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    Passions CAST - Sheridan Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sheridan Crane Played by McKenzie Westmore on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    McKenzie Westmore

    Birthday: 1977-04-26
    Birthplace: Van Nuys, California
    Marital Status: Partner - Keith Volpone (lead singer of 'Seven and the Sun')
    Real Name: McKenzie Westmore
    Height: 5' 8"


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    There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    Thursday, August 07 2008

    Theresa hooks up the camera to the TV so everyone can see and hear Gwen and Rebecca confessing their crimes. Everyone watches in shock and anger, as Gwen and Rebecca stand there in horror. After it’s over Ethan angrily turns the camera off and lashes out at Gwen. Ivy, Paloma and Sheridan also take turns yelling at the Hotchkiss women while they try to defend themselves. Ethan is disgusted with Gwen, but she says the tape is a fake. She blames Little Ethan for editing various conversations between Gwen and Rebecca to make it look like they said those things. Little E says he couldn’t have messed with it because it was taped right after the footage of Kay and Miguel getting married. Sam says he’s right and police skills must run in the family. Ethan believes his son and Theresa happily hugs Ethan and Little E. Sam congratulates Theresa and Ethan, as Noah welcomes Little E to the family and Ivy apologizes to Theresa for not believing her for all these years. She says she realizes Theresa loves Ethan more than her own life and she welcomes her to the family. Theresa promises to be good to Ethan and Ivy says she believes her. Theresa asks Ethan if they are really going to be together and Ethan says they will be a family with Little E, Jane and even Jonathan. He tells a shocked Gwen that she is an unfit mother and he will not let her raise their son. Theresa says after all these years her dream has finally come true. Ethan smiles and enthusiastically plants a kiss on her. Gwen isn’t ready to give up and points out that Theresa lied to him too regarding Little Ethan. Theresa defends herself and Gwen continues her tirade, but Sam and Luis stop her by handcuffing both her and Rebecca. Rebecca doesn’t put up a fight and requests a strip search, but Gwen says they can’t arrest them for what happened in Mexico because it is out of their jurisdiction. Sam counters that he will detain her until the D.A. reviews her involvement with Juanita and her plans to blow up the church. Ethan tells Gwen she just got her answer as to why he chose Theresa. Frustrated, Gwen spits out, “Damn it!”

    As Theresa walks down the aisle Fancy tells Luis that she’s pregnant. Luis is thrilled and Sheridan tells Antonio that will be them some day. Noah comments to Paloma that they will wait to have babies until they have more money, but Paloma tells him she’s pregnant too. Eve tells Julian there’s finally harmony in Harmony. Julian says all is quiet on every front and sadly looks down at his lap and says, "A little too quiet." Kay and Miguel tell him that everyone knows what happened and Kay offers to fix it. Julian and Eve say they would be most grateful and Kay takes his hand and magically corrects his “member” much to Eve and Julian’s delight.

    I Wallowed in Love but it's Wrong.

    Wednesday, August 06 2008

    "Poor Theresa," Sheridan tells Gwen. They watch as Ethan and Theresa hold each other. Sheridan wonders how her friend can want to spend her life with a man who loves another woman. Gwen reminds her of their vows to be with the men they love and accuses Sheridan of settling for second best.

    The Truest Lovers in Harmony.

    Tuesday, August 05 2008

    Watching all of this, Fancy doesn't think any of it is fair. Sheridan reminds her that Gwen and Ethan were together for a long time before he even met Theresa and Theresa had to connive endlessly for him. Fancy is skeptical. She remarks on how peaceful Sheridan looks now that she has her true love, Antonio. Ivy agrees.

    Even a Blind Man Saw This Coming!

    Tuesday, July 29 2008

    At the altar, Ethan watches as Gwen walks down the aisle, but all he can think about is talking to Gertrude. Pilar is glad that Theresa isn’t there to witness the wedding, but just then, Gertrude walks in. Ethan sees her and smiles, which Gwen notices. Gwen thinks she’ll kill Theresa if she stops Ethan from marrying her and Ethan announces that they need to stop the ceremony! Father Lonigan asks if Ethan is sure as Gwen gets angry and Pilar panics that Ethan figured out that Gertrude is Theresa. Luis thinks maybe Ethan isn’t able to recommit to Gwen because he’s still in love with a dead Theresa; Sheridan catches Antonio up on what’s happening and thinks Ethan isn’t going to recommit to Gwen; and Father Lonigan thinks to himself, “Even blind I could see this coming.” Ethan finally tells Gwen he can’t do this because their parents aren’t there. Lonigan tells Ethan he has a busy schedule and if he doesn’t move their ceremony along, he might not be able to marry Noah and Paloma. Ethan says they can switch places with Noah and Paloma and Pilar goes to talk to the other couple. Ethan says they’ll see what’s what in a little bit and Gwen says she can’t wait to get married. Ethan says he can’t either, but excuses himself to go talk to Gertrude.

    Gertie Can't do That!

    Monday, July 28 2008

    At the church, Pilar is amazed to see that her son Antonio has come back to her, alive and well. "It's a miracle!" Father Lonigan declares. Luis is perplexed. Antonio explains how he was kept captive and escaped. Ivy thinks this should be on tape and sends Sam off to get his camcorder. "God is good," Pilar proclaims. They just wish Theresa was here to see this. Antonio is perplexed. They explain that Theresa is dead. He never heard anything about it on TV. Crane publicity kept it quiet, Sheridan says. Luis tells him how she was eaten by sharks. Pilar continues hugging her son and asks the priest if they can have a mass of thanks for him.

    Back at the church, Sheridan and Luis are thrilled to see Antonio back. They hug and laugh in disbelief. Fancy spots them and becomes furious. She runs to them, pushing them apart and accusing her aunt of trying to steal Luis again. He tells her she has it all wrong: Antonio is back and he and Sheridan might get back together. "I think we're going to be very happy together," Sheridan smiles. Antonio walks over and kisses her. Pilar doesn't think the day could get any better. Fancy and Sheridan trade apologies. Ethan walks in and is stunned to see Antonio. The priest comes out and tells Ethan that the explanations will have to wait. He calls Ethan over and he begins talking about the woman he was searching for. Lonigan stops him and sends someone off to get Gwen.

    Sheridan goes to get Gwen in the rectory. She explains everything that's just happened. She has been wrong about the man she loved. What she had for Luis was an unhealthy obsession; she's really in love with Antonio and he's alive and well. Gwen is shocked. Sheridan explains that he is the man she is destined to be with... she'll give it a chance anyway. Gwen is thrilled for her and hopes they can both be happy. "I'm going to re-marry Ethan. Nothing can stop me," she smiles. They rush off.

    I am Alive.

    Wednesday, July 23 2008

    The unconscious Sheridan is carried out to the church garden. When she opens her eyes, she's shocked to see Antonio smiling at her. She can't believe it. "I am alive and I want to be with you, and if I have to fight my brother, I'll fight him to the death," he says before pulling her into a kiss. She doesn't understand how he can be alive. He explains that his "death" was one of Alistair's tricks. He wasn't even in the plane that exploded. Instead, he was held prisoner in the basement of a Crane building in Boston. When the guard's pay checks stopped showing up, they just stopped going to work and he escaped. She tells him he won't have to fight Luis since he's marrying Fancy. "You've got to tell your loved ones that you're here," she says. That's what he's doing, he says. She doesn't know what to say. She's just lost the love of her life. He's happy about that and announces that he is there to make a new beginning. He remembers their love and the love they have shared through the ages. She and Luis may have been together throughout history, but he has always been part of that triangle too. Sheridan insists that she and Luis are destined to be together. Antonio tells her she's wrong: It's they who are meant to be together and God is giving them that chance. She reminds him that she had amnesia when she loved him. He tells her to follow the hints of Fate and reminds her of their time on the island. She can't think of it; she's too raw. "I will never leave you," he promises. Every time she has parted with Luis in a former life, she has ended up with him - that's what is fated. He asks for a chance to prove that he is her one true love. Staring in each other's eyes, they kiss again.

    Back in the church, Pilar hugs Fancy and welcomes her into the family. The bride worries where Sheridan could be. Her aunt strolls in on cue with a smile on her face. She announces that she has something important to say. "Luis and I are married now and there is nothing you can do about it!" Fancy bites defensively. That's not what Sheridan is there for: She has a gift for the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald family. She stands aside and Antonio appears. Pilar is shocked and runs into her son's arms in tears.

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