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    Passions CAST - Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane Played by Mark Cameron Wystrach on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mark Cameron Wystrach

    Birthday: 0000-12-17
    Birthplace: Arizona
    Real Name: Mark Cameron Wystrach


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    Passions is Back with a Vengeance!

    Monday, September 17 2007

    Fox and Esme are cozy in bed not realizing a gun is pointing at them. Fox tells Esme, "What we have feels right. I thought Kay was the one, but I was wrong. It's you." Fox gets up to prepare a toast when the gun goes off. Fox has been hit! Esme screams for help while Fox lies bleeding on the floor. As Esme pleads for Fox not to die, Julian enters the room and Esme explains what happened. Julian realizes that Fox isn't dead, but his pulse if very faint. Esme calls 911 while Julian tells his son he can't lose him. "Please don't die. You're my heir. My son. I love you," Julian tells Fox. As Esme tells 911 to hurry, Julian tells her there's no rush, "Fox is dead." Julian and Esme sit by Fox's lifeless body and discuss the man they loved. Julian says, "It's not right for a parent to lose a child like this," remarking how proud he was to be Fox's father. Esme tells him she was happier than she'd ever been with Fox. Julian questions her about the gun, but all Esme recalls is the actual shot and doesn't know where it came from. "Thank god Viki was asleep. She loved Fox too," Esme tells Julian. Julian questions her about who Viki is and she gives him the backstory. Julian tells her they can stay at the mansion, as it was what Fox wanted. Viki comes to Esme's side at Fox's body and blows him a kiss and waves goodbye to his body. Julian and Esme say their goodbyes to Fox, as Julian wonders how and why this happened. He asks Viki if she loved Fox too and Viki sadly nods her head.

    This is Our Son

    Friday, September 07 2007

    As Viki falls back to sleep, Esme tells Fox again how grateful she is to him for all of his help. It's only a pity that she's wasted so much of her life chasing after princes and counts when she should have been looking for a man like him. All the voices in her head are telling her that they could have a future together. He warns her that he doesn't have any money anymore. She doesn't mind; money can't buy what they could have together. Now that she has Viki to look after, she finds that she's growing up a lot. They start to kiss before she leads him away to his bedroom. As they sit on his bed, he confesses that, after Kay, he didn't know if he would ever see happiness again, but when he looks at her, he can imagine it again. As they kiss, we see a gun appear in the background by the french doors. After they make love, she tells him how amazing he is. 'What we have feels're the woman that I've dreamed about my whole life,' he says. After a kiss, he climbs out of bed to get more wine and a gunshot rings out. Looking over, she screams as she finds Fox on the floor with a gunshot through his chest.

    I Have a Son

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    At the mansion, Fox and Esme try to calm Viki after she wakes from a nightmare. Viki starts to whisper to her aunt while Fox looks on, perplexed at the young lady's continued routine. Esme tries to comfort her niece by telling her that she wakes up in strange places all the time, it's a great way to make friends. Seeing that she's still uncomfortable, Fox offers to leave them alone but Viki grabs his hand, imploring him to stay. He tells her that he won't go anywhere. She asks him (through Esme, of course) to read to her. Taking out Wuthering Heights, he starts to read. Viki soon begins to yawn while Esme says that going to bed with a man that can read is a new experience for her. Viki suddenly tells her aunt that Fox looks like her father and hugs him.


    Friday, August 31 2007

    At the mansion, Esme and Fox bring Viki up to bed. 'Poor kid,' he says as he kisses her forehead and they tuck her in. Esme thanks him again for all of the help he's given them. Then she starts telling him about how her mother used to steal all of her boyfriends from her, even when they were still in bed with her (she would claim that she was sleepwalking). He can understand why she had to get away from her family. But now she has nothing except for Fox. She wonders where Fancy is. He tells her that she's likely with Luis. 'Oh yeah. He's not gay anymore,' she says. After they flirt a little, he offers her a nightcap. When he takes her by the hand and into the hallway, he pulls her into a kiss...and then another and then Viki suddenly wakes up, breathless and shaking. They rush back into the room and find her in a panic. He wonders if she heard them talking about her parents and had a nightmare. Esme tells her niece not to worry now that they have Fox to protect them. Viki starts to whisper to her aunt.

    I Love You...Only You

    Tuesday, August 28 2007

    At the mansion, Esme stretches out in Fox's arms as they finish watching a movie. They glance over at her sleeping niece Viki (she is only pretending to sleep and, in fact, listens to everything). He asks Esme why her niece always whispers in her ear rather than speaking directly to people. Esme explains that she and her niece are very much alike...unfortunately she hasn't seen much of her because she's estranged from Viki's mother (she pushed her out a window some time ago). She explains that Viki's father is a rich man and... before she can say anymore, she tells him that he can't tell a soul what she's going to tell him because Viki doesn't even know. After they get some scotch and ice cream, she explains that Viki's father lost all of the family money before killing himself...and Viki's mother. Esme begins crying in his arms. Now she has lost a sister and has a child she unable to take care of her. Fox tells her that she's doing a great job; she's a regular Auntie Mame. She puts a blanket on Viki and Fox puts his arm around her. He wonders how she can handle all of this. She tells him that she was close to her sister once but... things change. Something bad happened between them, something much worse than what happened between Fancy and Pretty. She blames herself for her sister's death...she doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Fox picks up the sleeping Viki and carries her to bed as Esme follows them upstairs.

    This Ruins Everything!

    Monday, August 20 2007

    Fox and Esme stumble out of the bar. He admits that he feels a bit better after talking about his divorce with someone. She's brought him to the station to pick up a 'package'. He doesn't know why she didn't just have it delivered. While he begins to suggest that they spend the rest of the night together, her package arrives: It's her niece Viki. When Fox greets her and offers to shake her hand, the girl begins whispering to her aunt. Esme thanks him for being there to help out; otherwise they'd have to rely on public transportation, 'those yellow cars.' Fox tells her that those are cabs and tries to explain what a bus is, but she's quickly confused. Seeing that they have nowhere to go, he then asks both of them to come and stay with him at the mansion. As the baggage comes in, Viki starts to gesture to it and whisper to her aunt. Fox asks Esme why she never speaks directly to anyone. Esme claims that she never noticed that Viki does that. They all proceed over to the mansion and Fox watches as Esme and her niece chat. 'Man I thought my family was strange,' he says to himself. Esme rushes over to him in crisis mode: Viki needs pizza or her heart will break! she worries. Fox tells her that they have chefs and their own pizza oven: They can get her whatever she wants. After she tells her aunt what she wants and thanks him, he smiles and tells them it's no big deal. Both women smile at him. They continue to talk to each other like this as they eat dinner. Esme agrees with her niece that he is a a very nice man and looks at him flirtatiously.

    Small Price to Pay

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    By the water, Fox thinks over Spike's failed attempts to kill Miguel. When Spike saunters over, Fox grabs him and begins to shake him, demanding that he finally finish the job. Spike wants to do it, but he doesn't have any ideas. Fox jokes that he should just put a bomb under Miguel's bed. Spike starts to freak out at the thought of going anywhere near Tabitha's house. It's too evil and he's afraid of Endora. Fox assures him that no one is home right now so he'll be safe. Spike rushes off to do the deed. When Fox hears footsteps, he expects Spike to have returned bum, when he turns around, he finds Esme there. She is looking for his sister. He tells her that Fancy is busy getting married before the groom is executed. 'What is the point in getting married if she is going to bury the bridegroom before she beds him?' Esme wonders. Fox says that people in love do crazy things. She knows; she's heard about him faking his terminal illness. They go to a bar and he orders her a drink. He admires the way that she always lives life on her own terms. She giggles, saying that she couldn't have done it without her daddy wrapped around her finger. Unfortunately, he just got married to a real witch and they want her to get a job. He teases her and offers to get her a job on a fishing boat. Working doesn't seem to be 'in the realm of possibilities' for her. She's not amused that he seems to find this so funny, but he understands what it's like to be cut out of the family fortune. She thinks that she'll talk to Fancy about getting a job in fashion after the wedding/funeral. She and Fox toast to being friends. She asks him when he'll give up on 'that nasty little Kay.' He reminds her that she is still his wife. 'Not a very good one,' Esme says. He loves her though and that makes people do very strange things. She suggests that they forget their troubles and just get wasted.

    You're My Son!

    Friday, July 20 2007

    In the hall at Tabitha's, Kay will never get over Fox lying to her about dying from a terminal illness. He thinks that his desperation only proves how much he truly loves her. He begs her for one more chance. That's not going to happen; she can't forgive or forget anything that he's done. (In his mind, he is sure that she'll change her mind as soon as Miguel is dead.) Fox has already forgiven her for cheating on him with Miguel, she needs to forgive him as well. 'I'm sorry, I want a divorce,' she insists. He reminds her that Miguel has left her before and she obviously has nagging questions about whether this will happen again.

    Outside, as Spike tries to sneak up on Miguel and knock the jack out from the car to crush him, Miguel crawls out and he has to hide. After Miguel goes back under, annoyed that his car hasn't been the same since it ran over Fox, Spike creeps out again to do the deed. As he raises his hand, Endora peers down from her window and spots what is happening. She instantly sets Spike spinning in the air before he drops to the ground. After he gets up, he starts up again, but Endora raises him in the air, binding and gagging him to a pole. Doing good makes Endora hungry so she starts eating cookies. Meanwhile, Tabitha, Norma and Edna are all going into a panic watching in the bowl as Endora saves Miguel. The house begins to shake and Kay falls into the living room. After being surprised to see Norma and Edna, she asks Tabitha what's going on. When Miguel walks through the front door, the house stops shaking. He tells her that he saw the house was shaking again. This doesn't seem to bother him and they start to make out while Fox looks for Spike back outside. Spike falls down off the pole and begins to mumble manically before running away. Fox is furious. 'No Miguel...I will not let you have her!' he declares.

    Our Son is Unique

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    Fox and Spike arrive outside of Tabitha's and begin to skulk around. Fox is more determined than ever to make sure that Miguel will soon be dead. Inside the house, Miguel and Kay wander by Tabitha laughing. She's surprised to see them when they're supposed to be off on a romantic evening. They were missing Marina so they came home. Miguel kisses Kay and then leaves to check on his car. Tabitha is happy to see her friend happy. Kay thinks that her life will be perfect now. Talk like that makes Tabitha nervous: Kay should be grateful, not taunting fate. To make things worse, she's still a fledgling witch with little self-control. Kay starts to conjure up some champagne to demonstrate how talented she is. Tabs repeats her warnings, even after Kay says that she has decided to be a good witch and only help people. Choice has nothing to do with it, Tabitha explains. The universe decides whether you'll be good or bad and your intentions don't matter. Miguel returns, glad to see some champagne and he offers to let her come out with him to work on the car, despite the growls coming from the basement. Before they can get outside, Fox appears, desperate to talk to his wife. Miguel doesn't want to leave her alone but she send him outside anyway. She tells Fox that he's the most 'despicable man' she's ever met. Peering in on this, Tabitha closes the door and decides she better keep an eye on them in her bowl. As Kay rants at Fox, he won't make excuses for any of his actions, he just wants to apologize. He loves her and did some terrible things but has learned his lesson and wants one more chance. The bowl suddenly switches images and reveals Spike getting ready to kill Miguel. When Tabitha is about to hurry out and stop the carnage, a fireball erupts from the fireplace and Norma and Edna appear. They've come to stop her from saving Miguel and to warn her. The boys in the basement sent them in to tell her that she has to stop being so good all of the time: She has to let Spike kill Miguel. Outside, Spike prepares to kick the jack out from the car so that it will drop on Miguel's head. Tabitha can't stand the thought of Kay being heartbroken, but Norma and Edna won't let her warn Kay.

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