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    Passions CAST - Katherine Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Katherine Crane Played by Leigh Taylor-Young on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Leigh Taylor-Young

    Birthday: January 25, 1944
    Birthplace: Washington, District of Columb
    Marital Status: Single - one son with Ryan O'Neal, two granddaughte - mother is Rebecca de Mornay
    Real Name: Leigh Taylor-Young



    Pilar Comes to Mexico

    Monday, January 28 2008

    The wedding debate rages on as Kay, Miguel, Noah and Paloma continue to try and make plans. They all end up compromising a little bit in order to make some decisions. Paloma then realizes they haven't made the most important decision of all - the date. After much discussion, they finally decide on a date they are all free on.

    It's a Drag to be JT

    Wednesday, December 20 2006

    The jovial Noah and Paloma return and start decorating. Jessica is bored and wants to go outside but Noah panics. She says she'll be fine outside for ten minutes. She goes down to the waterfront while a series of perfect couples walk by depressing her. She sees a bar and goes in for a drink. Fox's actors appear and sit down to rehearse their lines. Half-drunk, Jessica comes out with a bottle in a bag and thinks that she hears Charity's voice. She turns the corner and is shocked to see the actress taking off her mask.

    Terrible Triangle Tangle

    Thursday, October 19 2006

    Endora gets the magic to work. Both Kay and Miguel are fading from the fairy tale place. They return to reality, together, naked and in a bubble bath. Fox just happens to be outside the bathroom door. He hears their noises. He knocks on the door and calls out Kay's name.

    Moving on with their lives

    Tuesday, October 03 2006

    At Theresa's, Kathryn remembers Fancy's lecture about her adultery. Martin interrupts her reverie. The two exchange pleasantries. Kathryn confesses she misses him. Martin explains his absence on being tied up with a new job. He is also trying to reconnect with the family he abandoned. Kathryn understands because she feels like a stranger to her family too. Martin tries to cut the visit short but Kathryn stops his exit. She wants to know if she is a bad person. Martin tells her she's not. Pilar walks in and disputes that conclusion. In fact, she believes they are both cruel monsters.

    Kathryn thinks eavesdropping is so rude. Pilar didn't come to argue with her. She pities both of them because they don't know what decency is. She even prays for Kathryn so she won't despise her. Pilar can't decide which one is worse. Martin claims he was just trying to protect her. Pilar refuses to accept that. He has no excuse for what he did. She decides he is worse than Kathryn. At least, her excuse was her abusive husband. Pilar can't imagine why she ever wanted him back.

    It makes Martin sad to see how bitter Pilar has become. Kathryn just wants to know what is she doing there. Pilar wants to talk to Martin, not discuss. She doesn't want to hear anything they have to say. She explains how she counseled her children to move on with their lives and forget the people that didn't love them back. She realized she need to practice what she preached. She wants to live again and love again before it's too late.

    Martin can't believe she means that. Pilar assures him she does. She wants a divorce and annulment so she can marry again someday. She has moved on. She leaves the two. Martin calls after her but Kathryn stops him. Things are perfect. Now they can have what they always dreamed of. Unfortunately, Martin does not think so. He leaves her by herself.

    Eve and Valerie get ready to rumble!

    Tuesday, September 26 2006

    Sheridan is angry that Fancy lectured her about her love life. Katherine feels more guilt than anger. She excuses Fancy's attack on them. Fancy returns to make sure they both know she meant every accusation.

    Katherine questions Fancy love for her aunt and herself. Fancy assures them that she loves them both. She just doesn't think they are very good judges of what's right and wrong. To her, Sheridan is following her mother's adulterous footsteps. Sheridan keeps telling her she isn't leaving her husband and that she told Luis. That's not good enough for Fancy. Luis is not getting the message. If Fancy really loves her husband and step-child, then she need to reexamine her definition of love. She needs to act like she loves them.

    Fancy thinks it is Sheridan's ego that is the hold up. Her ego is stroked because such a wonderful man like Luis still loves her. "It's not fair," Fancy claims. After Fancy leaves, Sheridan admits to Katherine that Fancy is right. It isn't fair to Luis. Katherine disagrees. She asks Sheridan can she face living the rest of her life without him.

    Sheridan knows she has to try and stop loving Luis. Katherine believes that is impossible because Sheridan and Luis belong together. Sheridan says that's not the point. He has moved on. It's just hard, though, that he picked Fancy, her niece, to replace her. Katherine thinks he picked Fancy because she is her niece. Sheridan knows it isn't her ego that is the problem. Her problem is fear—fear of living her life with Luis. Katherine encourages her to listen to her heart.

    Theresa is burning up!

    Friday, September 22 2006

    Fancy demands Sheridan to stay away from Luis. Katherine walks in and interrupts Fancy's tirade. Katherine advises Fancy to find someone else or she will get her heart broken. Luis belongs to Sheridan. Fancy throws Katherine's past in her face. Marriage vows means nothing to her or Sheridan. Katherine can't tell her who to love or not love.

    Sheridan defends Fancy apologize to Katherine. She and Katherine argue that Katherine had to leave because of her cruel and abusive husband. Fancy can't see how that justifies adultery and getting it on with the hired help. She doesn't feel sorry for Katherine at all. To her, Katherine is a bad role model. She's the reason why Sheridan is dangling Luis, while staying married to Chris. They both have the morals of an alley cat.

    Sheridan demands Fancy apologize to her grandmother. Fancy points out to Sheridan that she and Luis were doomed to fall in love but never be together. She begs her to break the cycle in this lifetime.

    Not For All The Money In The World

    Thursday, September 07 2006

    Sheridan cries on Kay's shoulder, not able to get her feelings for Luis out of her mind. Even though she does love Chris, she says she's loved Luis her whole life. Kay tells her not to give up her feelings for Luis, to tell him how she feels before it's too late. Sheridan leaves for the station.

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