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    Passions CAST - Christopher Boothe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Christopher Boothe Played by Adrian Wilson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Wilson

    Birthday: 0000-12-19
    Birthplace: Capetown, South Africa
    Real Name: Adrian Wilson
    Height: 6 '2"


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    Cleaning Up After Kay

    Tuesday, August 14 2007

    Back at Tabitha's, they hear Kay running over with everyone trailing behind her. Sam declares that he is there to arrest his daughter until Tabitha points to Spike and reminds him that he is the one he wants. Sam doesn't have much evidence against Spike though. While Tabitha tries to talk him into making the arrest, Edna watches Spike escape. Kay asks Endora for help. The little witch sighs: 'I always have to clean up Kay's mess.' After a zap, Sam snaps out of the trance he was in but is now even more confused. No one understands why the living room looks like a resort, why they are there or exactly who he should be arresting. Sam only knows that he was ordered to arrest Jessica. He and Paloma arrest her again while Kay worries about how to get Spike to confess. Endora zaps Spike back, just before Sam can take her away. At first, everyone is too confused by Spike's slave clothes, so Endora puts him in his regular clothes, an act which confuses everyone even more. Sam tells Paloma to arrest him but, before she can, he grabs Jessica and threatens to cut her with a letter opener. When Spike tells them that they should be arresting Tabitha for her freak show, Tabitha kicks him and Kay starts to argue with him. When she tries her confession spell again, she misses Spike and the spell only hits Norma and Edna who begin confessing that they never floss their teeth and that they steal candy from babies. Endora has to step in and cast the spell properly. Finally Spike drops down on his knees and begins confessing to all of the killings. Sam places him under arrest while Edna sadly watches her slave boy being cuffed. Spike starts to cry while Sam asks Jessica to forgive him; he will never let her go, he promises. Noah and Paloma start to kiss as Spike snaps out of the spell and starts to claim that he's innocent. Simone laughs at him. She and the Bennetts then go over to Sam's while he calls a squad car to pick up Spike. Before they can come, Norma takes the opportunity to kick Spike around one last time.

    Stringing Me Along

    Monday, August 13 2007

    Sheridan goes to her cottage and is surprised to find Chris waiting for her there. 'We have to talk about James,' he says. There is nothing wrong with James, but he made something for her and he wanted his father to give it to her. He hands her the sculpture that James made for her Chris is concerned about James; he thought they were going to be a family. That's what Sheridan thought too. 'Did you? Or were you just stringing us along?' he asks angrily. She insists that she thought she loves him and their family but... He knows that she didn't do this on purpose, but it's hurt James all the same. The boy is moody and quiet and often bursts into tears because he misses her so much. She wants to see the boy, but he tells her that he needs more time away from her to adjust. Maybe some day she can visit him, but not now. He walks out, leaving her alone, depressed for having hurt James. Suddenly, someone else looms in the doorway. 'I can't see you now,' she tells them.

    I'm Coming for you

    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    Sheridan walks down the hall of a B&B to room 13. When she knocks on the door, Chris opens up and she asks to come in and talk about what happened. He lets her in and she begins asking about James. He accuses her of only marrying him so that she could get close to his son and heal the wound of losing Marty. She'll admit that she doesn't love Chris like she loves Luis, but she does love James. He won't let her have his son; he refuses to let James become a 'cheap substitute' for the son she lost. She reminds him that she is a Crane and will fight for what is hers. That's another reason he doesn't want James near her, he says. 'Fancy was right. You're becoming more of a Crane everyday.' Sheridan claims that all that she has done has been out of love and the desire to be loved. Chris knows all of this; he knows that she always wanted her father's love, but now it's too late. He opens the door and she walks out. Alone in the hall, she knows that she really has lost everything. 'But I will not lose Luis dammit. Not to prison, not to death and I sure as hell won't lose him to Fancy.'


    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    In the cottage, Chris bluntly tells Sheridan that he and James are leaving her permanently: The marriage is over. He can't be in a marriage when his wife is in love with another man. She tries to say that she only loves Luis as a friend but Chris isn't going to accept the excuse this time. He doesn't think that she'll ever get over Luis; he feels like he has only been her husband in name. They shouldn't lie to themselves anymore and he won't be her second choice. She begs him not to go and tells him that he and James are her present and her future. 'If you love me, you will give me the chance to be the wife that you deserve,' she pleas. Leaving is not what he wants, he admits. She kisses him, but then the phone rings and she puts the TV on to see what's happening at the trial. As the announcer talks about 'the shocking use of judicial power', Sheridan keeps repeating Luis' name. Chris gets James and brings him in to say goodbye. She tells James that she will always love him. Chris sends him out to the car and she begs again for them not to leave. 'You left me the moment you knew that Luis wasn't dead after all,' he says, hoping that she'll he happy with them gone. Taking his bags, he walks out. 'Goodbye my love,' he says quietly to himself before climbing into the car. Sheridan has lost everything: Luis, Marty, James, her baby with Chris and Chris himself.


    Monday, April 16 2007

    At home, Chris has realized that it's over between he and Sheridan after she confessed to loving Luis on the stand. He tells James that they need to go away. Mommy is busy and they have to get out of her way. He assures James that his mother loves him with her whole heart and soul. 'Sometimes I envy you that,' he says melancholically before sending his son up to pack. They can have an adventure, just like the pirates in the books he likes to read. When James goes upstairs, Chris is left to think about how much he has actually grown to love James as a son. He prays that he can be a good father to the child and that Sheridan will forgive him for taking him away. Later, Sheridan returns and asks if there is a problem with James. 'Not with James,' Chris says before she starts talking about Luis. Looking around, she notices that all of his bags are packed. James comes out and Chris tells her that he and James are going away together. Numbed and stupefied, she can barely say anything.

    The Verdict is in

    Friday, April 13 2007

    In the courtroom, the judge calls them all to order. Chris arrives, surprised to see his wife on the stand. 'If Sheridan tells the truth about Pretty and Fancy, Luis is as good as dead,' Ivy mutters. Grace asks Sheridan what happened between the sisters and Sheridan claims that she wasn't there. Grace continues to question her and Sheridan reluctantly states that Fancy told a lie. The prosecutor uses this to suggest that Fancy must have lied about Luis too. She goes on to ask about Fancy's bad judgment and frequently lascivious behavior. Sheridan tries not to say anything, but hints at enough that the damage is already done. After Grace sits down, Ethan rises to question her with the intention of discrediting her. Quickly, Ethan starts to lay into Sheridan, suggesting that she can't stand to see Fancy move on with another woman. As he relentlessly badgers her about this, she finally breaks down and admits that Luis is the only man she'll ever love. Chris looks on, trying to contain his anger as Sheridan is excused despite begging for a chance to explain. She runs after Luis as he is led out of the room. Chris catches up to her and suggests that she explain to him first. 'This is not the time,' she says as she walks off. Fancy brings Luis down the corridor, telling him that she knew that Sheridan had it in for them all along. Sheridan catches up to them, but before she can say anything, Luis lashes out: 'How could you do it you b***?' He accuses her of trying to make he and Fancy look guilty. He never thought that she'd turn out like Alistair and Julian, but she has. 'If Luis is executed, it will be all your fault!' Fancy angrily shouts.

    At the Motel

    Tuesday, April 03 2007

    In the cottage, Sheridan, James and Chris finish watching a movie. She kisses James goodnight and he bounds off. She tells Chris that he is her life. He wishes that he could believe that. 'You're my husband. I love you,' she says as she hugs him. But, when her head is on his shoulder, she can't stop from admitting to herself that she loves Luis more. Chris goes off and Sheridan cleans up. A news report comes on to say that Luis has been shot and taken to the hospital after a standoff with police. Chris returns and turns off the TV. He reminds her that Luis has Fancy now and she isn't going anywhere. Sheridan rushes out the door anyway and Chris starts to shake his head.

    Outside, as she listens in, Fancy is grabbed by Sheridan, confronting her for shooting Luis. Chris runs in and breaks them up, but the women keep yelling at each other. They all proceed in to see Luis and Sheridan quickly tells Luis that it was Fancy that shot him. He didn't know that and Fancy tries to explain herself. He tells her that she was just doing her job. 'Imagine how you'd feel if you killed him?' Sheridan asks before Eve and Sam return to announce that Luis is going to be transferred to the hospital in the state penitentiary. Although Sheridan protests, Sam says there is nothing they can do. Turning to Fancy, Sheridan begins lashing out at her and threatening that, 'if anything happens to Luis, I will hold you responsible and, trust me, you do not want that!'

    You're a Liar

    Thursday, March 22 2007

    At home, Sheridan has cooked coffee cake for Chris and James. Chris doesn't want cake, he wants an explanation. She helped Luis escape and Fancy says that she is still in love with Luis. Chris demands to know if their marriage is over. She says that Fancy can't be trusted, but Chris knows that there is more. After giving her usual explanation about her long history with Luis, Chris takes this to mean that it's over and he's ready to pack his bags. Sheridan grabs him and says that Luis is her best friend and she has to help him. He's not about to accept this: Lots of people are there to help him; she is just trying to get back into Luis' life. How can she risk their marriage unless she wants to abandon them? James walks in and asks if 'mommy is leaving us?' Sheridan promises the little boy that she isn't going anywhere and kisses him on the head before giving him some cake. Chris doesn't know how she can lie like that; Fancy is rightó she's just like her father. After shrugging this off, she reminds him that she is a Crane and can do whatever she wants, but what she wants is to be a family with him and James. When Maureen was dying, she promised to look after James and she will keep that promise and be a good mother and a great wife. As she strokes his hair and tells him that she loves only him, he gives in to her embrace. She stares over his shoulder at a picture of Luis on the fridge. After breakfast, Chris takes James off to school and Sheridan decides it's time to go and visit Luis.

    Everybody's Jealous

    Friday, March 16 2007

    In the Crane apartment, Sam puts out an APB on Luis and sends his men all over the city. Fancy tells Chris she's sure that Sheridan gave Luis a ride. Chris is trying to deny it, but that's pretty hard. She tells him that her aunt must love him in a way, but she's a Crane. He believes that Sheridan is a good and caring person. Fancy insists that Sheridan goes after what she wants, no matter what, and what she wants is Luis. He needs to take off the blinders: Sheridan is a predator; it's in her blood. It's in Fancy's blood too, she admits, but what she says is still true. Chris doesn't want to hear any of this. Suddenly, Ivy arrives to check on her daughter. Fancy explains that Sheridan helped Luis escape and ran off with him. Ivy tells her that she is just like all the other Crane women, that's why what happened to Pretty happened. 'I've got to find her before she takes Luis away from me forever,' Fancy vows. Sam returns and asks Chris if he has an idea who could be helping Luis. He claims that he doesn't.

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