Theresa still wonders if she misunderstood what she heard, but Whitney is convinced he was speaking to his lover. This doesn’t make any sense to Theresa, but Whitney says that they obviously don’t know who Chad really is. ‘If you don’t know who Chad is, then I certainly don’t know who Jared is,’ Theresa says as they both begin to suspect that these men may have had something to do with JT’s death. To cheer her up, Theresa says that they can pretend that they’re having a sleepover. Whitney reminds her that they aren’t kids anymore and a slumber party really won’t help anything. She can’t believe what a fool she’s been. Then, Chad starts to bang on the door and threatens to knock it down. The women tell him to go home but he refuses. Whitney yells out that there is no explanation for what’s he’s done. Jared runs down the hall to grab Chad and pull him back. He tells his friend that he is only making things worse. Theresa comes outside and tells him again that Whitney will not see or speak to him. Chad refuses to accept this. He insists that Whitney has misunderstood, he loves her and only her. Theresa can’t believe that this is happening and Jared tries to assure her that it would never happen to them. Appalled by his time, she tells him that this isn’t the best time to discuss his proposal. She even tries to give him his ring back while she thinks it over. He won’t take it though. She just wants him to get Chad out of there right now. Jared nods and manages to wrestle Chad away from the door as Theresa slips back into the room with Whitney. She promises her that the new year will be better for both of them and they embrace.

    What’s happened to you Aunt Sheridan?

    Friday, December 29 2006

    Jared is on his knees proposing to Theresa so that she can make him ‘the happiest man in the world.’ She looks down at the ring he’s placed on her finger and... then Whitney runs into the room crying and jumps into Theresa’s arms. Jared excuses himself and Whitney explains everything that happened in the kitchen. This has been the biggest mistake of her life. Whitney thinks that she’s a fool, but Theresa says that it’s Chad that’s the fool. She realizes that she’s crying all over Theresa’s engagement ring and apologizes for interrupting. What was her answer? Theresa didn’t have time to answer. She’s glad that they were interrupted anyway because she doesn’t know what her answer is. Ethan’s gotten to her– maybe he’s right about Jared. Whitney starts to suspect that Chad and Jared might have killed JT.

    Jared finds Chad in the kitchen. He swears that he never meant to hurt Whitney. Jared still doesn’t understand what he could be thinking by continuing his affair. Chad insists that things are ‘different’ with the other person; it’s just sex, but it’s completely separate from what he has with Whitney. He’s worried that he’s lost her forever now. After a dead body falls out of your wedding cake, you don’t expect things to get worse, but they can. Jared says that, at least now, no one will think that he killed JT. ‘A lot of people wanted him dead,’ Chad repeats.

    Everyone's a Suspect

    Thursday, December 28 2006

    Theresa tries to comfort Whitney by telling her that whoever is in the cake might not have been very innocent. Chad asks Jared if he’s okay and he admits to being spooked. ‘Me too, more than you know,’ Chad says before repeating that he’ll do anything he has to in order to make sure that his secret is safe.

    Sam comes out to announce that they’ve identified the body and everyone starts to file back in. Sam unveils the body and announces that it’s JT. Rebecca falls on him and begins feeling up his off the rack clothes for the flashdrigve while she rambles about their love. Luis tries pulling her off while Ethan is disappointed that he’ll never get the information he needs. Everyone else seems happy. When they pry Rebecca off the corpse, the bra comes with her and there’s nothing there. She starts licking the cake off while Sam asks who might have killed him. Ethan comes forward to accuse Jared. Gwen and Theresa tell him to stop and Sam says that he should wait for some evidence before he makes accusations. Ethan tells Theresa again that she’s making a mistake and she reminds him that she can’t be with the man she wants. Jared wonders if this incident has destroyed the mood too much for a wedding proposal but Whitney encourages him to go ahead. He walks off thinking that this actually might be the best opportunity, ‘especially now.’ Chad and Whitney seem happy anyway and he goes off to get their room ready. In the kitchen, his lover calls him and he tells them that he’ll figure out a way for them to be together on New Years. He turns to see Whitney standing in the door. ‘So I was right?’ She slaps him across the face.

    Outside, Gwen is trying to convince Ethan to go but he wants to stay and look for dirt on Jared. Gwen reminds him that JT was blackmailing lots of people, but he trudges off to look for evidence again. Meanwhile, Theresa discovers Jared in a room full of candles. He wants things to be special and he keeps getting interrupted. On his knees, he holds up a ring and tells her that he wants to spend the rest fo his life with her.

    Whose For Cake?

    Wednesday, December 27 2006

    The wedding party returns to the mansion for the reception. Whitney thinks it’s like ‘wonderland.’ Jared congratulates Chad and says that he’ll propose to Theresa by the end of the night. Chad’s relieved that nobody tried to stop the wedding. He just hopes that everybody holds their peace forever. Theresa gathers everyone together for a toast and the newlyweds kiss and glide around the floor. TC cuts in for a dance with his daughter while Chad dances with his new mother-in-law. Rebecca starts to cry, ‘It’s the first husband you always think of when you’re low.’ Ethan and Jared exchange smirks while Rebecca tells Gwen that, at least they won’t be the only ones exposed. Noah asks a miserable looking Miguel ‘who died?’ as he stares at Fox and Kay, convinced that he’s lost her forever. He can’t understand why she hasn’t even given him a clue. Fox doesn’t even look like he’s dying; it’s just too convenient.

    Jared pulls Theresa away to ask her something, but he’s interrupted when Simone announces that all the ladies must gather at the bottom of the stairs so that the bride can throw the bouquet. She throws it and Simone catches it as everyone claps. Since she isn’t about to get married, she tries to give it to Paloma who tells her that the laws might change for her soon. Noah asks Paloma why she didn’t try and catch it and she says that she’s already turned down one proposal. She has to fall in love before she gets married. Noah leans in and kisses her. Miguel stalks over to Kay to comment on how her wedding must be cursed since she didn’t catch the bouquet. ‘Leave me alone,’ she says as she walks way. He imagines now that he can discover what Fox is really up to and change things around.

    Surprise Guests

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    Father Lonigan is having Chad and Whitney recite the wedding vows. Ethan imagines marrying Theresa as he watches and Fox and Kay smile at each other. When the Father gets to asking Chad if he can ‘foresake all others,’ worried looks spread over he and Jared’s faces. After a moment, he agrees. Rebecca arrives and whispers to Gwen what has just happened with JT. When Father Lonigan asks if anyone can object to the marriage, she coincidentally yells out ‘NO!’ while everyone turns to glare at her. Ethan asks her what she’s doing and Father Lonigan asks her what’s wrong. Rebecca tells them that they just saw a mouse and he can continue, but Theresa already suspects that this has something to do with JT. The service continues as they exchange rings and Gwen and Rebecca vow to get revenge on JT. The ceremony comes to a close and everyone claps as they are pronounced husband and wife.

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