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    Passions CAST - Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane

    Full detailed profile on Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane Played by Mark Cameron Wystrach on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mark Cameron Wystrach
    Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane

    Actor: Mark Cameron Wystrach

    Who played Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane over the years

    Mark Cameron Wystrach (February 14, 2006 - September 7, 2007)
    Justin Hartley (December 17, 2002 - February 10, 2006)
    Nick Stabile (2004)

    Useful information on Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane

    *Only son of Julian and Ivy Crane.
    *Was in love with Whitney.
    *Thought that Whitney was pregnant with his child.
    *Fell in love with Kay after a 'physical' relationship with her.


    Current: Crane Industries Employee


    Nicholas Foxworth Crane (Fox) is Ivy and Julian�s son. He always felt as though his mother ignored him growing up and eventually she sent him away to several boarding schools before he made his home back in Harmony. Ivy had such a hard time with Fox being around because he always served as a reminder to her that she had chosen love over money, which she thought was a mistake. Fox was never able to forgive Ivy and even harbored resentment towards Ethan since Ivy always showed favoritism to him. He was a troublemaker in each of the boarding schools he went to, all the way through college. He was also a spoiled young man and was the only heir to the Crane's family fortune.

    Upon returning to Harmony, it became apparent that no one was excited to see him return, although it amused him at all the things that had changed while he was gone. Everyone also had learned that he gambled away all his money. He met Theresa, his father's wife, and he quickly started building a relationship with her, although it was not a pure relationship. It was mainly to upset his family because they detested her. But as their relationship grew, he knew there was much more to Theresa and her scheming ways that he wanted to learn about.

    As soon as he met Whitney Russell, he began feeling very strongly about her. He pretended to be friends to Whitney and Chad by giving relationship advice, which is something he learned from Theresa. They both schemed together to help each other get what they wanted. Theresa was trying to get Ethan away from his wife and child and Fox needed help getting Whitney away from Chad so she would be his. Although the plan sounded great at first, Fox was still cautious because he felt Theresa would be putting Ethan and Gwen�s child at risk. As the plan unfolded, Sarah did die partly due to some of their actions. Theresa tried to convince him that God wanted this to happen so they could be with the ones they love. The plans failed and Ethan did not end up with Theresa and Fox still felt very strongly for Whitney and continued trying to break her and Chad up. Fox�s father talked with Chad about the situation and made Fox realize the way to get the woman he loves is to stop trying to hurt her. So he settled for Theresa, although he did not love her, but he decided he could not have Whitney, his true love.

    Fox and Theresa did become close friends and even slept together one night. He always had her back and supported her, even if he did not agree how she was going about getting what she wanted. He also was her support after losing custody of her son. He played a big part in helping Theresa steal the fertilized egg (Ethan�s and Gwen�s) that was supposed to be implanted into a surrogate. He even tried to tell her that secretly seducing Ethan might hurt her chances at the pregnancy. They finally talked about their true feelings for each other. She knew that he still loved Whitney and he admitted to it and Theresa was honest about betraying Fox.

    Fox and Whitney ended up getting together and she ended up getting pregnant. Fox was so excited about becoming a father and started making the plans. Fox gave Whitney his power of attorney because he was going to have to leave Harmony for a while. He wanted to make sure she had what she needed in case something happened while he was gone. He was gone to help Ethan rescue Gwen and Katherine and while away, Whitney gave birth to a baby boy. His excitement soon ended when he found out that Whitney had already given the baby up for adoption by using his power of attorney. He tried to get custody of his son back but was unsuccessful. He could not help his feelings for Whitney. He still loved her no matter how angry he was about this. He also found out that the baby was never even his, but Chad's and that he was the one who adopted the baby.

    Fox moved on and fell deeply in love with Kay Bennett and started helping her raise her daughter Maria. He was worried when Miguel came back to Harmony and afraid that she might not be over him yet. He shifted his focus and to provide for them and became a successful executive at Crane Industries.

    He could not shake his jealousy of Miguel though and, watching Kay grow close to him again brought out the Crane in him. Joining forces with his father, he plotted to keep Kay and Miguel apart. First, they hired actors to fake being Miguel and Charity to convince Kay that he had gone back to her. Then Fox hired Spike to run him over to make it appear as though Miguel had tried to kill him. Through all of this, Kay couldn't fight her feelings for Miguel. Finally Fox faked that he was dying of a terminal illness, a fraud complicated when he was giving a dangerous medication that made him really ill. Once he recovered, this deception was exposed and Kay finally left him. As the couple moved to divorce, Fox began seeing Esme after she came back to town. He invited her and her niece to live at the mansion when they had nowhere else to go. After Fox and Esme made love for the first time, he was murdered.


    Kay Bennett


    Numerous Unnamed Women
    Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
    Whitney Russell
    Kay Bennett
    Esme Vanderheusen


    Julian Crane (father)
    Ivy Winthrop (mother)
    Fancy Crane (sister)
    Pretty Crane (sister)
    Endora Lenox (paternal half-sister)
    Ethan Winthrop (maternal half-brother)
    Alistair Crane (paternal grandfather - deceased)
    Katherine Barrett (paternal grandmother)
    Harrison Winthrop (maternal grandfather)
    Helen Mott-Revere-Beaton (maternal grandmother - deceased)
    Sheridan Crane (paternal aunt)
    Chad Harris-Crane (paternal half-uncle)
    Beth Wallace (paternal half-aunt - deceased)
    Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane (half-uncle by adoption - biological maternal half-nephew)
    Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (paternal cousin - deceased)
    James Boothe (paternal cousin by adoption)
    Miles Harris (paternal cousin)
    Sarah Winthrop (maternal half-niece - deceased)
    Jane Winthrop (maternal half-niece)
    Rachel Barrett (great-aunt)





    Monday, September 17 2007: Passions is Back with a Vengeance!

    Fox and Esme are cozy in bed not realizing a gun is pointing at them. Fox tells Esme, "What we have feels right. I thought Kay was the one, but I was wrong. It's you." Fox gets up to prepare a toast when the gun goes off. Fox has been hit! Esme screams for help while Fox lies bleeding on the floor. As Esme pleads for Fox not to die, Julian enters the room and Esme explains what happened. Julian realizes that Fox isn't dead, but his pulse if very faint. Esme calls 911 while Julian tells his son he can't lose him. "Please don't die. You're my heir. My son. I love you," Julian tells Fox. As Esme tells 911 to hurry, Julian tells her there's no rush, "Fox is dead." Julian and Esme sit by Fox's lifeless body and discuss the man they loved. Julian says, "It's not right for a parent to lose a child like this," remarking how proud he was to be Fox's father. Esme tells him she was happier than she'd ever been with Fox. Julian questions her about the gun, but all Esme recalls is the actual shot and doesn't know where it came from. "Thank god Viki was asleep. She loved Fox too," Esme tells Julian. Julian questions her about who Viki is and she gives him the backstory. Julian tells her they can stay at the mansion, as it was what Fox wanted. Viki comes to Esme's side at Fox's body and blows him a kiss and waves goodbye to his body. Julian and Esme say their goodbyes to Fox, as Julian wonders how and why this happened. He asks Viki if she loved Fox too and Viki sadly nods her head.

    Friday, September 07 2007: This is Our Son

    As Viki falls back to sleep, Esme tells Fox again how grateful she is to him for all of his help. It's only a pity that she's wasted so much of her life chasing after princes and counts when she should have been looking for a man like him. All the voices in her head are telling her that they could have a future together. He warns her that he doesn't have any money anymore. She doesn't mind; money can't buy what they could have together. Now that she has Viki to look after, she finds that she's growing up a lot. They start to kiss before she leads him away to his bedroom. As they sit on his bed, he confesses that, after Kay, he didn't know if he would ever see happiness again, but when he looks at her, he can imagine it again. As they kiss, we see a gun appear in the background by the french doors. After they make love, she tells him how amazing he is. 'What we have feels're the woman that I've dreamed about my whole life,' he says. After a kiss, he climbs out of bed to get more wine and a gunshot rings out. Looking over, she screams as she finds Fox on the floor with a gunshot through his chest.

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