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    Passions CAST - Jared Casey

    Full detailed profile on Jared Casey Played by James Stevenson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Stevenson
    Jared Casey

    Actor: James Stevenson

    Who played Jared Casey over the years

    James Stevenson (July 21, 2006 - July 23, 2007)

    Useful information on Jared Casey

    * Came to Harmony with residents returning from Rome.


    Current: Lawyer for Crane Industries


    Jared moved to Harmony during a period of time when many citizens were returning home from Rome. One day at the Blue Note, he met Theresa for the first time after she spilled her hot tea in his lap. Although this happened, he was still very curious about her and asked her to dance with him. He thought all was going well due to the fact that she was all over him. Unfortunately, he found out she was acting that way to make Ethan jealous which made him mad, but did not keep him from developing feelings for her. He met Big and Little Ethan and automatically assumed that Big Ethan was Little Ethan's father, however Theresa denied this. Jared soon found himself in a love triangle with Theresa, Gwen and Ethan.


    Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (divorced)


    Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald







    Monday, July 23 2007: I Could Never Hate You

    Upstairs, Theresa finds Jared packing. She tells him that she did love him, but he doesn't believe her. He's always been 'the other guy' and she only married him to protect her secret. He knows that Ethan is really little Ethan's father. There are a lot of people who would like to know that secret, but it's safe with him. She assumes that he must hate her for this. 'I could never hate you,' he says, hugging her. She's sure that one day he'll find another woman who can love him. After he's packed up, she takes him downstairs with his bags. They find Ethan hugging Gwen. They break it off when they spot Jared. As Gwen drags her mother away, Ethan tells her that she can see Jane whenever she wants. When the ladies get in the hallway, they continue their plotting until Jared interrupts them. He warns them that if they insist on hurting Theresa and Ethan, someone will come back to haunt them. It's time that they all got over this. Once he leaves, Rebecca says that she doesn't like threats, but Gwen doesn't care: Everything bad has already happened to her and now Theresa will pay. Meanwhile, Theresa goes back to Ethan and tells him that they can be together as soon as her divorce goes through. He just wishes that he could trust him enough to tell him his secret. As long as it's not about them, it will be okay. She insists that it's not about them. He imagines it must be about business so it doesn't matter.

    Friday, July 20 2007: You're My Son!

    At the mansion, Ethan demands to know what is going on. Gwen apologizes for dragging this out for years, but it delights her so much to do it. Before Gwen can let the bomb drop, Jared walks through the front door. Listening in, he wonders what Gwen could say that would change everything. Rebecca offers Theresa some tissues so that she can cry while Gwen exposes the truth. 'What I have to say is long years,' she begins as Rebecca points her camera at Theresa. Everyone is baffled when Gwen finishes her sentence by saying that she is granting Ethan his divorce so that he can be with Theresa. Rebecca is terribly disappointed: 'I think I'm going to be sick,' she says. As Ethan and Theresa embrace, Gwen sits down and takes out the divorce papers. As she signs them, she admits to herself that part of her will always love Ethan. She then walks away and Theresa runs after her, asking her why she didn't tell him the truth. Gwen admits that she felt bad and couldn't do it. As Theresa runs back to Ethan, Rebecca runs to her daughter's side, demanding to know why she did this. Gwen explains that she is waiting until Theresa is going down the aisle; that way she can truly destroy her happiness. Having overheard all of this, Jared walks in on Tess and Ethan. He knows how much they love each other and want to be together. 'I knew having you as my wife was too good to be true,' he says. Now that Gwen has left Ethan, he knows that he has no chance with her so he will give her a divorce. Tess doesn't know what to say. Rebecca and Gwen are nauseated as they watch Jared walk away. Ethan feels good though. Fate is working out for him and they're finally free to be a family. Theresa kisses him. 'Enjoy it while you can Theresa,' Gwen smiles.

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