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    Passions CAST - Siren

    Full detailed profile on Siren Played by Brandi Lynn Burkhardt on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brandi Lynn Burkhardt

    Actor: Brandi Lynn Burkhardt



    Monday, September 25 2006: Julian is his nasty old self again!

    Fox believes he has discovered Miguel and Kay making out on the beach. Ivy couldn't be happier. Unfortunately for her, it's not Kay Miguel is with. It's Siren.

    Kay has jogged back home. Tabitha is there to greet her. Kay gives her a blow by blow account of what went on between her and Miguel at the bridal shop. She explains she narrowly escaped being found out by Fox. She is sure Ivy set her up. Tabitha tells Kay she needs to decide which man she loves the most. Kay can't decide. She loves them both. Tabitha agrees every woman should have a stable of studs. However, she doesn't believe either Fox or Miguel share that view.

    Kay consults the magic bowl to see what's happening back on the beach. She gets an eyeful of Siren making out with Miguel. This makes her decide that she is done with Miguel.

    Kay brings Endora to Tabitha. Endora conjures up a black magic feast to celebrate her mother's return.

    Kay's glad Fox didn't catch her with Miguel. Ivy, Siren, Miguel and Fox all join them. Fox wants to know what happened to her at the bridal shop. Ivy wants an answer to that question too. Kay lies to Fox. She tells him she panicked when she heard his voice and ran out the back. She didn't want him to see her in the wedding dress. Fox tells her of his suspicions.

    Siren is hanging all over Miguel. This angers Kay and she leaves the room. Siren figures out that Miguel was just using her. Miguel apologizes but he meant it when he said he would not have sex with her. He loves Kay. Siren just want to have fun.

    Ivy confronts Kay. Kay tells Ivy she knows she tried to set her up. However, it didn't work because she is marrying Fox. To herself Ivy threatens that she would see her dead first.

    Fox is confident that the wedding will go on. Ivy is just as certain that it won't. Fox asks Kay for forgiveness for his suspicions. Kay says there is not need to apologize. She kisses him as Miguel looks on sorrowfully.

    Thursday, September 14 2006: Emotional Baggage

    Miguel and Siren are dancing with no space between them. Fox brings Kay over to witness them. Kay believes Miguel must be a fickle jerk to tell her he loves her and then dance like that with Siren the next minute. Fox couldn't be happier. Kay is still under the delusion that Fox didn't see her and Miguel kissing. Fox vows to himself that he will make them both pay for cheating on him. Ivy thinks it's wonderful that Kay is dancing with Fox because then Miguel will get jealous and break up the coming wedding.

    Miguel and Siren are the center of attention on the dance floor. Siren reminds him of her blackmail chip. And leaves to get some drinks. Fox leaves the floor too. Kay and Miguel are alone on the dance floor. Kay takes the opportunity to trash his trashy dance partner and question how he could claim he loved her and dance like that with Siren. Was it just a lie? Miguel knows that if he tells Kay the truth, Siren will show Fox the photo of them kissing. He counters that he bared his soul to her and the next thing she did was lock lips with Fox. Kay thinks he is just trying to make her jealous. Miguel wants to know if it worked. Kay changes the subject to Charity. Siren interrupts the argument between Kay and Miguel.

    Kay tells herself that she's done playing games with Miguel. She's calling his bluff. Kay has an announcement to make. She wants everyone to know that the wedding has been moved up to next week.

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