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    Passions CAST - Christopher Boothe

    Full detailed profile on Christopher Boothe Played by Adrian Wilson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Wilson
    Christopher Boothe

    Actor: Adrian Wilson

    Who played Christopher Boothe over the years

    Adrian Wilson (18 August 2005 - present)
    Marsh Mokhtari (2006)

    Useful information on Christopher Boothe

    * Came to Harmony after the tsunami.
    * Found out that Maureen had left his son with Sheridan when she died.
    * Fell in love with and married Sheridan.


    Past: Journalist
    Past: Financial Consultant


    Chris showed up in Harmony after the tsunami and crushed Sheridan with the news that he was the father of the little boy she had been taking care of. She didn't believe him at first and insisted that he was someone hired by her father Alistair, in another attempt to ruin her. He was finally able to convince Sheridan that he was honest and she committed to helping him protect the child. When the FBI finally caught the crowd that was after Chris, he finally had a real chance at starting a new life. Sheridan and Chris began dating and eventually fell in love. They got married and Chris saved a man from a house fire. They were both shocked to find out that the man he saved was Luis.Sheridan's ex fianc. Sheridan insisted that her life was with Chris now, and that she wanted to stay with him and raise their baby that she was carrying!




    Sheridan Crane




    James Boothe (son with Maureen)
    Unnamed Child (with Sheridan)


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    Tuesday, August 14 2007: Cleaning Up After Kay

    Back at Tabitha's, they hear Kay running over with everyone trailing behind her. Sam declares that he is there to arrest his daughter until Tabitha points to Spike and reminds him that he is the one he wants. Sam doesn't have much evidence against Spike though. While Tabitha tries to talk him into making the arrest, Edna watches Spike escape. Kay asks Endora for help. The little witch sighs: 'I always have to clean up Kay's mess.' After a zap, Sam snaps out of the trance he was in but is now even more confused. No one understands why the living room looks like a resort, why they are there or exactly who he should be arresting. Sam only knows that he was ordered to arrest Jessica. He and Paloma arrest her again while Kay worries about how to get Spike to confess. Endora zaps Spike back, just before Sam can take her away. At first, everyone is too confused by Spike's slave clothes, so Endora puts him in his regular clothes, an act which confuses everyone even more. Sam tells Paloma to arrest him but, before she can, he grabs Jessica and threatens to cut her with a letter opener. When Spike tells them that they should be arresting Tabitha for her freak show, Tabitha kicks him and Kay starts to argue with him. When she tries her confession spell again, she misses Spike and the spell only hits Norma and Edna who begin confessing that they never floss their teeth and that they steal candy from babies. Endora has to step in and cast the spell properly. Finally Spike drops down on his knees and begins confessing to all of the killings. Sam places him under arrest while Edna sadly watches her slave boy being cuffed. Spike starts to cry while Sam asks Jessica to forgive him; he will never let her go, he promises. Noah and Paloma start to kiss as Spike snaps out of the spell and starts to claim that he's innocent. Simone laughs at him. She and the Bennetts then go over to Sam's while he calls a squad car to pick up Spike. Before they can come, Norma takes the opportunity to kick Spike around one last time.

    Monday, August 13 2007: Stringing Me Along

    Sheridan goes to her cottage and is surprised to find Chris waiting for her there. 'We have to talk about James,' he says. There is nothing wrong with James, but he made something for her and he wanted his father to give it to her. He hands her the sculpture that James made for her Chris is concerned about James; he thought they were going to be a family. That's what Sheridan thought too. 'Did you? Or were you just stringing us along?' he asks angrily. She insists that she thought she loves him and their family but... He knows that she didn't do this on purpose, but it's hurt James all the same. The boy is moody and quiet and often bursts into tears because he misses her so much. She wants to see the boy, but he tells her that he needs more time away from her to adjust. Maybe some day she can visit him, but not now. He walks out, leaving her alone, depressed for having hurt James. Suddenly, someone else looms in the doorway. 'I can't see you now,' she tells them.

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