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    Passions CAST - Siren - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Siren Played by Brandi Lynn Burkhardt on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brandi Lynn Burkhardt

    Birthday: 1979-06-25
    Birthplace: Pasadena, Maryland
    Marital Status: Engaged (Frank Wildhorn - August 2006)
    Real Name: Brandi Lynn Burkhardt
    Web site:


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    Hidden Motives

    Tuesday, August 29 2006

    Detracting Fox, Kay points for Tabitha to pour more water on Siren's legs. After Fox shoots the arrow and makes a bull's-eye, he wants to know why Kay was throwing water behind the target. She worms her way out of it, pushing him out of the room to go change from his cupid's custom. Kay continues trying to lift the curse, but to no avail. Siren breaks free, tries to leave and take the spellbook, but Endora makes Siren disappear to the outside, leaving the spellbook with Kay and Tabitha. They realize that in order for the curse to be lifted, they need to manipulate Fox into doing some crazy tricks! With Endora crying, acting upset, Fox gives in to their plan, jumping up and down, enabling Tabitha to strap his legs together. Suddenly Siren comes down the fireplace, stopping them from completing the spell. But not for long… Tabitha and Kay work fast and complete the first two parts of the spell while distracting Siren with seafood, but Tabitha warns Kay that the hardest part is yet to come.

    Passion And Magic Fill The Air

    Monday, August 28 2006

    Kay, Endora and Tabitha work to free Fox from Siren's curse. Fox overhears Kay say, "I hope Fox doesn't realize what we're doing," questioning her with Siren by his side. Tabitha covers, saying they were planning a birthday party for both Siren and Fox. When Kay gets Fox to leave the room, Siren sees the spellbook. Kay and Tabitha trick Siren into going in the other room, pouring water on her. When she turns into a Mermaid, they tie her up! When Fox returns, Kay tricks him into putting on a cupid costume, says it's for a daycare center calendar. Fox needs to be the one to shoot Siren with the arrow in order to be free of her curse. With much persuasion, Fox agrees to put on the costume. With their plan in place, Fox in his costume, Kay, Tabitha and Endora are on their way to getting rid of Siren!


    Wednesday, August 23 2006

    As Pilar flat lines, Ethan's there with Theresa. Eve comes in to help, while Whitney takes Theresa into the hall. Miguel, Kay, Fox and Siren arrive at the hospital. Gwen tells Julian that Pilar was shot at his house. Eve finally gets a heartbeat, goes out to tell Miguel and Theresa that Pilar is stable..."but not out of the woods. Gwen tries getting Ethan to leave, tells him that Jared is there for Theresa, but he refuses to leave.

    Fox overhears Julian and Eve's argument, sees he's losing Eve. That's when he realizes he's not going to lose Kay. Siren smirks, knowing Fox is under her curse, he'll never love anyone but her. As Kay comforts Miguel, Siren quickly takes over, tells Kay to go to Fox. Theresa explains to Miguel that Luis is looking for their mother's shooter. Eve comes out, telling Miguel that Pilar wants to speak with him. Pilar makes Miguel promise her that he and Kay will again be a family, not to let her get away. Miguel says he does love Kay and promises Pilar he'll get her back.


    Tuesday, August 22 2006

    Kay tries stopping Miguel, but Siren has put a spell on him. He can't hear her. Siren tells her she's too late. When Miguel doesn't respond, Kay tells Miguel she loves him, breaking the spell! Fox walks in, sees Kay with Miguel. She reminds Fox that they need to get Miguel to the hospital. Kay and Miguel head for the hospital leaving Fox thinking his father may have been right about Kay still having feelings for Miguel.


    Monday, August 21 2006

    With everyone watching, Siren falls into the water of the dunking booth, as Kay points, yelling that Siren is a mermaid. When Fox and Miguel go to look, Siren creates a fog around the dunking booth and disappears, making Kay look ridiculous. After what Kay did, having made away unnoticed, Siren plans to seduced Miguel tonight!

    Kay tries to convince Miguel of Siren being a mermaid, but he thinks she's nuts. Tabitha accuses Kay of still loving Miguel. Endora makes the spellbook appear and Kay hurries to reverse the curse on Fox and prevent Siren from seducing Miguel. But it may be too late, for Siren calls to Miguel through her beautiful voice, asking him to make love to her.

    Pilar Gets Shot!

    Friday, August 18 2006

    No one knows where Siren is, as they wait to be put to work at the fair. Miguel goes ahead to the hospital booth to get ready without her. Luis and Fancy talk about how they stopped those guys from raping Jessica. Fancy is excited that Luis includes her in the police report. She tells him she wants to be a cop more than anything.

    Siren and Kay fight over Fox. Siren says once she has Miguel under her spell, he won't want Kay either! But Kay is determined to show everyone who Siren really is...¦ A Mermaid! Kay makes arrangements for Siren to work the dunking booth. She tells Miguel that Siren's a mermaid, that soon he'll see for himself!

    While Kay and Fox are about to make love, he goes into a trace. Kay damns Siren for putting him under her spell! The minute Theresa gets in position at the pie-throwing booth, Gwen comes up to throw the first pie. Jared witnesses Theresa taking it in stride, encouraging for more pies to be thrown her way. Jared steps up to throw a pie and surprises Theresa by smashing it in his own face. Siren tries getting out of the dunking machine, but Kay's right there to make sure she doesn't. With Siren's first dunk, her secret is out...¦ Everyone sees she's a mermaid!

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