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    Passions CAST - TC Russell

    Full detailed profile on TC Russell Played by Rodney Van Johnson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rodney Van Johnson
    TC Russell

    Actor: Rodney Van Johnson

    Who played TC Russell over the years

    Rodney Van Johnson (July 5, 1999 - present)
    Jerry Gaona (2001 in flashbacks)

    Useful information on TC Russell

    * Blames all of his misfortunes on the Crane family (Julian in particular).
    * Could not get past Eve�s past and filed for divorce.
    * Lived vicariously through Whitney and her tennis abilities.
    * Could not accept the fact that Simone is a lesbian.


    Current: Gym Teacher
    Current: Tennis Coach


    The Russell family has lived in Harmony for decades. The high school athletic coach blames the Crane family for everything bad in his life. It all dates back to when he was in high school and was excelling in tennis. He had a tragic automobile accident that caused serious injuries to him and as a result ended his hopes of having a tennis career. For many years TC lived vicariously through his daughter Whitney and her tennis activities. TC was the driving force behind her practice, her dedication and her success. When Whitney informed TC that she no longer wanted to pursue a career in tennis, TC was crushed - yet again.

    TC takes pride in his family and always demanded that everything be in control. He focused all of his strength and energy on ensuring that they were the picture perfect family. TC was dealt yet another blow when he found out that his wife (Eve) used to be a lounge singer and Julian Crane�s mistress. He couldn't get past this hurt and ended their marriage. He then turned to Liz (Eve's sister) for comfort. TC eventually came to regret his actions, but was injured in a car wreck while driving under the influence. He suffered a massive stroke during his recovery and has begun to grow closer to his ex-wife.


    Eve Johnson (divorced)


    Eve Johnson
    Liz Sanbourne


    Reggie (James) Russell (father - deceased)
    Miles Harris (grandson)


    Whitney Russell (daughter with Eve)
    Simone Russell (daughter with Eve)



    Tuesday, June 19 2007: This Maniac is Smart

    At home, Whitney promises Miles that everything will be okay, but he misses his daddy. TC offers to read him a story and tells him that they'll have a good time. He picks him up to get some milk and cookies, promising to take care of his daughter and his grandson.

    Monday, March 26 2007: Rae's Funeral

    Simone is at Rae's funeral. She had to beg Rae's family to let her plan the it. Since they had disowned her for being a lesbian, they had wanted to just turn her over to the state for an anonymous burial. TC tells his daughter that the bigots of the world will pay one day. 'No parent should ever turn their back on their child,' he says as Simone weeps. Just then, Valerie walks into the church, saying to herself that 'even Julian will be shocked to hear the news' about his son with Eve. Sam arrives to pay his condolences and tells Simone that killers often show up at their victim's funerals. Simone begins to lash out at Luis, but Sam reminds her that he is innocent until proven guilty. As Simone begins to rant about Sam being a homophobic cop just trying to get his friend off, her parents try to calm her down. When she walks away, Sam calls Fancy and tells her to go over Luis' arrest record and make sure that everything is perfect. Turning around, he's surprised to see Julian there. They take pokes at each other as Julian promises to make sure that Miguel is punished for what he's done.

    Pilar greets Fox by telling him that he looks awful. Some of his hair falls out as he and Kay walk way. Miguel tells his mother that it looks like Fox really is sick after all. Inside the chapel, Julian approaches his son and tells him that he is only suffering from stress; he isn't really sick. Fox still needs to know if he is taking the placebo or a real treatment. Julian tells him just to be happy that he is still 'up and running' and that 'bald is in these days.' Leaving Fox behind, he joins Eve and Valerie for the 'good news' while TC looks on, worried. Valerie tells them that their son is in Harmony. The parents are happy to hear this. Eve rushes off to see Simone while TC comes over to threaten Julian to stay away. Eve finds Simone with Vincent. He tells them that he knew Rae for years.

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