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    Passions CAST - Jared Casey - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jared Casey Played by James Stevenson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Stevenson

    Birthplace: Tolland, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Committed relationship with Nadia Bjorlin
    Real Name: James Stevenson


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    I Could Never Hate You

    Monday, July 23 2007

    Upstairs, Theresa finds Jared packing. She tells him that she did love him, but he doesn't believe her. He's always been 'the other guy' and she only married him to protect her secret. He knows that Ethan is really little Ethan's father. There are a lot of people who would like to know that secret, but it's safe with him. She assumes that he must hate her for this. 'I could never hate you,' he says, hugging her. She's sure that one day he'll find another woman who can love him. After he's packed up, she takes him downstairs with his bags. They find Ethan hugging Gwen. They break it off when they spot Jared. As Gwen drags her mother away, Ethan tells her that she can see Jane whenever she wants. When the ladies get in the hallway, they continue their plotting until Jared interrupts them. He warns them that if they insist on hurting Theresa and Ethan, someone will come back to haunt them. It's time that they all got over this. Once he leaves, Rebecca says that she doesn't like threats, but Gwen doesn't care: Everything bad has already happened to her and now Theresa will pay. Meanwhile, Theresa goes back to Ethan and tells him that they can be together as soon as her divorce goes through. He just wishes that he could trust him enough to tell him his secret. As long as it's not about them, it will be okay. She insists that it's not about them. He imagines it must be about business so it doesn't matter.

    You're My Son!

    Friday, July 20 2007

    At the mansion, Ethan demands to know what is going on. Gwen apologizes for dragging this out for years, but it delights her so much to do it. Before Gwen can let the bomb drop, Jared walks through the front door. Listening in, he wonders what Gwen could say that would change everything. Rebecca offers Theresa some tissues so that she can cry while Gwen exposes the truth. 'What I have to say is long years,' she begins as Rebecca points her camera at Theresa. Everyone is baffled when Gwen finishes her sentence by saying that she is granting Ethan his divorce so that he can be with Theresa. Rebecca is terribly disappointed: 'I think I'm going to be sick,' she says. As Ethan and Theresa embrace, Gwen sits down and takes out the divorce papers. As she signs them, she admits to herself that part of her will always love Ethan. She then walks away and Theresa runs after her, asking her why she didn't tell him the truth. Gwen admits that she felt bad and couldn't do it. As Theresa runs back to Ethan, Rebecca runs to her daughter's side, demanding to know why she did this. Gwen explains that she is waiting until Theresa is going down the aisle; that way she can truly destroy her happiness. Having overheard all of this, Jared walks in on Tess and Ethan. He knows how much they love each other and want to be together. 'I knew having you as my wife was too good to be true,' he says. Now that Gwen has left Ethan, he knows that he has no chance with her so he will give her a divorce. Tess doesn't know what to say. Rebecca and Gwen are nauseated as they watch Jared walk away. Ethan feels good though. Fate is working out for him and they're finally free to be a family. Theresa kisses him. 'Enjoy it while you can Theresa,' Gwen smiles.

    Killing Isn't a Good Time

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    At the Book Café, Ethan arrives and smells Theresa's breath. Because a sweet smell comes out, he assumed that she must have been poisoned. Rebecca eagerly hopes that she will actually die this time but Gwen refuses to let her die before Ethan finds out the truth. Jared watches as Ethan gives mouth to mouth until the paramedics arrive. Gwen gets on her knees and starts trying to slap Theresa awake. She's pulled off and Jared gets her breathing again so that she can have the antidote to the poison administered. The Demon Elf throws his hands up in disappointment and Sheridan continues to wonder if she had anything to do with this. Gwen eats a muffin, surprised that she actually wants to see Theresa alive, even if it's only to make her life a living hell. As Theresa revives, she embraces Ethan and tells him that she loves him. Standing right beside her as this happens, Jared realizes that he means nothing to her. When Ethan explains that she's been poisoned, she accuses the smiling Gwen, although Ethan knows that's not possible since she was with him. Meanwhile, Fancy apologizes to Jared for calling Ethan over. Upset, he leaves while Ethan tells Theresa that she needs to get checked out. There is something that no one can protect her from though, Gwen says cutting in, and that's the truth. Theresa just wants to go home; she's sure that leaving now won't have any impact on the investigation. Sheridan starts to fidget nervously while the police bag the evidence and question people. Sheridan insists that she saw nothing and she walks out while Fancy stares after her. Theresa asks her where Jared went. When she tells her that he went to the office, Ethan finds this hard to believe. Meanwhile, Rebecca tries to push her daughter to let the truth out. Gwen promises she will, but watching Theresa squirm is just too fun.

    He's Dreamy

    Tuesday, July 17 2007

    On the wharf, Fancy is calling around and demanding to be involved in the ongoing investigation into the blackmailer. She needs to know what the police have already covered. She runs into Jared and he tells her that he is looking for the blackmailer too. Tracking them down is the only way that he'll be able to keep Tess. If anyone comes between he and Theresa, he will kill them, he vows. Everyone needs to see Ethan for the sneak he is, Jared explains. Ethan asked another man's wife to marry him the second his back was turned. Between Ethan and the blackmailer, Tess is at her wit's end. He asks Fancy to team up with him so that they can find the blackmailer together.

    At the Book Café, the Demon Elf cheers on as Theresa drinks the tea which Sheridan poisoned. As he does his comedy routine, Theresa starts to feel awful. Sheridan hopes that she's not getting a cold. Tea is the best thing for a soar throat, Theresa says as she drinks more poison. Sheridan says that she will never let go of Luis, even once he's free, she will still go after him. Right now, Luis is just confused: 'He's a man and they truly are the weaker sex,' she explains. Fancy is just what was around because Sheridan was unavailable, but why have saccharine when you can have sugar? Theresa says that they should really be worried about getting her bother free right now. There is nothing anyone wouldn't do to free him. Thinking of the blackmailer's offer to free Luis if she killed Theresa, Sheridan wonders if she's right. Theresa insists that she is right: Anything necessary must be done to free Luis. Fancy and Jared arrive and tell them that they are looking for the monster together. As he goes to get some coffee, Theresa starts to cough and choke, she still tries to find a way to talk to Jared about their relationship. When he returns to the table, she collapses onto the floor making nauseating guttural sounds while Jared cradles her head and tries to keep her breathing. When Jared tries to revive her, Sheridan starts to have strange memories that she poisoned the tea. After making a phone call, Fancy returns to say that she called the paramedics and Ethan. Although Jared wishes she hadn't called his nemesis, he continues trying to get his wife breathing again.

    Fox Isn't Sick

    Monday, July 02 2007

    As Jared runs out to search for the blackmailer, Theresa runs after him, trying to stop him. Ethan halts her, tired of her running after Jared and trying to keep things from everyone. When Ethan offers to find the freak himself, he begs her again to tell him the truth and free them from the blackmailer's power. If she loves him, she needs to trust him. She's not saying anything about it and continues begging him not to go after the blackmailer or Jared. He doesn't want Jared to find out the secret before he does; he needs to end this so they can move on. He walks out and she goes into the parlor. When she hears someone approach, she begins to panic.

    At Harmony police headquarters, Sam sends his officers out to keep an eye on his house and shoot Spike if they see him. Jared arrives, demanding that they stop the monster after Theresa. Sam tells him to take a number. He tells Jared to relax and not go off like a vigilante. That's not what Jared wants to hear and he rushes off to find the blackmailer himself.

    Changing for the Good

    Friday, June 29 2007

    At the mansion, the possessed Jared pounds on Ethan and throws him around the room while Theresa lays unconscious on the floor. Gwen and Rebecca walk downstairs and watch as Jared chokes Ethan. Rebecca wonders if they should help. Gwen says no; Ethan's not her husband anymore. The brawling boys snap out of it and Ethan runs to Theresa. As he helps her up, Jared asks what happened. Gwen and Rebecca walk out. She doesn't want to get involved in this. It's obvious that Theresa is going to end up with Ethan, but it doesn't matter: 'The joke's on her.' Rebecca wonders what she means by that. 'Theresa is not going to end up with anyone because Theresa will be dead,' Gwen explains. Meanwhile, Ethan demands that Theresa just tell Jared the truth: They're going to be together from now on so he has to get used to it. As soon as the blackmailer is caught, Jared will be gone. Jared vows to find the creature himself and get to the bottom of this.

    Happy Happy Happy

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    Jared, alone in bed, rolls over and wonders where his wife is. He feels odd. He had this horrible dream that Theresa and Ethan were engaged. Looking in the mirror, he wonders if the dream could have been real. As he becomes outraged at the thought, a demon flies into him. When he goes downstairs, he finds Ethan and clobbers him. When Ethan gets up, he tries to make the crazy looking Jared back off, but Jared picks him up and throws him across the room instead. Theresa runs in and Jared throws her across the room when she gets in the way.

    It's You!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    A demon flies into the sleeping Jared. As he wakes up, he realizes that Ethan has to die. By the time he gets downstairs, the demons fly out of him and he is completely disoriented. Once he puts a shirt on, he wonders where Tess is. As he wanders across the mansion, he spots Ethan and Theresa together. He hears Ethan admit that he was going to propose to her, but he's glad that he didn't now that he knows what the answer would be. Jared is happy to hear this at first, but shocked when he sees his wife accept the proposal. As Ethan and Theresa kiss, the demon returns and hovers over Jared while he curses the 'two faced, lying b***.' The demon leaps into him: 'Ethan must die by my hand.'

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