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    Passions CAST - TC Russell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on TC Russell Played by Rodney Van Johnson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rodney Van Johnson

    Birthday: 1961-02-20
    Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio
    Marital Status: Longtime Partner (1 son, Quincy)
    Real Name: Rodney Van Johnson
    Height: 6' 2"


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    This Maniac is Smart

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    At home, Whitney promises Miles that everything will be okay, but he misses his daddy. TC offers to read him a story and tells him that they'll have a good time. He picks him up to get some milk and cookies, promising to take care of his daughter and his grandson.

    Rae's Funeral

    Monday, March 26 2007

    Simone is at Rae's funeral. She had to beg Rae's family to let her plan the it. Since they had disowned her for being a lesbian, they had wanted to just turn her over to the state for an anonymous burial. TC tells his daughter that the bigots of the world will pay one day. 'No parent should ever turn their back on their child,' he says as Simone weeps. Just then, Valerie walks into the church, saying to herself that 'even Julian will be shocked to hear the news' about his son with Eve. Sam arrives to pay his condolences and tells Simone that killers often show up at their victim's funerals. Simone begins to lash out at Luis, but Sam reminds her that he is innocent until proven guilty. As Simone begins to rant about Sam being a homophobic cop just trying to get his friend off, her parents try to calm her down. When she walks away, Sam calls Fancy and tells her to go over Luis' arrest record and make sure that everything is perfect. Turning around, he's surprised to see Julian there. They take pokes at each other as Julian promises to make sure that Miguel is punished for what he's done.

    Pilar greets Fox by telling him that he looks awful. Some of his hair falls out as he and Kay walk way. Miguel tells his mother that it looks like Fox really is sick after all. Inside the chapel, Julian approaches his son and tells him that he is only suffering from stress; he isn't really sick. Fox still needs to know if he is taking the placebo or a real treatment. Julian tells him just to be happy that he is still 'up and running' and that 'bald is in these days.' Leaving Fox behind, he joins Eve and Valerie for the 'good news' while TC looks on, worried. Valerie tells them that their son is in Harmony. The parents are happy to hear this. Eve rushes off to see Simone while TC comes over to threaten Julian to stay away. Eve finds Simone with Vincent. He tells them that he knew Rae for years.

    Paloma Makes a Catch

    Wednesday, February 14 2007

    In the storage room, Simone continues to accuse Luis of murdering Rae and demands that Sam arrest him. Luis tries to tell her that he was only there to meet her so that she could clear his name. Simone isn’t convinced and cries onto her dead lover’s body. She continues to attack Luis and he has no defence for himself. Luis tells Sam that he’s dumbfounded, but neither he nor Fancy seem entirely convinced of his innocence. There is no evidence that Rae even called Luis with information. All of the evidence makes him look guilty this time too. The ambulance arrives to take Rae and Eve has to convince her daughter to let them take the body. They tell her that she’s in a better place and hold her back as the body is carried away. Simone stops them and tears the sheets off, begging her not to leave. Her parents pulls her away and tell her that she still has them. They take Simone to the door while she vows to make Luis pay for what he’s done. He gets a call from Paloma telling him excitedly that she caught the peeping tom. They rush off to meet her.

    Julian Works Overtime

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Simone is on the floor crying with Rae’s dead body in her arms. Luis strides off to call Sam while Fancy starts asking Simone for more information. Whitney, TC and Eve arrive and ask her what happened. TC tries to comfort his daughter while Eve examines Rae. In the doorway, Luis explains the situation and tells Sam that he thinks the rapist did this. He goes on to tell a sceptical Sam that it may have been a woman that was behind the attacks. Sam asks him for an alibi. He says that he was with Fancy, but Simone speaks up, saying that it isn’t true. She saw Fancy alone and Luis was nowhere to be found. Luis admits that he did leave Fancy alone and then Eve notices something in Rae’s hand. Sam places it in an evidence bag and sees that it has Luis’ name on it. He doesn’t know how that happened, but Simone is already convinced that he killed Rae. Outside, the rapist looks in. ‘Now Rae can’t tell anybody anything.’

    Through the Looking Glass

    Monday, January 22 2007

    TC visits Sam to pay his condolences. He tries to apologize for Eve, but Sam doesn’t want to talk about that. He’s worried about what will happen to Jessica now. TC wonders what someone could have been seeking to gain by killing Grace. Sam remembers what Grace said about knowing something worse than he could imagine and realizes that ‘someone is out to destroy everyone that we love in Harmony.’ He remember more, how Grace said that things aren’t really the way they seemed; things are just horrible. He gets up and looks at her picture, wondering what secret she knew. TC wonders who could be after them. Sam says they’ve gone through the looking glass and what they always thought was real, isn’t.

    What’s happened to you Aunt Sheridan?

    Friday, December 29 2006

    Chad tries to bring Whitney home after she locks herself in the bedroom. Are Sheridan and Luis about to reunite?

    Whose For Cake?

    Wednesday, December 27 2006

    The wedding party returns to the mansion for the reception. Whitney thinks it’s like ‘wonderland.’ Jared congratulates Chad and says that he’ll propose to Theresa by the end of the night. Chad’s relieved that nobody tried to stop the wedding. He just hopes that everybody holds their peace forever. Theresa gathers everyone together for a toast and the newlyweds kiss and glide around the floor. TC cuts in for a dance with his daughter while Chad dances with his new mother-in-law. Rebecca starts to cry, ‘It’s the first husband you always think of when you’re low.’ Ethan and Jared exchange smirks while Rebecca tells Gwen that, at least they won’t be the only ones exposed. Noah asks a miserable looking Miguel ‘who died?’ as he stares at Fox and Kay, convinced that he’s lost her forever. He can’t understand why she hasn’t even given him a clue. Fox doesn’t even look like he’s dying; it’s just too convenient.

    Fights break out all over Harmony

    Monday, December 04 2006

    Inside his home, TC stands with the help of his walker, looking at a photo of him with Eve. He knows how lucky it is that he has her in his life. He looks forward to her coming home from Kay's shower. He has a surprise for her. Unfortunately, he slips and falls to the ground, shattering the photo frame. He lies unconscious on the floor.

    T.C. comes to on the floor. He tells himself not to get mad but to get up. After a lot of effort, he gets himself up to a standing position. He is going to show Eve how much he loves her. He walks slowly out with the aid of his walker.

    Eve tries to apologize to Grace. Grace refuses to forgive her. "As God is my witness Eve! You are going to pay for this." Grace throws her phone down. Eve wonders out loud how her beautiful life came to such a state.

    Julian walks over to Eve. He is clearly drunk as he tells her the problem was she should have stayed with him. He still loves her and wants her. She tries to get away but he grabs her, kissing her. He rips her dress, pawing all over body.

    Julian is going to take Eve right there in the backyard. He is going to make Eve love him. She struggles against him but to no avail. Out of nowhere, T.C. appears. He shouts "No!" and crashes his walker over Julian's head. Julian drops unconscious to the ground.

    Julian gets on his feet again and punches TC, knocking him to the ground. Eve slaps Julian hard before going to TC. Julian is appalled that he attacked someone suffering from a stroke. Eve calls him despicable.

    Julian apologizes to TC but Eve orders him to go away and leave them alone. TC makes a move to go for Julian, but Eve stops him. "He's not worth a damn!" As Julian watches them walk off, he says goodbye to Eve forever.

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